In The Dog House

A husband may wind up in the doghouse some days but not our dogs. 41% of our precious pooches now share our beds according to the National Pet Owners Survey. The figure is up from just about a third of all canines who cozied up for an overnight snooze with their owners revealed during a previous survey. Cat owners are just as nuts for cozying up with their feline friends. 51% said their kitties snooze anywhere they fancy, which is usually snuggled up in bed with their people. Other fascinating facts about our animal amigos revealed:

  • A whopping 63% of all American households have at least one pet. But contrast, only about one-third of homes have a child under the age of 18, according to the Census Bureau. 
  • We spend a staggering $34 billion a year on pet products and services, according to the Census Bureau's reckoning of retail sales. That's more than we spend on hardware and even on jewelry. 
  • 90 million cats have places in our hearts and homes. 
  • 74 million pooches share our home and hearth, representing an 18% increase from seven years ago. 
  • We're very democratic in our love of different species. 41% of homes with a dog also count a cat as part of the family, blowing the myth that the four-footers fight like, well, cats and dogs.


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