Former tennis star Jennifer Capriati turns 41 today. So, if you see her, you might say "Happy 41, love."

Lucy Lawless turns 49 today. She's best known for playing Xena: Warrior Princess.
Tell me have you Xena... Xena?
How could you ever be accused of something and defend yourself with a last name of "Lawless?"
We always thought it would be smart for her to market a skin cream for older warrior princesses... and call it "Not Xena."

Jill Goodacre, Mrs. Harry Connick Jr. turns 53 today. Something to like in that couple for everybody.

Elle McPherson turns 53 today too. Talk about a couple of model birthdays. It's a beautiful day! Boy, that was a good year.

Terry Jacks celebrates his 73rd birthday today and as a special salute, we won't be playing "Seasons in the Sun." That will at least make it special to me.

Eric Idle of Monty Python turns 74 today... and half a bee. He's a lumberjack and he's okay.


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