Deputy Shot During Birthday Celebration...By the Police!

A 26th birthday celebration for Tennessee sheriff's deputy Daniel Hendrix ended in horror when he was shot dead by officers from a different police force after the night took a disturbing turn. Hendrix, a corrections officer for the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, reportedly became "agitated" and "enraged" while celebrating with two off-duty female Chattanooga police officers and threatened them with his personal firearm. After the female officers fled and called 911, Hendrix was shot dead by responding Chattanooga officers when he failed to obey orders to drop his weapon. The shooting happened around 1:30am at a Chattanooga home owned by one of the female officers. Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Hammond offered condolences to Hendrix's family for what he called an "unfortunate incident." Hendrix joined the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office in 2013, but was charged and suspended after allegedly assaulting a female inmate in 2015 but was later cleared of all charges. (Times Free Press)

John McCain Stirs Up North Korea Even More

During a recent MSNBC interview, Sen. John McCain called Kim Jong Un a "crazy fat kid," and of course everyone in North Korea is taking it well and having a good laugh. NOT! Actually the country's Foreign Ministry put out a statement calling McCain's words a "grave provocation little short of declaration of war." The statement says Pyongyang "will take steps to counter" McCain's words, which hurt the country's "dignity." The statement went on to call McCain and fellow senator Ted Cruz (North Korea is mad at him because he wants to re-list the country as a state sponsor of terrorism) the equivalent of puppies who have "no fear of the tiger." It goes on to say: "The revolutionary forces of the DPRK with its nuclear force for as its pivot will ... [deal] a merciless sledge-hammer blow at those daring [to] hurt the dignity of the supreme leadership." McCain's response, on Twitter: "What, did they want me to call him a crazy skinny kid?" (MSNBC)

When Your Bust Goes Bust

Down in Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo is about as big a celebrity as you can be. The soccer star is not only known for his immense talents on the pitch, but also for his stunning good looks. But at an airport in his hometown of Medeira, renamed in his honor, a bronze bust of Ronaldo was unveiled and public opinion is nothing short of sheer horror. As BuzzFeed puts it: The bust, supposedly a likeness of Ronaldo, more closely resembles a "soul-stealing bronze demon." On Twitter people edited the bust into scenes from horror movies to pointing out its uncanny resemblance to Sloth from The Goonies. In all fairness, the bust is truly hideous and looks nothing like the soccer hero. (Telegraph)

The Truth Will Set You Free...and Sue You for $5 Million!

Maybe you remember the story of the Arizona yoga instructor who was arrested and charged with exposing herself to a bunch of underage boys at a bar mitzvah. Yeah, well she was found not guilty and is now suing her accusers for $5 million! Prosecutors charged Lindsey Radomski with flashing a group of boys between the ages of 11 and 15, letting them touch her breasts, then performing a sex act with one of them during a bar mitzvah in 2015. After a seven-week trial, the 35-year-old Radomski was found innocent of all charges. Now she's suing the parents hosting the bar mitzvah, alleging they failed to supervise the youths, who were drinking alcohol. She claims one of the boys drugged her and passed out in a bedroom after telling the host she wasn't feeling well. She says that's when the boys sexually assaulted her. Her attorney said, "Lindsey was the victim, but she was treated as a criminal." (KTVK)

Uber's Top Ten?

Uber's had plenty of bad press so far in 2017, so maybe they're trying to lighten the mood a bit by releasing an interesting list from the company's Lost and Found department. Basically - it's the strangest things left behind in an Uber. The list is huge but here are the top ten notable ones:
Engagement ring
A lobster
Nordic walking poles
Pool cue
Vacuum cleaner
Smoke machine
Bulletproof vest
Elf cut-out

Really? That's it? Something tells us Uber cleaned this list up! (Time)

Coffee Not Strong Enough For Ya?

Tired of wimpy cappuccinos and limp lattes? Now you can jump-start your day with the "world's strongest coffee." At least that's the claim of the not-so-subtly-named Black Insomnia, which contends it has scientific proof its brew packs multiple times the punch of a normal cup of Joe. The South African newcomer boasts it has achieved "dangerously high levels of caffeine" by harvesting only Robusta beans, rather than the tamer Arabica variety. As for taste, which seems beside the point, the brand promises "a nice walnut and almost sweet taste profile," with nary a trace of "a burnt and high acidic flavor." Strangely, the company announced its beans went on sale in the US via Amazon last Friday, but it's currently listed as unavailable. (Food & Wine)

What the What?

A teenager in China who suffered from headaches was horrified to discover they started because of a worm living inside his brain! The four-inch long parasite entered Wen Xiaoli's body as a larva when he accidentally cut his hand, and travelled up through his body to live in his head while it grew into an adult. It had been there for two years by the time doctors operated, opening up his skull so that they could pull out the worm which was still wriggling. Neurosurgeon Yang Zhiquan said, "It was alive; it was still moving inside the brain!" The operation was not easy and came with risks, Doctor Yang said: "That's why we had to pull it out slowly and carefully." Fortunately the teen is doing well and now recovering. (Metro)


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