Wanna look younger? Act like it. Clear 30 minutes daily or two hours of your weekend, for "playtime." Meaning activities without fitness or health pay offs. "When you tap into the youthfulness of fun, it flows into all aspects of life including your skin," says Pedram. Here are some suggestions from Women's Health for your playtime:

Bust out Crayons

And an adult coloring book. The repetitive nature of filling in the lines deactivates your brain's worry center and slashes stress levels. Mearing around finger paint yields a similar effect.

Arrange a Play Date

Grab some buds and jump into a giant ball pit made for the 18 and older crowd, they are popping up all over, or set up a board game or kickball math. Taking turns and engaging with others can foster emotional bonds.

Silly Dance

No wonder millions are grooving to early-morning dance parties. Boogying helps negate a sedentary lifestyle's ill effects including obesity and diabetes and can tack years onto your life.

Play Hooky

In other words take a mental health day. Going all Ferris Bueller gives your brain some much needed rest and relaxation, allowing it to catch up on and process the new information you pump into it every day.

Lose Yourself in Harry Potter

Or the latest young adult craze, like Rainbow Rowell's Carry On. Reading fantasy novels can slash stress by distracting you from harsher realities. It can also evoke nostalgia which can counteract loneliness.

Blow some Bubbles

Chewing gum for about 20 minutes can curb anxiety and may lower cortisol levels. Chomping the stuff also aids slim-down efforts by sparking the brain's satiety center, which helps you feel full.


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