We've all been dumped by someone we really liked, or were in serious lust with. Here are the things you should never do, if you're desperate to win a girl back.
  • Don't call her an hour after the breakup to ask whether she's had enough "space." 
  • Don't try to get her to sleep with you on your second "first date." 
  • Don't purposely run into her at the hair and nail salon. 
  • Don't call her house late at night to see if she's home or out partying. 
  • Resist the urge to stare at her and her date when you see them at your old restaurant. Be pleasant to the guy and stay calm. It'll make both of them wonder just who made the mistake. 
  • Don't start asking her friends out. 
  • Don't quit dating altogether and spend all your time sulking, drinking, and getting fat (unless you were doing all that already). 
  • Don't show up at her office casually and unannounced. Don't stop by her house, either. 
  • Don't leave notes on her car, even cute notes. 
  • Don't send flowers to her office. 
  • Don't try to go over her head by talking to her parents, sisters, or friends. Even if you were on close terms with them before, she'll sense that a gang-up is under way.


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