On this date in 551 B.C., Confucius was born. He was of course, the man who coined the phrase, "He who lives in glass house should dress in basement."

In 1789, the U.S. War Department created a regular army. The secret? Lots of fiber. At first, no one there got along. Then they remembered: "Hey, we're the War Department!"

On this date in 1829, the famous Scotland Yard was created. Weird that they use "Yard" when they're on the metric system. I'm surprised they didn't name it Scotland .9144 Meter.

In 1913, Rudolph Diesel -- the inventor of the diesel engine -- drowned in the English Channel. Ironically, he was knocking for help and everyone just assumed he was just like his engine.

On this date in 1951, the very first color broadcast of a football game on TV took place. This marked the beginning of the end for Sunday home projects. This really should be a holiday and we should all have the day off. It was so impressive, several people dropped to their knees, unfortunately, just when they started playing the national anthem.

On this date in 1957, the New York Giants played their last baseball game at the Polo Ground before moving to San Francisco. After this season, San Francisco is offering to help them move back.

In 1973, a 47-year-old French man completed 185 non-stop days on a tightrope. He finally came down and faced his wife. I have a hard time just sitting on this chair without falling off.

On this date in 1987, Henry Ford II died at the age of 70. Or, as they say in the business, "was recalled."

In 1998, the Federal Reserve lowered the prime rate to 5.25 percent, the first cut in nearly three years. Yes, it wasn't that long ago, we were working things from the other side...

On this date in 2001, Jennifer Lopez married her first husband, Chris Judd. Hey, someone had to be first.


Can you believe tomorrow is the final day of September?

Andrew Dice Clay turns the big 6-0 today and we'd just like to wish him a happy bleepin' birthday.
And that'll probably be the last time we bring him up until next year at this time.
He's one of those rare performers who has spent the bulk of his career as a has been.
Of course, he inspired the phrase, "No dice."

Mark Farner of Grand Funk (Railroad) turns 69 today. He pretty much worked with railroad, all the live-long day.

Bryant Gumbel turns 69 today.
He's the older brother and the one with the larger ego.
One day, his ego could become our 51st state.
He plans a quiet celebration at home with his one-true love. Yes, he'll be by himself.

Jerry Lee Lewis has somehow made it to birthday number 82. Great Balls O' Fire!

Basketball's Kevin Durant turns 29 today. Like Frodo, he's happy -- he's got a ring.

Mike Pinera of Iron Butterfly turns 69 today. I wonder what inagodadavida he's been up to lately?

International Coffee Day -- an annual event observed in a handful of countries for the celebration and enjoyment of the popular beverage coffee. Many businesses around the world offer free or discounted cups of coffee.


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