90% of cell phone users ignore their incoming calls, and the calls that are most frequently ignored are the ones that come from loved ones -- not strangers or work colleagues, according to a study from Britain's University of Salford. The top 10 reasons for not answering a cell phone: 

  1. Did not hear the ring 
  2. Driving 
  3. Feeding a pet 
  4. Unable to speak 
  5. Busy in the bathroom 
  6. Can't find the cell phone 
  7. In a meeting 
  8. Didn't recognize the number 
  9. Not in the mood to answer 
  10. Others might overhear 

Study leader Dr. Ashley Weinberg, who is author of "Surviving the Workplace," says we ignore incoming calls that we sense will be long and involved and take more effort. But not answering a cell phone comes with a price. It breaks an unwritten psychological contract, since we're not living up to our family and friends' expectations, asserts Weinberg.

Using cell phones or text messaging in mid-conversation or during an appointment or meeting is one of the "Terrible 10 Rude Behaviors" issued by Johns Hopkins University. For what it's worth, many rude cell phone users at least are aware of their shortcomings. Cell phone users acknowledge that the devices encourage them to drive dangerously and behave rudely, but they also said the devices are increasingly hard for them to do without. Rounding out the Johns Hopkins list: 

  • Using cell phones or text messaging in mid-conversation 
  • Erratic/aggressive driving that endangers others 
  • Taking credit for someone else's work 
  • Treating service providers as inferiors 
  • Jokes or remarks that mock another's race/gender/age/sexual preference or religion. 
  • Children who behave aggressively or who bully others 
  • Littering (including trash, spitting, pet waste) 
  • Misuse of handicapped privileges 
  • Smoking in non-smoking places or smoking in front of non-smokers without asking 


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