Marc Jacobs Is Engaged! His Epic Proposal at Chipotle. Marc Jacobs put a ring on it in epic fashion. The renowned fashion designer is an engaged man after getting down on one knee for longtime beau Char Defrancesco on Wednesday night. However, if you expected it to be the usual proposal -- think again. First of all, the entire event took place in a Chipotle. Not to fret, there was dinner and a show. The men arrived to a flash mob performing choreography to Prince's "Kiss." Unsuspecting Defrancesco was even videotaping the routine as the couple watched together. Then, as the song came to a close, Jacobs was down on one knee with a box as the crowd cheered them on. Needless to say, he said yes! "And this happened...'Charly Defrancesco will you marry me'?" the designer wrote on social media. "#flashmobatchipotle #movesTHANK YOU everyone for making this happen." He concluded, "to my Ride or Die fiance @chardefrancesco I LOVE YOU." Defrancesco also gushed about the special night, writing, "GET READY FOR THE ALL TIME GAG!!!!! Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen." The couple expressed their gratitude to a bevy of people and organizations, including Plural NYC and Chipotle, for helping them pull it off. It seems the proposal was a well-timed birthday present for Defrancesco, who was also celebrating his special day. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the love of my life!!!" Jacobs wrote to the candlemaker on social media earlier on Wednesday. If they didn't already have enough to celebrate, Jacobs' 55th birthday is just a few days away on April 9. It looks like April is going to be one big party for these grooms-to-be. Congratulations you two! (Eonline)

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Turn Up the Heat on Hawaiian Getaway. It's getting hot in Hawaii between these two lovebirds. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green traded in their usual routine for a tropical getaway together this week. They were spotted canoodling along the beach in Kailua-Kona on the Island of Hawaii. Fans may remember the couple secretly tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at the Four Season Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii nearly a decade ago in June 2010. It looks like there was no shortage of love as the couple returned to the island eight years later. Donning swimsuits, they embraced in a kiss during their stroll in the sand and were snapped holding hands. It's a destination they've returned to since their special day, including their honeymoon, in 2015 and their 2016 babymoon. While there's certainly a lot of love between these two -- they share three sons together and have been an item for more than 10 years -- the actor has previously revealed how the two strategically manage the paparazzi to maintain their privacy. "I realized that the more you give to people with cameras, the more they'll leave you alone. So, I played the game. At one point in life I figured out paparazzi aren't going anywhere. They're not going to leave me alone. They're not going to leave Megan alone. They're not going to stop taking pictures. So, how do you make it livable where you can take pictures when you have to and guys will leave you alone? It's part of the game," Green once explained during an interview with Hollywood Pipeline's Straight From the Source. "It's part of working now." As a part of that game, the star will actually ring up the shutterflies himself. "They'll either hide behind stuff and take your picture or you tell them you're going to be somewhere and they spend five minutes taking pictures and then leave you alone. I'd call them up when we'd be in Hawaii and I'd go, 'I'm in Hawaii' and he would take pictures for 10 minutes. He'd leave and then we'd have two weeks of just us, swimming and being in the ocean and having fun," the actor revealed. "We don't call and say we're going to restaurants and doing stuff like that or going to the zoo. But when you're in Hawaii and you're like, 'This is our vacation time' -- or it's supposed to be -- you want the time. It's supposed to be private and fun and relaxing. You feel like you're living in a bubble sometimes." Suffice to say, consider these photos proof of his efforts. As he concluded on the subject, "It makes your life easier. Ten minutes for two weeks? It's worth it." (Eonline)

