On this date in 1492, Christopher Columbus noted in his journal that that the native Americans were using something called, tobacco, despite warnings from the Medicine Man General.
  • That was the first recorded reference to tobacco, which came right after a meeting with the local tribe's chief, Smells Like Ashtray Breath. 
  • Ironically, the ones using it were with the Nicorette tribe. 
  • The tribe had divided the teepees into smoking and non-smoking sections. 
  • Local Indians smoked tobacco and would often walk a mile to search for camels. 
  • He first noticed it when walking into a casino. 

On this date in 1806, Explorer Zebulon Pike discovered the mountaintop in Colorado now known as "Pikes Peak." Just think how different it would have turned out if the explorer William Don't had found it.

In 1869, the U.S. began free postal service. Well, I can see how it didn't make money.

On this date in 1889, Dom Pedro, the 2nd Emperor of Brazil was dethroned. I won't go into details how citizens got him to leave his thrown, but it was revolting.

In 1901, the first electric hearing aid, "the Acousticon," was patented.
  • Someone asked what kind it was and the inventor said, "Oh, around 8:30." 
  • Of course, the trick was finding an extension cord long enough to be able to go somewhere. 
  • It was a popular replacement for the gas-engine powered hearing airs which were so loud, they defeated the purpose. 

On this date in 1937, air conditioning was installed in the House and Senate chambers of Congress. Just like congress -- having air conditioning installed in November.

It was on this date 1996 that Michael Jackson married the woman carrying his baby -- his plastic surgeon's nurse, Debbie Rowe, in an Australian wedding ceremony. Hey, if you were Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon, you were practically family already.


We're midway through the month!

Britain's Prince Peter Mark Andrew Phillips turns 40. He's 13th in line for the throne, which is about as likely as me taking over for Kobe Bryant when he retired.

Johnny Lee Miller turns 45 today. I don't know if his biggest claim to fame is his TV show, "Elementary" or being one of Angelina Jolie's ex-husbands. Their marriage only lasted 18 months. He's a marathon runner, probably because he wanted to get as far away from her as possible.

Rap singer E-40 turns 4the big 5-0 today. His cousin is a famous Bingo player, B-13.

The former band leader of the Tonight Show, Kevin Eubanks, hits the big 6-0. He left the show in 2010. Apparently, he saw the writing on the cue card.

Beverly D'Angelo -- forever to be known as Mrs. Clark Griswold in "Christmas Vacation" -- turns 66 today. Just about time to watch her and the rest of the Griswold family again.

Frida Lyngstad, one of the original members of Abba, celebrates her 72nd birthday today. Back in Abba's hey day, "Dancing Queen" had such a different meaning.

Wow, Petula Clark turns 85 today. She seemed so much younger in the 60's. Wait a minute...

Ed Asner turns 88 today. We really should tie a bunch of balloons to his house today. If you look up "crotchety" in the dictionary, Ed's picture is there.

C.W. McCall, who gave us the song "Convoy" turns 89 today. He hopes to live to be 10-4.


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