Despite the cheating allegations surrounding boyfriend Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian never thought about giving daughter True her own last name. "Khloe still very much loves Tristan, and this baby is one half his. True is their child together. Giving the baby his last name was never in question," a source tells PEOPLE. Four days after giving birth to her first child, the reality star revealed the couple's little girl would be taking her father's last name, despite rumors Thompson, 27, allegedly cheated on the 33-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star throughout her pregnancy. Sharing the happy news on Monday, the new mom called her baby girl "such a blessing." "Our little girl, True Thompson, has completely stolen our hearts and we are overwhelmed with LOVE," she wrote on social media, alongside a room filled with pink balloons and flowers. "Such a blessing to welcome this angel into the family! Mommy and Daddy loooooove you True!" Kardashian also wrote on her website that her daughter arrived weighing 6 lbs., 13 oz., measuring 21 inches in length. Explaining the origin of the baby's first name, the reality star's mother Kris Jenner revealed that the name True is actually a family name. "I'm so excited to welcome my precious little granddaughter True!!! FUN FACT... my Grandfather's name on my Dad's side was True Otis Houghton... my real Dad's name was Robert True Houghton... so i am so excited Khloe named her daughter True!!! #lovebug #familytradition #family," the 62-year-old wrote on social media. Despite all the infidelity rumors, the source tells PEOPLE that "Khloe really wants to be able to forgive and trust Tristan again and have the life she hoped to have with him." "She doesn't know if she'll be able to do that, but that's the goal. She loves the life they had, she loves the baby they have together, and she still loves the dream of being a family together. If she can find a way to rebuild with Tristan, she will," the source continues, adding that it "still remains to be seen" whether that's possible. Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian Kardashian's social media post about her baby name reveal also contained a few hidden signs about the reality star's current frame of mind regarding her relationship with the NBA player. "It was very intentional that the statement was basically from the both of them, and reinforces that they are Mommy and Daddy, in this together," the insider tells PEOPLE. "The word love was capitalized for a reason too: right now that's all Khloe has room for her in her heart. This moment is all about love for her," the insider adds. While the cheating allegations against Thomspon led fans to speculate whether Khloe's daughter would still have the surname Thompson, there's no precedent of the KarJenners deciding not to give their children the father's last name. All three of Kourtney Kardashian's children with ex-boyfriend Scott Disick share his last name, and the same is true of Kim Kardashian West's children with husband Kanye West. New mom Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi also took after her father Jacques Webster -- known better by his stage name Travis Scott. And despite all the relationship issues between Rob Kardashian and ex-fiancee Blac Chyna, the pair also gave their daughter Dream the Kardashian surname, making her Kris' only grandchild to carry on the Kardashian moniker. (People)

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's relationship is in shambles ... despite an appearance Khloe created that her union is still tight. Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Khloe has not spoken to Tristan for several days because she's still furious after finding out he repeatedly cheated on her, and embarrassed her in the process. We're told while Khloe's recent post made it appear as if she and Tristan were solid -- unveiling the baby's name as "our little girl," True Thompson -- sources tell us it's just a facade and their relationship is hanging by a thread. We're told Khloe is nowhere near forgiving Tristan ... and the same goes for the rest of the Klan, including Rob, who is raging at Tristan. For now ... Khloe's putting on a brave face for the sake of their daughter. Khloe's sisters are also livid. Khloe and the baby are staying at Tristan's house in Cleveland for the time being, largely because all of the baby gear is in the nursery there. But, they haven't been alone since Khloe was released from the hospital. There is definitely a chill in the air. Kris has been by Khloe's side since the birth, and Kim, Kourtney and Kendall flew to Cleveland on Monday to support their sister after she had an emotional breakdown. But things will soon change. We're told once Khloe's medically cleared to fly, she's getting the hell outta Dodge and bringing True back with her to L.A. Aside from being the baby daddy, Tristan's status with Khloe is tenuous at best. (TMZ)

As Robin Thicke settles into fatherhood, his ex-wife, Paula Patton, has a new man in her life. "I have a boyfriend now," Patton, 42, told Extra while discussing her new film "Traffik." "I haven't called anybody a boyfriend. He's my boyfriend!" The couple has only been together for a month, but their relationship sounds like it's sizzling. "When you know, you know," she said. "I love him." While she didn't reveal her new fella's identity, the actress gave a clue as to how they met, saying: "If you have a kid and you have a basketball game, look at the daddies. It's kind of a suburban romance. It's like all women's fairy tale. He's got kids, I got a kid. You know, one of those!" Patton shares 8-year-old son Julian with Thicke. The 41-year-old "Blurred Lines" singer and his girlfriend, model April Love Geary, welcomed a baby girl named Mia in February. Thicke and Patton finalized their divorce in 2015 after tying the knot in 2005. They were later ensnared in a bitter custody battle. (Page Six)

Taking time to reflect. Lamar Odom responded after Kanye West tweeted on Monday, April 16, about the athlete's miraculous recovery following his 2015 hospitalization after an almost-fatal overdose. "Glad I could be there 4 u bro like u came thru 4 me. It was a big stage 2 be on after everything I went thru but it was worth it @kanyewest," Odom -- who was married to West's sister-in-law Khloe Kardashian for four years before she filed for divorce in 2013 -- tweeted on Monday. The former Lakers player's message comes shortly after West, 40, posted a tweet looking back on a 2016 appearance at Madison Square Garden, where Odom, 38, walked on stage with him after recovering from an overdose that left him in a coma. "My favorite moment of walking into MSG to play Saint Pablo," the rapper captioned a photo of himself and the Khloe & Lamar alum. "I used to go to the hospital and play Lamar the album when he was learning to walk and talk again. Then we walked into the arena together." The Kardashian family rallied around Khloe's ex amid his health battle. Kim Kardashian spoke on Keeping Up With the Kardashians about the time her husband spent with Odom while he recovered: "Kanye really felt we can cure him through music, like we can get him to talk. He would go to the hospital and he would rap and sing, and I think Lamar started to get his function back and started to talk once he started to listen to a lot of music." More recently, a source told Us Weekly the NBA star, whose marriage to Khloe was marred by drug issues and his infidelity, would be willing to try his relationship with his ex-wife again, after allegations surfaced that her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, cheated on her while she was pregnant with their daughter, True. "Lamar would absolutely get back together with Khloe and realizes he wasn't the best person he could be while they were together," the source said. (US Weekly)

