• We told you it was going to happen. Toys 'R Us has filed for bankruptcy protection to help it get through the holiday season. 
  • Drake has a new tattoo: a detailed portrait on the 30-year-old rapper of Denzel Washington as Bleek Gilliam in the 1990 jazz film, Mo' Better Blues. 
  • Avril Lavigne and Bruno Mars topped a list of celebrities on Tuesday ranked the most dangerous to search for online because of results that could expose fans to malicious websites. 
  • ABC's "American Idol" reboot is reportedly being considered to air on Sunday and Monday nights. 
  • They estimate that, based on today's spot price, there is $771 trillion worth of gold in our oceans. You'd just have to go through a lot of salt water to process it. Each liter of ocean water contains approximately 13 billionths of a gram of gold. 
  • The Florida Gators suspended seven players, including Antonio Callaway and Jordan Smith, indefinitely before the season ever began for allegedly misusing school credit cards. At this point nine football players are facing allegations of having done so, and three are reportedly facing felony grand theft charges. 
  • David Hasselhoff has asked a judge if he can stop making alimony payments to his ex-wife, who he divorced in 2006. So far, he's given her $2.6 million. 
  • Ryan Phillippe's ex-girlfriend Elsie Hewitt filed a lawsuit Monday against the actor for allegedly kicking, punching and throwing her down the stairs. 
  • Hillary Clinton says in her new book that white women voted against her because their white husbands told them to. 
  • Dick Gregory wasn't mentioned in the list of people who had died the past year on Sunday's Emmy's. His family is upset. 
  • Kate McKinnon brought her girlfriend Jackie Abbott to the Emmy's Sunday when she won Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Kate is the first openly gay cast member of SNL. 
  • Kevin Hart issued a very public apology on Saturday to his pregnant wife and kids after news broke that the actor is involved in a multimillion-dollar extortion attempt. TMZ that an anonymous person reached out to Hart's team and demanded "eight figures" in exchange for a video of Hart and a woman in a "sexually provocative situation." 
  • Now they're saying the reason Nicole Kidman didn't mention her two kids with Tom Cruise on Sunday night is that, because of Scientology, they're not allowed to communicate. 
  • Johnny Depp tried to sell off his $3 million Kentucky Horse Farm, but the bids didn't come up high enough to hit the minimum. 
  • SNL's Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson are dating. 
  • Yes, Kobe Bryant's 11-year-old daughter is said to be crazy good at basketball. 
  • Adam West would have been 89 yesterday. His home town of Walla Walla, Washington, held special events in his honor. 
  • They've started work on an anti-terror upgrade for the Eiffel Tower. 


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