(Netscape) He's such a jerk! She's such a (rhymes with) witch! Many of us endure the anguish and emotional wrath of an office enemy. And while mean-spirited name-calling may make you feel better -- even if it's only uttered in the privacy of your brain -- it's not useful. Although you can -- and in some cases absolutely must -- report such errant and harmful behavior to your boss or your company's human resources department, sometimes you may opt for revenge by doling out a bit of your own torment. Dictionary.com has helpfully assembled five words that succinctly describe office enemies with specific advice for each one:

1. Bully

Bullies have graduated from the playground to the office. And every office seems to have one. A bully is blustering, quarrelsome and overbearing, and this behavior typically masks their insecurities and deficiencies. Pay attention. Identify which insecurities your office bully is hiding. Is he not as smart as others? Is he not as productive? Is he afraid of colleague competition? Figure it out and then discreetly and strategically push those buttons to make that insecurity or deficiency stand out.

2. Screw up

Originating in the 1950s, the word "screw up" means a habitual blunderer. If your boss assigns you to work with a screw up, it means one of two things: either the project isn't that important or your boss has it in for you, hoping you'll fail. It might be time to update your resume.

3. Gossip

Gossip is alive and well in all American offices. The most effective gossips are usually close to the seat of power because that is why they know so much. Do be careful of aligning yourself with the office gossip as it could backfire. But here's a fun idea! Purposefully plant misinformation with the gossip to combat him or her in a pseudo-cerebral mind game.

4. Deceitful

This office enemy is on a mission to mislead, dupe, trick or con you. She may say, "Oh, don't worry! The report you need will definitely be ready by close of business on Thursday." But she doesn't mean it. After all, she didn't say which Thursday it would be ready, right? Advice: Beware. Be cautious. Be wary. And don't trust 'em.

5. Backstabber

This is someone who pretends to be your friend or pretends to be on your side but then betrays or discredits you behind your back. This can have devastating repercussions at work, leaving you unemployed. If you sense someone at work is a backstabber, watch yourself.


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