Tamra Judge's Husband Eddie Undergoes Fourth Heart Procedure in 4 Months. Tamra Judge is asking fans to pray for her husband Eddie Judge. On Monday, The Real Housewives of Orange County star revealed her husband was undergoing his fourth heart procedure in four months. "As I sit in the waiting room I need everyone to pray for @eddiejudge," she wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of her husband in the hospital, "another Cardio version, 4th heart procedure in 4 months. I want my healthy husband back. #powerofprayer. Thank you. " Eden Sassoon, who appeared on last season of The Real Housewives of Orange County, expressed her support. "I'm on it," she wrote with a series of praying hand emojis. While fans are used to seeing Eddie healthy and working out at the couple's gym, he's had a tough few months. Back in December, Tamra shared photos of her husband about to get electrical cardioversion. Still, he seemed in good spirits. "This guy. @eddiejudge is about to have electrical cardioversion and he's joking with the nurses. Love you babe," she wrote along with the hashtags #AFib #shockyourheart #yougotthis." Then, in February, she shared another photo of her hubby in the hospital. "Getting his ticker fixed ....please say a prayer for @eddiejudge," she wrote on Instagram that month. "On the drive to hospital he said 'I just want to ride my bike again.' You're almost there baby. Dr. Lee will get your heart back to normal in no time. #cardioablation #AFIB". Eddie isn't the only one in the family to experience a recent health scare. In March, Tamra revealed she broke her foot. She also revealed a melanoma diagnosis in August. Thankfully, the reality star said the doctors caught it early. She then had a skin biopsy in January. Get well soon, Judge family! (Eonline)

Usher is the victim of $820K home theft. Usher could be the latest victim of the celebrity bling ring. Thieves stole about $820,000 in jewelry and cash from the R&B crooner's home, according to The Blast. Usher's estranged wife, Grace Miguel, reported the house had been broken into after she learned of the incident from the housekeeper on March 29. The housekeeper reportedly told Miguel that she "discovered a footprint on the second floor, a handprint on the pillow in the lower floor, and the curtains to the lower floor window were open." She went to look at the security footage to check if anyone could be seen but "noticed that the recording box was missing and connecting wires were cut." When Miguel arrived at the house, which is currently on the market to sell, she confirmed some of Usher's jewelry had been stolen, as well as $20,000 in cash. The thieves stole six watches, the most expensive of which cost $220,000, and a rose gold Jesus necklace worth $200,000. (PageSix)

Jeremy Renner's boosted his star power in Hollywood, which means he's also boosting the amount of money he pays to support his kid ... TMZ has learned. Jeremy and his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco, have agreed to a new payment structure, due to the court deeming him an "extraordinary high-income earner" -- $11.4 million per year ... according to the docs. Renner and Sonni's initial child support deal for their daughter, Ava, called for him to pay $13k per month, plus 5% of any excess he made over his annual salary of $2.3 million. Now, the exes have signed off on a new deal. Jeremy still pays $13k monthly, but the 5% has ballooned since he's hauling in so much more. They've agreed to cap that at $200k per year. Anything over that will go in an investment fund for Ava, which she can access when she turns 27. She's only 5 now, but we're guessing Ava's gonna enjoy Daddy's 'Avengers' dough when she's older. (TMZ)

Vanessa A. Williams is giving divorce a second try -- filing to split from her husband, 10 years after she first filed divorce docs ... TMZ has learned. The "Melrose Place" and "New Jack City" star filed docs Monday in L.A. to divorce Andre Wiseman ... who she married back in 1992. The couple had separated in 2008, and Vanessa even filed for the big D. The divorce was dismissed, for some reason, in 2017 -- possibly because she'd let it lapse. Court records show nothing was filed after her initial divorce petition. But as they say, game on. According to the refiled docs, Vanessa is asking for joint physical and legal custody of their 14-year-old son. Vanessa, who also starred in the TV version of "Soul Food," was famously the only black actor to have a lead role on 'Melrose.' As for the divorce? Second time's a charm -- or as her 'New Jack' character, Keisha, might put it ... (TMZ)

Isabella Rossellini won't go after the man who raped her. Isabella Rossellini understands the importance of the #MeToo movement, but that doesn't mean she feels the need to tell her story. "I do understand the value for some people to talk about their experiences, but for me, there is no value," the actress told Vulture. "The person that raped me -- I was 15 or 16, he was a year older than I, why would I dig out this story 48 years later? What if people start to say, 'No, you have to say the person's name?' I don't know what happened to him. He might be married. He might have children. I am a superstar in Italy. If I said who did this, I would destroy him." Part of the reason the "Blue Velvet" star, 65, feels this way is because how different things used to be -- for example, Rossellini's mother, the actress Ingrid Bergman, was blacklisted because she had an affair. "This man hurt me in the context of a culture that we are all trying to change," she continued. "I don't think that pinpointing one person and destroying their life because they made a sin in the context of that culture -- I don't have the heart for it." Despite not wanting to go after the man who raped her, Rossellini made clear how valuable the movement is. "Yes, for me, the interesting thing is how the #MeToo movement has shown us all the subtle ways women can be diminished," she explained. "Rape is a way of being hurt that everyone can recognize. There are other ways. It could be your boss saying, 'I like your skirt on you.' It's a compliment, but it makes you feel diminished. It's like when people say to me, 'You look so good for your age.' To hear other women express their stories and to show how devious some men can be -- that is what has been so helpful to see." This stance is in stark contrast to some of her peers -- most notably Catherine Deneuve -- but Rossellini's never been one to follow the lead of others. She knows that difficult conversations that have arisen because of the #MeToo movement lead to difficult conversations but feels that these are exactly the sort of things that men and women need to talk about. "It's so complicated. I'm happy that we are talking about these issues because all women have been harassed, but it was never discussed before," she said. "We just lived with it. Even if you didn't have anything violent happen to you, there was always a way for a man to belittle you. This is changing, I think. Men have to see they can't behave in these ways." (PageSix)

