If you literally have trouble breathing while watching a close game or after a big loss, take a deep breath. This sounds like a panic attack. Your investment in the game puts your body on alert. It mistakes the emotions you're feeling for fear, leading to a racing heart and shallow breathing. Next time, be proactive, says psychologist Kevin Chapman, Ph.D., who specializes in anxiety. Pregame, think realistically; if your team loses, you're not in danger. During the game or after, if you get worked up, sit or lie down. Take five deep breathes four seconds in through the mouth, six second out through pursed lips. A Men's Health Twitter poll asked:

How do you react to your team losing a big game? 
37 percent-said anger
31 percent-said shrug
29 percent-said sadness
3 percent-said illness

How do you deal with the loss?

46 percent-said they workout
36 percent-said alcohol
13 percent-said scream
5 percent-said hit or kick something


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