Brad Pitt spending time with rockstar MIT professor. Brad Pitt is spending time with an acclaimed architect, award-winning artist and rockstar MIT professor Neri Oxman. A source exclusively confirms that architecture and design aficionado Pitt recently met accomplished Oxman through an MIT architecture project and they have since become friends. Pitt was referred to Oxman to collaborate on an architectural project he was working on, we're told. As first revealed on "Page Six TV," a source told us, "Brad and Neri instantly hit it off, because they share the same passion for architecture, design and art. This is best described as a professional friendship." But the source added, "Their friendship has not turned into romance ... as both are cautious and this is, again, more of a professional friendship, but Brad is very interested in spending more time with Neri, she is fascinating." American-Israeli architect and designer Oxman was previously married to Argentine composer Osvaldo Golijov, who she has said had an "incredible influence" on her work. Pitt is still finalizing his divorce from Angelina Jolie. A rep for Pitt, 54, declined to comment, but a friend added, "You are correct that they are just friends and she is very impressive." Oxman is currently traveling and could not be immediately reached. Oxman, 42, who bears more than a passing resemblance to Jolie, is a professor at the MIT Media Lab, where she founded and directs the Mediated Matter group, which conducts research into bonding design and architecture with natural and biological environments. Her team has also been building 3-D printers capable of printing biological matter and glass. According to her MIT bio, Oxman "coined the term, and pioneered the field of, Material Ecology, which considers computation, fabrication, and the material itself as inseparable dimensions of design. In this approach, products and buildings are biologically informed and digitally engineered by, with and for, nature." A number of Oxman's works are created by animals or natural processes. One of her most well-known is "The Silk Pavilion," an installation designed in 2013, which was woven by 6,500 silkworms on a dome. Her work is included in collections at MoMA, Paris' Centre Georges Pompidou, Vienna's Museum of Applied Arts and Boston's Museum of Fine Arts and Museum of Science. If she wasn't already impressive enough, in a 2016 Surface Magazine profile of Oxman, MoMA senior curator for architecture and design Paola Antonelli called her "a person ahead of her time, not of her time. She is very rigorous, taking on a long view on where design needs to be, but at the same time also has an incredible talent and aesthetic flare, like an artist. Whatever she does has ground and credibility in science, but also a universal appeal for everybody, because her work is just so beautiful." A prominent woman in an otherwise male-dominated field, Oxman and her team have won numerous awards, including the International Earth Awards for Future-Crucial Design (2008), the Vilcek Prize in Design (2014) and an Emerging Voices award from the Architectural League of New York (2015). Meanwhile, Pitt's Make It Right Foundation, which builds affordable houses for people in need with a focus on environmentally friendly sustainable development, has been working with international architects to build homes in locations including the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans, which was devastated by Hurricane Katrina and Kansas City, Missouri. Pitt -- who had considered becoming an architect himself -- told Architectural Digest in 2016 that he hoped Make It Right's work would become a model for projects around the world. "When you realize that 40 or 45 percent of the world's pollution comes from the way we build and maintain our buildings," he said, "it's just common sense to think that there's a better solution." Pitt has also been working on furniture design with Frank Pollaro and sculpture. He told GQ Style last year that he was being mentored by sculptor Thomas Houseago: "I've literally been squatting in there [Houseago's studio] for a month now ... I'm making everything. I'm working with clay, plaster, rebar, wood... " (PageSix)

Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan's Divorce Could Get Very Complicated: 'There Is So Much at Stake'. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan have a long road ahead of them in legal proceedings after announcing their split. The former couple, both 37, announced their separation on Monday after almost nine years of marriage and welcoming 4-year-old daughter Everly in 2013. "We have lovingly chosen to separate as a couple. We fell deeply in love so many years ago and have had a magical journey together," a joint statement from the two read. "Absolutely nothing has changed about how much we love one another, but love is a beautiful adventure that is taking us on different paths for now... We are still a family and will always be loving dedicated parents to Everly." But now that they've officially announced their separation, what comes next? Legal experts tell PEOPLE that a lot depends on whether the couple signed a prenuptial agreement when they wed in 2009. But either way, their career paths and Tatum's stratospheric paychecks will make for a complicated divorce. Forbes estimated that the actor made $60 million in 2013 for movies like The Vow, 21 Jump Street, Magic Mike and G.I. Joe: Retaliation. He then made $29 million in 2015, according to the magazine. Tatum also launched his own vodka line, Born and Bred, in February 2017. Various online estimates place his net worth in the range of $60 to $80 million. Celebrity divorce attorney Vikki Ziegler says Tatum stands to potentially lose more in a divorce settlement if they didn't have a prenup. "Nobody knows if they did sign one or not, and both of their careers blossomed since -- especially Channing's," Ziegler says. "At this point, there is so much at stake, for him more than her, because they would be dividing the bulk of their assets. She could be looking at spousal support for a period of time. Child support of course, that could be a huge number." She continues, "Obviously houses, retirement assets, bank accounts -- all of those things would be in the pot for division. So he is looking at a substantial depletion of his estate." Complicating matters is the fact that neither Tatum or Dewan were as well-known at the time of their marriage and Tatum has since gone on to make a blockbuster amount of money after. Ziegler says that in cases like this, the spouse with the suddenly higher income could have taken another step to protect themselves -- a postnuptial agreement. "The concept is the same as a prenup and would dictate the divorce," Ziegler explains. "It's kind of trying to do damage control after the marriage when you didn't do a prenup. It would've been super smart for Channing to do that." Celebrity divorce attorney Stu Slotnick, a shareholder at Buchanan Ingersoll and Rooney, tells PEOPLE that the best way to avoid the process getting difficult is for the two to take care of everything in private mediation instead of in court. "As a general rule, divorce litigation is something that should be avoided because it is long, it is painful and it is expensive," Slotnick says. "Divorce bleeds into every aspect of a person's life. Even if there's a prenup, litigation surrounding a prenup can be just as costly, just as protractive and just as vicious as a divorce litigation without one. The fact that they released a joint statement is indicative of a present intention to work things out without the public being involved." But while the statement implies the split is amicable, Ziegler says it could get worse down the line if they're unable to agree about the parting of assets during mediation. "While they could be in a good emotional place, financially they have to come to terms, which is very difficult," she explains. "When people start parting with money it becomes a different ball game. So he's going to have to come to terms with losing a lot of money and hoping that he's gonna regain it back in the future." For Ziegler, how much money Dewan asks for is the big question. "How much does she need to live and support their daughter, assuming she's gonna be the parent of primary residence," she says. "This stuff gets ugly quickly, unless they've brokered a deal and they're trying to hash it out." Even though Dewan didn't make as much money as Tatum during their marriage, she could have a higher claim to his earnings if she argues that she helped him in his career through support. Slotnick says that situations like Dewan taking care of the house and their child while Tatum was filming a movie give her an arguing point during mediation. And if they can't come to an agreement, the situation would have to go public. "Usually what happens if they can't settle after a period of time is one of the parties will file a complaint for divorce and let the courts start unwinding its process because you're at a crossroads," Ziegler says. "But that's the goal -- to keep it private through mediation." Slotnick agrees: "Both parties would be wise to come to an agreement to keep it out of court, because a public divorce can only potentially damage the parties. If it goes to a public fight it could be a terrible thing." (People)

"Riverdale" co-stars Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart finally let the cat out of the bag with words instead of smooches -- it's "obvious" they're dating ... according to them. We got Jughead and Betty Wednesday leaving LAX together after they were caught kissing on camera in Paris earlier this week while in town for a RiverCon event. Don't tell Archie. The photos of them locking lips pretty much confirmed they were an item, but prior to last night, they remained mum about their budding relationship. Well, that's all behind us ... 'cause Lili caved. While initially clamming, our photog eventually asks if it's more difficult for celeb couples to go public compared to average Joes. Lili balks ... what do you think? (TMZ)

Lin-Manuel Miranda diagnosed with shingles. Lin-Manuel Miranda needs more than a spoonful of sugar to make this ailment go down. After tweeting about "the worst migraine" of his life, the "Mary Poppins Returns" actor revealed he is actually suffering from shingles. "Hey, cool story," he wrote on Thursday. "This isn't a migraine, it's shingles! Caught it early, quarantined away from the baby, in a Phantom mask til further notice." Shingles is marked by a painful skin rash caused by the varicella zoster virus, which is the same virus that causes chickenpox in childhood. Other symptoms of the virus include a fever, headache and fatigue. Miranda, 38, welcomed his second child, Francisco, in February. His other son, Sebastian, is 3 years old. Hopefully the "Hamilton" creator gets well soon. (PageSix)