Will Ferrell and the other passengers in the SUV that got flipped over on a highway had many people worried and rushing to get help ... according to the multiple 911 calls. TMZ has obtained the audio of anonymous passersby calling 911 last Thursday night after Will and co. were involved in a serious 2-car accident in Orange County. As you can hear, all of them sounded quite concerned over the wreck ... which flipped over Will's vehicle. As we reported ... Will escaped injury last week after getting sideswiped by a Toyota on the I-5 freeway. He was transferred to an area hospital but appeared okay as he was being loaded into an ambulance. We're told other passengers suffered more serious injuries but were in stable condition at the hospital. Cops say drugs and alcohol were not a factor in the crash, and no one was arrested either. (TMZ)

Scott Rudin sues Harper Lee estate over Broadway's 'To Kill a Mockingbird'. A producer behind movies such as "No Country for Old Men" and "The Social Network" is offering to put on a live production of writer Aaron Sorkin's stage adaptation of "To Kill A Mockingbird" inside a federal courthouse to help resolve a legal dispute. Producer Scott Rudin suggested the courthouse play in a lawsuit filed Monday in hopes that it will put an end to his heated and ongoing legal dispute with Tonja Carter, the executor of the estate of Harper Lee, the famed author of "To Kill A Mockingbird." The play, starring Jeff Daniels as Atticus Finch, had been scheduled to open in December 2018. But it has run into difficulties amid objections from Carter, who sued Rudin's company, Rudinplay, in Alabama and accused it of violating its agreement with Lee by departing too heavily from the book. Now Rudinplay is suing Carter for $10 million on claims that she is falsely creating problems for his play in order to avoid disputes with other parties that might claim ownership of the live stage rights. That's where the courthouse play comes in. "In order to facilitate a speedy resolution, Rudinplay is willing to arrange for an immediate performance of the play, by its full cast, for the court's benefit in this courthouse," Rudin's lawsuit said. "Upon seeing the play, it will be apparent that the play does not impermissibly depart from the spirit of the novel or alter its characters in any way, and that Ms. Carter's claims to the contrary are wholly without merit," the lawsuit said. "Ms. Carter's conduct, in falsely alleging that the script for the play violates the agreement, has rendered it impossible for the play to premiere as scheduled in December 2018, and unless this dispute is resolved in the immediate future, the play will be canceled," Rudin's lawsuit said. (PageSix)

Taylor Swift's home, a designated historic landmark, keeps attracting bizarre behavior -- another obsessed fan was arrested there after trekking across several states ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources tell us cops were called to Taylor's Bev Hills mansion Saturday after security spotted a suspicious man in front of the property. Police responded and busted a 38-year-old man who said he'd driven from Colorado to meet with Taylor. We're told she was not home. After searching the man's car and interviewing him, officers determined they had enough reason to arrest him and book him for felony stalking. He's still in custody, and we're told cops are in the process of issuing an emergency protective order for him to stay away from Taylor. Taylor's security was already on high alert -- as we reported, a trespasser was recently sentenced to 3 days in jail and 3 years' probation after he attempted to scale a wall at Taylor's home. (TMZ)

The shooter who ambushed Floyd Mayweather's entourage in Atlanta fired at least 12 shots -- with 8 bullets striking the car carrying Floyd's bodyguards ... and TMZ Sports has the pics. As we previously reported, Floyd's bodyguard Greg La Rosa was struck in the leg -- but now we've learned there were 6 other people in the car ... and it's a miracle no one else was hit. You can see the bullet holes all over the vehicle -- one on the hood and several along the side. According to the police report obtained by TMZ Sports, police recovered 12 shell casings at the crime scene ... located right next to the hotel where Floyd was staying. We're told Floyd was in another vehicle which had just entered the valet area of the hotel when the shots rang out. So far, cops have made no arrests -- and wouldn't tell us if they have any leads. As for Greg, we're told he's back home and recovering. Scary stuff. (TMZ)

Harry Anderson, who became a household name starring in the massive TV hit, "Night Court," has died. We spoke to Harry's son, Dashiell, and he tells TMZ ... his father passed away of natural causes. Anderson rose to fame playing Judge Harry T. Stone on the sitcom that ran from 1984 to 1992. Before "Night Court" he frequently appeared on "Saturday Night Live." The actor died at his home Monday in North Carolina. All authorities are saying is that no foul play is suspected. Anderson also appeared on "Cheers" and starred in his own sitcom, "Dave's World," which ran from 1993 to 1997. He was also an accomplished magician and even opened a magic shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans. He also had a nightclub in the French Quarter called Oswald's Speakeasy. In his later years, Anderson kept a low profile, only occasionally appearing in shows like "30 Rock," "Son of the Beach" and "Comedy Bang! Bang!" He's survived by 2 children and his wife, Elizabeth Morgan. Anderson was 65. RIP. (TMZ)


