• In Russia, a snake expert -- despondent over the breakup of his marriage -- live streamed himself being intentionally bitten by a poisonous snake. He was 31. 
  • A new study found that psychopaths prefer rap music over classical. 
  • There's an Internet movement afoot, trying to get people to boycott the NFL on November 12th, Veterans Day Weekend. 
  • That Christian numerologist who predicted the world was going to end last weekend has updated his prediction to October 21. 
  • Barbara Corcoran was sent home this week on "Dancing with the Stars." 
  • Idina Menzel married her one-time "Rent" co-star Aaron Lohr at their home over the weekend, with her father and son walking her down the aisle. 
  • FOX is going to do a live version of the musical, "Rent" on July 27. 
  • Close sources say that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are having twins. You knew Kim and Kanye were also having a baby girl, through a surrogate, right? 
  • Anthony Weiner received a 21-month sentence for being convicted of sexting a 15-year-old girl. 
  • A Ford dealer in Denver has dropped Super Bowl MVP Von Miller as their spokesman because of the whole "taking a knee" controversy. 
  • The world's heaviest woman has died in an Abu Dhabi hospital due to kidney and liver failure. At age 37, she weighed over 1100 pounds and had not left home in more than two decades. 
  • Equifax CEO Richard Smith has suddenly announced "he's retiring" and the search for a new CEO begins. 
  • "It: Chapter 2" will hit theaters on September 6, 2019, if you like to plan ahead. 
  • Home prices in Seattle jumped 13.5% over the past year, the highest jump in the nation. 
  • Four NCAA assistant basketball coaches were indicted in a fraud and corruption scheme yesterday, Auburn assistant Chuck Person, Southern California assistant Tony Bland, Arizona assistant Emanuel Richardson and Oklahoma State assistant Lamont Evans. More to come. 
  • Bill O'Reilly made a guest appearance last night on Sean Hannity's show, his first time back since FOX News fired him. 
  • While we continue to complain about all that's wrong with our country, in Egypt, 7 gay men were arrested for holding up a rainbow flag at a concert. 
  • A Sri Lankan man was arrested with two pounds of gold hidden in his rectum after he was seen making "suspicious movements." 
  • A study says California is the state with most people looking for sex threesomes. 
  • Scientists say they have discovered 60 ancient shipwrecks in the Black Sea. 


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