It was on this date back in 1825 that John Quincy Adams was elected President by the U.S. House of Representatives, after no candidate received a majority of electoral votes. So, it CAN happen.

On this date in 1863, the fire extinguisher was patented by Alanson Crane.

  • They quickly learned it was not a great way to extinguish your birthday candles.

  • Think of all those kitchens he burned down with the earlier models that didn't work.

  • It was much faster than just blowing out the candles on your birthday cake.

  • Only 5000 years after the invention of fire.

  • Up until that time, all they could do was let 'em burn.

In 1877 The National Weather Service was founded. Creating the second department of government that was wrong all the time, besides congress.

John Carter was born on this date in 1883. He was the inventor of miniature golf. His best friend, John Tooty, was the first one to play on his mini-golf course. Yes, on that big day, he thought he saw a Tooty putt.

On this date in 1942, the United States started "Daylight Saving War Time"... charging the clock an hour now... and retreating the clock an hour in the fall.

In 1949, actor Robert Mitchum was sentenced to 60 days for possession of marijuana. Imagine, if he were alive today, he'd be very, very old. Since he hadn't won any gold medals, he served jail time.

On this date in 1964, G.I. Joe was introduced... and Ken finally had a rival for Barbie's affection. Although tempted by a man in uniform, Barbie decided to stay with Ken.

Also in 1964 -- The Beatles make their first live appearance on American television on CBS-TV's "Ed Sullivan Show." An estimated 73 million tuned in to watch the Beatles perform "All My Loving," "Till There Was You," "She Loves You," "I Saw Her Standing There" and "I Want To Hold Your Hand."


Tom Hiddleston turns 37 today. He may be famous as Loki from the Thor movies, but he's just like a million other guys out there. That's right, he once dated Taylor Swift.

Country singer Travis Tritt is 55 today. Three marriages, three kids, three T's in his last name.

Retired baseball player John Kruk turns 57 today. As a special treat, Randy Johnson is going to throw a birthday cake over his head.

Judith Light, who played Angela on "Who's The Boss?," turns 69 today. They never did answer the question, who the boss was. I kept waiting and waiting and waiting.

Mia Farrow -- Woody Allen's ex-wife and mother-in-law -- turns 73 today. My guess is that Woody Allen wasn't invited to the party.

Joe Pesci turns 75 today. To think his career all started out, Home Alone. A little too old to be breaking into Kevin's house anymore, but after what Macaulay Culkin did to him, he's happy to make it this far. He also warned us all about the drive-through window.

Carole King turns 76 today. She was famous for her hit, "It's Too Late." If it wasn't too late baby before, it is now.

Natioanl Toothache Day -- Take this opportunity to change your toothbrush -- or if you have an electronic toothbrush, swap out the head -- every three to four months, advises the American Dental Association. That's when bristles start to wear down and aren't as effective at removing cavity-causing plaque. It's also a good idea to toss your toothbrush earlier than that if you've been sick, if you're more susceptible to infection or if the bristles become frayed.


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