Khloe Kardashian just got some major family reinforcements on the ground again in Cleveland, 'cause her sisters just touched down to be by her side after a rough week. Kim, Kendall and Kourtney were spotted stepping off their private jet in The Land Monday after a long Coachella weekend -- the same day Khloe announced the name of her and Tristan Thompson's newborn baby girl ... one True Thompson. As you'll recall, Kim and Kourtney flew into Cleveland last Wednesday ahead of the birth ... but jetted back to L.A. a day later. Kris stuck around, though ... and now the whole fam (sans Kylie) seems to be reunited yet again amid a tumultuous time for the new parents. The obvious question ... will Khloe and baby True be on the flight back to L.A. with her sisters when it's all said and done in Ohio? (TMZ)

Gianni Russo deleted Grace Kelly from his upcoming memoir, "Hollywood Godfather," out of respect. The singer -- who claims past lovers such as Marilyn Monroe, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Liza Minnelli -- said between songs at Sunday's 80th birthday party for radio magnate William O'Shaughnessy, "I took her out. "Talking about Grace Kelly is like talking about the Blessed Mother. Can't do it." Guests included radio greats Scott Shannon, Lionel and Mark Simone, who said, "It's the first year the candles cost more than the cake." Also at Le Sirene in Larchmont, NY, were lawyer Murray Richman, Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy, new Westchester County Executive George Latimer, Rep. Nita Lowey and Matilda Cuomo, with daughter Maria and son-in-law designer Kenneth Cole. (Page Six)


Kendrick Lamar to headline Hot 97's Summer Jam 2018. New York hip-hop station Hot 97 will feature a Pulitzer Prize winner on its Summer Jam stage when Kendrick Lamar headlines the popular concert in June. The "94 'Til Infinity" show, to be held June 10 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, will also include performances by Lil Wayne, A$AP Ferg, Rich Da Kid and Remy Ma. In addition, the station also announced that Don Q and Snoopy Deniro will receive the "Who's Next" slots. The Summer Jam celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. In the past, it has served as a vital booking for breaking new acts, among them: Cardi B and Grammy Award winner Childish Gambino. Tickets for the general public go on sale April 20 at 10 a.m. ET. (PageSix)

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Sing No Doubt Together at ACM Awards After-Party. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton had a "Hella Good" night at the 2018 ACM Awards. The couple of over two years attended the country music show in Las Vegas on Sunday night, where Stefani watched Shelton perform his song, "I Lived It." After the award show, the duo headed to Shelton's "BS and Friends" after-party at the House of Blues. During the after-party, Stefani got up on stage and performed her hit song "Hollaback Girl." After she was done singing, Shelton then requested for Stefani to sing her song with No Doubt, "Hella Good." "I'm begging you," Shelton can be heard saying on stage in a video captured by Twitter user @SDGalGina. Stefani then asked Shelton, "Will you do it with me?" The singer then addressed the cheering crowd, "So I know it's weird that I'm here...but we all have one thing in common, we all love Blake Shelton." The band then played the song as Stefani sang and Shelton joined her. "I didn't think this was ever gonna happen!" Stefani told the crowd, she then pointed to Shelton, "Sexiest man alive!" At the end of the song Shelton and Stefani shared a kiss as the crowd cheered and then she left the stage. A guest at the party tells E! News, "It was a great night! Poor Blake wanted to surprise us with his guests and people kept messing it up. He said Gwen needed no introduction so he didn't. They were super cute together. She couldn't hear the sound very well so she started over. She wanted him to sing a song with her and he actually got kind of shy." Luke Bryan was also at the after-party on Sunday and took the stage to perform for the crowd. (Eonline)

Zayn Malik's music manager terminates relationship with him. Manager Sarah Stennett of First Access Entertainment has terminated her relationship with former One Direction member Zayn Malik, Variety has learned. Malik, whose second solo album is due in June on RCA, had worked with Stennett since his 2015 departure from One Direction. While the split comes at an awkward time -- Malik just released the second single and video from the forthcoming album last week -- sources say the artist is challenging to work with, declining many promotional opportunities and not touring behind his last album, although he is planning one behind the new set. Like the first single from the new album -- "Dusk Til Dawn," a collaboration with Sia released last fall -- the new song "Let Me" features a big-budget video (helmed this time by "Narcos" director Jose Padilha) that stars Malik as an action hero. The split is the second high-profile departure in recent weeks for First Access, which parted ways with longtime client Ellie Goulding earlier this year; she is now with Tap Management, which handles Lana Del Rey and Dua Lipa. The company also suffered a crushing loss in November when highly touted MC Lil Peep died of an accidental drug overdose at just 21. However, First Access has a strong roster that includes Bebe Rexha, Rita Ora, and others, as well as a partnership with up-and-coming singer Madison Beer. A representative for Malik could not be reached for comment. When contacted by Variety, Stennett confirmed the news, adding, "Sometimes in life you have to make extremely difficult decisions to effect positive change for everyone." (PageSix)

J. Cole dropping surprise album. Rapper J. Cole surprised fans Monday with a surprise listening session at New York's Gramercy Theatre, where he played all 12 tracks from his unannounced upcoming album -- and then announced the album immediately afterward. The album will be released on Cole's Dreamville label via Roc Nation and Interscope. The album, Cole's fifth, is called "Kod" and comes out on Friday -- the meaning of the title was unclear at press time but according to tweets from writer Brian Miller (via Miss Info), who was at the session, it has three different "subtitles: Kidz on Drugz, King Overdose and Kill Our Demonz." The North Carolina-born rapper had announced the show via Twitter Monday afternoon with a message with a purple background saying "NYC. Come through. Couple hours from now. First come first serve," also stating "No phones, no cameras, no bags, no press list not guest list." The album announcement followed five hours later. The tactic is not new to Cole: He stealth-dropped his third album "2014 Forest Hills Drive," and announced the release of his fourth album, 2016's "4 Your Eyes Only," with just an iTunes pre-order page. "Forest Hills" garnered the rapper three of his five total Grammy nominations, with nods for Best Rap Album, Best Rap Performance (for "Apparently") and Best R&B Performance (for "Planez"). (PageSix)

