(Men's Health) These tricks will absolutely work:

Appraise your pessimism level

Twice a day, take five minutes to write down your thoughts as they come to you. Don't analyze; just jot them down. Psychologist Tim Sharp, Ph.D., says this helps build awareness of negative thought patterns. After all, he says, "you can't change something if you don't know what it is."

Rethink the repercussions

Blindsided by bad luck? Consider all conceivable positive outcomes of an adverse event. If you've lost your job, for example, instead of regarding it as a financial blow, try to think of it as a new opportunity to find a better job. Got dumped? Now you're free to return Sofia Vergara's calls.

Snap Out of it literally

Put a rubber and on your wrist. When you notice negative or self-destructive thoughts dragging you into a spiral of pessimism, simply snap the rubber band. Psychologists say a small dose of pain serves as a cue to make you more aware of entrenched thought patterns so you can change them.

Add color to your meals

Harvard study reports that optimist have higher blood levels of carotenoids than pessimist. These antioxidants are found in colorful produce, so eat red, yellow, and orange vegetables. The theory is that optimism fosters healthy diet habits. But who knows? Maybe vice versa is also true.


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