(Good Housekeeping) Fidget spinners are everywhere, but they're just one of many tools kids can use to improve focus. Consider making one or more of these ideas part of your pre-homework routine:

Fidget toys
Fidgeting may help some children concentrate. Spinners, putty, stress balls or fidget cubes may do the trick. In one study, sixth graders who used stress balls increased their average writing scores by 10 percentage points. Those with ADHA saw an even bigger boost at 27 percent.

Outdoor time
If your child has ADHA, let her play outside before sitting down to homework. Research has indicated that children with ADHA engaging in outdoor activities in green spaces and one study showed that children scored higher on tests after encountering nature in a city park than they did after walking through an urban or residential area with less vegetation and more built structures.

Chewing gum
When psychologists at St. Lawrence University put students through a series of cognitive tasks, like solving logic puzzles and reciting numbers backward, those who chewed gum for five minutes beforehand outperformed those who didn't.


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