Harry Styles Pranks Opening Act Mabel Onstage During Dublin Show. The second European leg of Harry Styles' self-titled tour drew to a close Monday night (Apr. 16), and naturally, the One Direction heartthrob couldn't bid farewell to opening act Mabel without some practical jokes. Mabel was mid-performance when Styles made a surprise appearance onstage alongside her. As the crowd burst into an uproar of excitement, the "Sign of the Times" singer proceeded to douse his support act in silly string. Playing it off like a good sport, Mabel gave the headliner a (likely messy) hug before he dashed offstage again and allowed her to complete her set, still hilariously fighting through the remains of the prank left on her clothes and in her hair. The aftermath can be seen in a video tweeted by Mabel, captioned "When @Harry_Styles pranks you on stage and throws a cream pie in your face whilst you're singing. At least it was vegan." Evidence exists to prove Styles has a heart of gold, so obviously, his prank was obviously good-natured. The singer later expressed his gratitude on Twitter: "A huge thank you to @Mabel for also being wonderful. To all the crew, and everyone involved, thank you. Australia, I'll see you soon. H" Styles will pay visits to Australia, Asia and South America before sweeping through the U.S. again in June and July. Kacey Musgraves will serve as opening act for the final leg of the North American tour in the U.S. and Canada. (Billboard)

Nicki Minaj's 'Barbie Tingz' & 'Chun-Li' Debut on Billboard Hot 100. The tracks arrive at Nos. 83 and 92, respectively, after one day of streaming and sales tracking. Nicki Minaj makes her 2018 solo debut on the Billboard Hot 100, as her two new releases, "Barbie Tingz" and "Chun-Li," open at Nos. 83 and 92, respectively, on the chart (dated Apr. 21). The songs enter the Hot 100 after only one day of streaming and sales tracking and four days of radio airplay monitoring. "Tingz" earned 4.2 million U.S. streams and sold 21,000 downloads in the week ending April 12, following its release that day, according to Nielsen Music. "Chun-Li" logged 3.5 million clicks and sold 20,000 downloads. Both tracks concurrently debut on the Digital Song Sales chart, at Nos. 13 and 16, respectively. "Chun-Li" additionally garnered 8.5 million all-format radio audience impressions in the week ending April 15, while "Tingz" drew 7.5 million. Both tracks are likely to see a sizable gain on next week's Hot 100 (dated April 28), as that chart will encompass the song's first full week of tracking. (Streaming and sales run on a Friday through Thursday tracking cycle, while airplay runs Monday through Sunday.) Minaj has now earned 86 total entries on the Hot 100, dating back to her first, "Knockout," with Lil Wayne, in 2010. She extends her record for most total Hot 100 appearances among women in the chart's 59-year history (ahead of Taylor Swift's 76), and continues to sport the eighth-most entries among all acts. As previously reported, Drake replaces himself atop the April 21-dated Hot 100, as his new single "Nice for What" debuts at No. 1, stopping the reign of his own "God's Plan" after 11 weeks on top. (Billboard)


"Stranger Things" star Finn Wolfhard's bank account is loving 2018 ... on the heels of his huge raise for the TV show, he's also scored a sweet movie role with a fat paycheck. Finn, who plays Mike Wheeler -- ringleader of the 'Stranger' kids -- is co-starring in "The Goldfinch" ... a movie based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by the same name. If you know the story ... Finn plays young Boris (if you don't know it, the movie will be out next year). He's not the lead, but it's a crucial character in the plot. Finn's only 15, so his contract has to be filed in court ... and according to the docs, his base salary will be $65,000. He can also earn up to an additional $50k if the movie is a massive worldwide hit. His OT rate is pretty good, too. If filming exceeds the planned dates, Finn gets $4,333 per day! By the way, Finn's day job is mentioned in the contract. If filming runs into "Stranger Things" production ... the movie has to take a backseat to the Netflix hit. The kid knows where his bread is buttered. As we've reported, Finn and his 'Stranger' co-stars just got huge pay bumps ... around $250,000 per episode of season 3. (TMZ)

Chinese Studios Join Forces to Finance, Distribute Local Art House Films. Industry heavyweights including Edko, Perfect Village and Huaxia have collectively pledged to invest $16 million in 15 Chinese art house films over the coming five years, while also guaranteeing each title a theatrical release. China's nascent art house film sector just got a big boost at the Beijing International Film Festival. On the second day of the event, five of the country's most influential movie companies, including Perfect Village Entertainment, Edko Films and state-backed Huaxia Film Distribution, announced a new joint initiative to finance and distribute art house films. The new alliance, named A.R.T. Project, will see the five partners jointly invest $16 million (RMB100m) in 15 Chinese film projects over the next five years, with an emphasis on high-quality, low-budget projects from emerging local directors. The selected projects will benefit from support including development resources, production financing, producer expertise and marketing services, as well as a guaranteed theatrical release and international festival and sales representation. The other two partners in the group are production and investment outfit Irresistible Films and leading online ticketing platform Maoyan Media. "The A.R.T. Project partners all agree that there is nothing more important than nurturing the new generation of Chinese filmmaking talent," said Edko Films chief and industry legend Bill Kong. "We are up and running at full speed, with three releases confirmed for 2018, and look forward to bringing many exciting new films to audiences in China and beyond over the years to come." The venture's first project will be Li Ruijun's Walking Past The Future, which premiered in Cannes' Un Certain Regard in 2017 and is scheduled for Chinese theatrical release on May 17. Later 2018 titles include Teng Congcong's directorial debut Send Me To The Clouds, starring Yao Chen and Yuan Hong, and Liu Hao's Poet, starring Song Jia and Zhu Yawen. During China's boom in commercial filmmaking production and exhibition over the past decade, art house filmmaking often struggled to find a foothold, facing the dual challenges of censorship and difficulties in securing screen share amidst the industry's gold-rush-like atmosphere. But the past two years have brought encouraging industry support measures, as well as a diversification of consumer tastes. In November 2016, the Chinese government threw support behind art cinema with the establishment of the National Arthouse Film Alliance, an indie film circuit managed by the China Film Archive, with support from commercial cinema chains including Edko. "Over the last few years we've been thrilled to witness the Chinese audience's growing appreciation of quality filmmaking, which has led to the breakout success of several Chinese arthouse films," added Ellen Eliasoph, CEO of Perfect Village Entertainment, a joint venture between Village Roadshow, Endeavor and Chinese studio Perfect World. "The time has come for us to join forces to unlock the enormous potential of this sector and help China's young filmmakers grow and thrive." (Hollywood Reporter)

