Celebration of Love Week -- February 11-17. A professor at Bowling Green State University has done a number of studies on romantic behavior. He asked adults between the ages of 18 and 79 what the most romantic behavior is -- and here's the top ten:
  1. The kiss 
  2. Flowers (giving and receiving) 
  3. Dinner (out; making dinner for/with me; candlelight, wine, music, no kids) 
  4. Talking 
  5. Holding hands 
  6. The Hug (in bed after the alarm goes off; unexpected) 
  7. Sharing outdoor leisure activities (picnics, beach, ice skating, moonlight swim or drive, fishing, walk in the park) 
  8. Gifts (expensive; diamonds; jewelry; candy; unexpected or surprise gifts) 
  9. Walking (in the evening; at night; in the rain; in the moonlight) 
  10. Touching (hand on knee; pat on shoulder or hand; slight caress; petting; caressing; head in lap or sitting on lap; playing with hair) 
National Random Acts Of Kindness Week -- February 11-17. 


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