Cannes: Nicolas Cage, Gerard Depardieu Films set for Directors' Fortnight. Gaspar Noe's 'Climax' and Pierre Salvadori's Audrey Tautou-starring 'En Liberte!' are also in the lineup. Nicolas Cage and Gerard Depardieu's latest are among the films set for the Directors' Fortnight sidebar at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Guillaume Nicloux's Les Confins du Monde (The Confines of the World), which sees him working again with his regular collaborator Gerard Depardieu, and Cage-starrer Mandy, directed by Panos Cosmatos and co-starring Andrea Riseborough, are among the lineup titles. The 1983-set Mandy is one of two films in the sidebar that premiered at Sundance, along with Oscar nominee Debra Granik's Leave No Trace. Oscar-nominee Ciro Guerra's highly anticipated Pajaros de Verano (Summer Birds) co-directed with Cristina Gallego, will be the opening film. The Colombian film explores the culture clash of the Wayuu people enticed with selling drugs to the U.S. Hedi director Mohamed Ben Attia's ISIS family drama Weldi will be the closing night film. Gaspar Noe's Climax, the follow up to his controversial Love, will also be along for the ride. Pierre Salvadori's En Liberte!, starring Adele Haenel and Audrey Tautou, will be among the titles, along with Philippe Faucon's Amin, the followup to his Cesar best film winner Fatima. Le Monde Est a Toi (The World is Yours), the second feature from music video director Romain Gavras sees him working again with Vincent Cassel, star of Gavras' 2010 debut Our Day Will Come. Chinese director Ming Zhang's The Pluto Moment will be the director's first Cannes entry. Julio Hernandez Cordon's Comprame un Revolver (Buy Me a Gun) and Agustin Toscano, whose The Owners took a special prize in the Critics' Week selection in 2013, will compete with El Motoarrebatador (The Motorcraft). Joueurs (Players), the first film from Marie Monge, who won a Cesar for her short film Marseille by Night, is also in the running. Brazilian director Beatriz Seigner's Los Silencios, Spanish director Jaime Rosales' Petra, and Serbian director Ognjen Glavonic's Teret also made the final cut, together with animated adventure Mirai from Japanese director Mamoru Hosoda. Two other Italian directors are in competition, with Stefano Savona's Palestinian family drama Samouni Road and Gianni Zanazi's Troppa Grazia, starring Alba Rohrwacher, rounding out the lineup. The Directors' Fortnight sidebar gives the Art Cinema Award as their top prize. The French writers' guild awards the SACD prize and the Europa Cinemas prize is given to a European feature. The Illy prize is given to a short film. Martin Scorsese will be this year's Golden Coach honoree during the opening ceremony May 9. This year's Directors' Fortnight will run from May 9 19. (Hollywood Reporter)


How Johnny Galecki Helped Name His TV Son With Sara Gilbert on Roseanne. Sara Gilbert and Johnny Galecki finally reunite as Darlene Conner and David Healy on the Tuesday, April 17 episode of Roseanne, but the two came together off-camera in June 2017 to name their TV son. In a tweet and Instagram post, and subsequently on The Talk, Gilbert, who is a host and executive producer on the CBS chat show and an executive producer on Roseanne, revealed she consulted Galecki while in the creative process on Roseanne. Gilbert revealed the discussion during a segment on The Talk where the hosts revealed their favorite comments on social media. "Back in June, for Roseanne, I have a son on the show, and I had to name my son. So I thought, 'Oh, I've got to reach out to Johnny Galecki because this is our kid together.' So I texted him, 'What do you think we named our baby boy?' and then I said, 'Oh, maybe Mark,' because Mark was played by Glenn Quinn, he was his brother on his show who passed away," Gilbert said on The Talk. Galecki agreed to the name and when Gilbert posted that text interaction and got another response from Galecki on Instagram. "I don't think we've ever agreed on anything so quickly. ;) Love you, @thesaragilbert #forglenn," he commented. Galecki will appear in one episode of Roseanne, "Darlene v. David," where his character returns... only to drop some news. He's seeing somebody else. Galecki previously told E! News he was excited to see the iconic show back on TV. "I'm excited to see it. I was a big fan of the show before I had anything to do with anyone on the show, and so I'm excited," he said. Roseanne previously paid tribute to Quinn with an in memoriam card. Roseanne airs Tuesdays, 8 p.m. on ABC. (Eonline)

Danielle Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie, is exploring her TV options again after signing a new deal with a production company for a docuseries about her music career. Danielle recently inked the deal with the production company, Invent TV, and we're told the plan is to produce and shop the pilot to major cable networks. Danielle bailed on a reality show deal with a major production company last year to pursue her music career. That seemed to be the right call since two of her songs have made their way onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart and "Hi Bich" went Gold. We're told the TV producers will focus on her music career as Bhad Bhabie and her personal life as Danielle Bregoli. Filming for the pilot began Saturday at her first show on tour, which was sold out in Santa Ana, CA. There shouldn't be a lack of footage. (TMZ)

'The Goldbergs' 1990s-Set Spinoff Picked Up to Series at ABC. ABC is expanding the world of The Goldbergs. The Disney-owned network has handed out a 13-episode series order for the 1990s-set spinoff formerly known as Schooled. Additionally, former Goldbergs series regular AJ Michalka, who plays Barry's (Troy Gentile) ex-girlfriend, Lainey, has joined the cast of the untitled project, which has been retooled after original star Nia Long was no longer available. (Long is a series regular on CBS' NCIS: L.A.) The series will air during the 2018-19 broadcast season and follow the teachers of William Penn Academy -- led by Tim Meadows' Principal Glascott, Bryan Callen's Coach Mellor and Michalka's Lainey Lewis -- who, despite their eccentricities and crazy personal lives, are heroes to their students. The Goldbergs spinoff had a unique path to the screen. Created by Goldbergs showrunner Adam F. Goldberg and Marc Firek, the spinoff starring Callen and Meadows landed at ABC with a script commitment in November 2016 and was picked up to pilot in February 2017. Long was set to star in the single-camera comedy about two teachers (Callen and Meadows) who become unlikely father figures to the kids at their Philadelphia school. The original pilot revolved around Glascott, now the principal, and his sister (Long), who sends her two teenage daughters (Rachel Crow, Summer Parker) to the high school where she winds up teaching. Goldberg, Firek and Doug Robinson are executive producing the spinoff, whose original pilot was directed by Jay Chandrasekhar (The Goldbergs) and written by Firek. Firek, who has been with The Goldbergs since its start, came up with the new take for the spinoff that helped get the green light from ABC. The pickup for the spinoff comes as Sony Pictures Television Studios continues to fight for shows they believe in. Robinson also played a big role in helping to fight for the project. The spinoff narrowly missed a series pickup at ABC last May, with producers Sony Pictures Television Studios -- where Goldberg is under an overall deal -- determined to find it a new home. (Hulu was said to be interested at the time, but a deal was never reached.) Goldberg -- who has hours of home-movie footage from his childhood in both the 1980s and '90s -- believed in the premise and persuaded ABC to air the pilot as a special episode of The Goldbergs. (Star Wendi McLendon-Covey guest-starred, even though her kids already graduated from the school in the '80s.) The original pilot cast included Missi Pyle and Ana Gasteyer. "Last spring, the '90s spinoff tested higher than the Goldbergs pilot, so I certainly had high hopes for the project," Goldberg told The Hollywood Reporter in January. "[CBS' already-renewed] Young Sheldon has proven that fans are very loyal and will watch a spinoff, so we are hopeful that we make a real splash when it airs so we can begin the conversation again about getting this on the air." ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey told THR in January that she was hopeful the spinoff would get a second chance at the network. "I'm excited because there were so many things about the pilot that I really loved and I'm excited to share that with audiences. After that, we'll see what happens," she said. "We have one more season of The Goldbergs. The show is doing really well for us. At the moment, I'm hopeful we have more down the road. I'm excited to see how [the spinoff] plays and what the audience's response to it is." The backdoor pilot aired Jan. 24 as "The Goldbergs: 1990-Something," scoring 6 million viewers (off 7 percent from the week prior) and a 1.7 among adults 18-49 and rating as the night's most-watched show in the advertiser-coveted demographic. That helped fuel the discussion about a series order. The Goldbergs is already renewed for the 2018-19 broadcast season (its sixth season overall), though it's unclear if that will be the show's final run. Sources say it could conceivably run beyond that, though Goldberg already knows how the series will likely end. "The last episode is Adam's [Sean Giambrone] high school graduation, which marks the end of his childhood," Goldberg told THR in an October feature pegged to the show's 100th episode. "I'd love to go beyond season six, but it will always be set in the '80s. We have yet to run out of any videos of mine, and there's just so much from that decade I love. And I don't want to set it in the '90s because I hope that one day that will be the spinoff of some sort." For her part, Michalka has played Lainey, best friend to Erica Goldberg (Hayley Orrantia) and former girlfriend to Barry on the flagship. She recurred in seasons one and two before being promoted to regular for three and four. She has popped in from time to time during the show's current fifth season. Her film credits include Super 8 and The Lovely Bones. Michalka is repped by Gersh, Primary Wave Entertainment and McKuin Frankel. The Goldbergs spinoff arrives as ABC is heading into next season knowing it could say farewell to Modern Family and potentially the 1980s-set original. This season, the Disney-owned network will wrap veteran comedy The Middle (as well as dramas Scandal and Once Upon a Time). The Goldbergs spinoff is ABC's first new comedy series for 2018-19, joining straight-to-series dramas The Rookie (starring Nathan Fillion) and Take Two (which may air this summer). It joins a roster of returning fare including previously announced renewals for Roseanne and The Good Doctor. Goldberg is repped by WME, Circle of Confusion and attorney Bruce Gellman. Firek, whose credits also include the original Will & Grace, Mr. Sunshine and 'Til Death, is repped by UTA and Hansen Jacobson. (Hollywood Reporter)

Kanye West isn't just a Grammy-winning rapper and best-selling fashion designer. He's also "the best Celebrity Family Feud panelist" host Steve Harvey has ever seen. During a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing Tuesday, Harvey, 61, spilled all the secrets about West's upcoming appearance on the hit ABC game show. Back in February, Kim Kardashian nearly broke the Internet, again, when she revealed that she and West were filming Celebrity Family Feud on "Team West." The Wests faced off against "Team Kardashian," which included momager Kris Jenner, Kim's grandmother Mary Jo "M.J." Campbell, sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, and Kim's BFF Jonathan Cheban. The moment was a dream come true for the Wests. "If you guys don't know, Kanye and I are the biggest fans of Family Feud," Kim, 37, said of she and her husband's love for the long-running game show during filming. "Kanye said he's waited his whole life for this moment, Family Feud." Apparently, it was well worth the wait. Not only did West backup his love for Family Feud with some serious game play, he was also happy as can be while filming. "Kanye was the best Celebrity Family Feud panelist we've ever had on the show," Harvey told DeGeneres, 60. "His people said, 'Steve, this is the most Kanye has ever smiled since we've been working with him.' Kanye smiled! When I introduced him, he smiled. When I talked to him on the panel, he smiled. Just tune in and you'll see Kanye smiling. He's happy!" Kim may have been excited too, but her performance on the show wasn't nearly as strong and her husband's. Joked Harvey: "Kim didn't know nothing. Nothing." And it sounds like Kim didn't necessarily get support from her family when she gave a bad answer. "Their family is a little bit different. When you don't give a good answer, they go, 'What did you say?' [I was] going, 'You're supposed to go, "Good answer," '" Harvey said. "And they fire across at each other. Khloe's very competitive with Kim and they were on opposite sides. They were very competitive." "It's the best episode. We're going to get the highest ratings we ever had," he added. Just how did West's appearance on Celebrity Family Feud come to be? Turns out, he can thank Paris Hilton. The socialite and her family were originally supposed to appear on the episode to play against Kris, Kim, Khloe, Kendall, and the rest of the KarJenners. But the Hiltons backed out last minute. "Kanye, who was a big fan of Family Feud, said 'I want to play, I've always wanted to play,'" Harvey explained. "So he brought his family. Some people you don't know -- these cousins. And they were the best because they were hood. It was such a good thing." Celebrity Family Feud is expected to return to ABC next month. (People)

LeBron James stole something extremely valuable at a barbershop ... so claims a company that is suing the basketball legend for allegedly jacking their idea for a TV show. Adventure Enterprises claims in a new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ Sports, it pitched a TV show to LeBron called "Shop Talk." The backdrop for the show was a barbershop where celebs share their business success stories while getting a haircut. The company claims it had numerous talks about the idea with LeBron's company, UNINTERRUPTED, over a period of 2 years ... fleshing out the idea and figuring out a strategy for pitching it to various networks. According to the lawsuit, LeBron went and cut Adventure Enterprises out of the picture and created a ripoff show called "The Shop," featuring LeBron in a barbershop with his contemporaries, "while engaging in an intimate conversation describing cultural experiences." The show aired as a webisode. Adventure Enterprises claims it confronted LeBron's people, and what they got back was an apology and assurances it was a one-time deal and wouldn't happen again. Apparently, it did happen again, because another segment aired on ESPN no less. Adventure Enterprises is gunning for an injunction prohibiting LeBron and his company from producing any more episodes. They also want some serious cash. The company is also suing LeBron's business partner, Maverick Carter. A source close to LeBron and Maverick tells TMZ calls the lawsuit "totally frivolous and publicity seeking." (TMZ)

With diminished "Good Morning America" co-anchor Lara Spencer frantically trying to make it appear that her absence from the show is by choice -- Page Six has learned that "relieved" show staffers are cheering her slashed schedule. As we reported on Monday, ABC's morning show is focusing on its team of core anchors -- George Stephanopoulos, Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts -- by overhauling their other anchors' schedules. The network has promoted Amy Robach to "20/20," while cutting back Spencer's airtime from five days a week to three. Sources say that Spencer's team leaked a story to People magazine on Sunday that intended to prove Spencer had decided to "cut back" her "GMA" role "to focus on her lifestyle brand," producing TV shows about bargain hunting. But industry sources say that, in fact, Spencer -- who has been at the show since 1999 -- is being quietly sidelined from the insurgent "GMA," which is locked in a battle with the NBC rival "Today" show for the top morning spot. "Lara's good at her job," said an insider, "but it's not like the [ratings] are affected when she's not on [the show]." Meanwhile, we're told that the ABC rank and file are thrilled by news that they're going to have to spend less time around her. "Staff are relieved that Lara's schedule is being cut back," said an industry insider. "She treats staff badly, she yells at people and she makes a lot of extra work for people." The fight for the morning show crown has been more intense than usual lately, with "Today" duo Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb proving to be a hit with viewers after Matt Lauer's unceremonious ouster in November. Meanwhile, perennially in third place, "CBS This Morning" has been edging closer to front-runners "GMA" and "Today." A GMA rep said, "This is ridiculous. She is the ultimate team player. Lara decided to cut back her hours on GMA to focus on her production company." (Page Six)

Studio Lambert Boosts U.S. Unscripted Drive with Promotion of Jack Burgess. The London-based senior development exec is moving to LA to become senior vp, development and current. Undercover Boss producer, Studio Lambert, is increasing its U.S. development presence by transferring and promoting its senior London-based development executive, Jack Burgess, to SVP, development and current, Los Angeles. Burgess will lead the company's U.S. unscripted development strategy, reporting to president of Studio Lambert in America, Greg Goldman. Burgess will also continue to report to U.K. unscripted boss, Creative Director, Tim Harcourt. "Jack has been extremely successful running our U.K. unscripted development team over the last few years," says Studio Lambert CEO, Stephen Lambert. "And I'm confident in his new LA-based role he will be equally successful, by building on his knowledge of both markets and ensuring our unscripted development effort on both sides of the Atlantic are working closely together to create hits." Lambert sold both Undercover Boss and Wife Swap to British broadcasters before launching them successfully on American broadcast networks. CBS recently announced the launch a new celebrity version of the show, Celebrity Undercover Boss. The company's U.K. development team has developed, sold and produced more than 25 original unscripted formats to U.K. buyers in the last five years, including the global format hit Gogglebox which ran for four seasons on Bravo as The People's Couch. "We are launching some very ambitious new unscripted formats in the U.K. this year," continued Lambert. "Having Jack in LA to work with Greg and Tim on transferring them to the US market will be very helpful." Burgess joined Studio Lambert in 2014, as Head of U.K. unscripted development, following Tim Harcourt's promotion to creative director. Prior to joining the company, Burgess worked across unscripted development for NBCU International, based in London. (Hollywood Reporter)


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