Anne Hathaway Preemptively Shuts Down Body Shamers. Anne Hathaway has a message for all of the body shamers in the world. The Oscar winner took to Instagram on Thursday to let everyone know that she's gaining weight for a new movie role, so please keep your comments about her body to yourself. "I am gaining weight for a movie role and it is going well," Hathaway wrote to her social media followers. "To all the people who are going to fat shame me in the upcoming months, it's not me, it's you. Peace xx." Hathaway also shared a video of herself in the gym, writing, "PS- I wanted to set this to Queen's 'Fat Bottomed Girls' but copyright said. Continued peace xx." This preemptive statement from the actress comes one month after she took to social media to send another message to her haters. Hours before the 2018 Oscars, Hathaway responded to the criticism surrounding her appearance at the 2013 Academy Awards, the night she took home the Best Supporting Actress award. "I had to change my dress last minute and so it looked like my nipples were hard, I had full blown laryngitis and had to sing, and a bunch of corny haters were getting lots of attention from the media for being haters but you know what? It was still the best," she wrote on Instagram. "To all the nominees, I hope you have a BLAST tonight doing all that #bestlife #oscars stuff. Peace xx." (Eonline)

Jaime King was rattled to the point of tears when a stranger jumped onto her car and smashed her windows in the heart of Beverly Hills. You can tell from the photos ... the actress was absolutely terrified. According to witnesses, Jaime was in her Mercedes-Benz when the man approached on a skateboard, crawled onto her hood ... and then started banging at her windshield. He eventually moved to the back of her car, and you can see ... he nearly shattered the rear and front windshields. It's unclear when Jaime got out of the car, but she was not injured. Police got multiple 911 calls from witnesses who said the man was on a mini-reign of terror even before he got to Jaime's car -- allegedly punching and kicking several other vehicles and throwing cans at several passersby. Bev Hills PD responded and nabbed the suspect near the scene. We're told he appears to be a transient. (TMZ)

Jaime King's 4-Year-Old Son Struck By Glass After Man Allegedly Attacked a Car the Toddler Was In. Jaime King's young son was struck by glass after a man allegedly attacked the car he was in on Wednesday afternoon in Beverly Hills, California. The Hart of Dixie actress' 4-year-old son, James Knight, and her female friend were in a car that was parked along a curb when a man -- identified as Paul Francis Floyd, 47, of Los Angeles -- allegedly jumped onto the vehicle, according to a release from the Beverly Hills Police Department states. King, who also shares son Leo Thames, 32 months, with husband Kyle Newman, was not in the vehicle at the time of the attack. A rep for King had no comment. "[James] was secured in a child car seat positioned in the back seat of the vehicle as the suspect jumped on the rear windshield causing glass to shatter and strike the child," the release states. "In an effort to protect the child, the female driver exited the vehicle and confronted the suspect at which time he threw a can at her, striking her arm," states the release. Beverly Hills Police Department received several calls of vehicle vandalism -- including "kicking and jumping on the vehicles" -- before they arrived within minutes and detained Floyd. According to TMZ, which first reported the news, witnesses said the man was on a skateboard before he got on the hood of the car and banged the windshield. Floyd allegedly also attacked another vehicle -- occupied by a male driver -- which was stopped at the apron of a driveway, where he kicked the car and caused damage. He was arrested for felony child endangerment, misdemeanor battery and two counts of felony vandalism and is being held on $100,000 bail. He's scheduled to appear in court on April 6. (People)

Karrueche Tran was terrified when a man tried to run through security at the New Orleans airport ... and was planning her escape in case he had a gun. We got Karrueche at LAX Wednesday after she arrived from Louis Armstrong International, where she witnessed a guy get taken down and arrested after he tried to flee the TSA screening area with his luggage. She tells us she was scared the guy had either a gun or a bomb -- especially with Tuesday's shooting at YouTube headquarters in mind -- but gives props to the TSA agents for handling the situation before cops showed up for the arrest. Law enforcement sources tell us the man ran from the screening area after he was told he couldn't go through the metal detector with his bag and to put it on the conveyor belt. We're told he was quickly caught and subdued ... but not before he injured a TSA officer in the process. Fortunately, our sources say nothing suspicious was found in his bag, but it was enough to freak out the nearby passengers like Karrueche. Because, like she says ... ya never know what to expect these days. (TMZ)

Blac Chyna ain't sweating her Six Flags fight or any potential custody issues with Rob and the rest of the Kardashians ... in fact, it's all a laughing matter to her. BC was out Wednesday night in Bev Hills and, of course, was asked about Rob setting up a showdown in family court. TMZ broke the story, he wants the judge to school Chyna on how to take care of their 1-year-old daughter, Dream. It was a reaction to seeing her slinging a baby stroller Sunday at the amusement park. It also got Chyna dumped as brand ambassador to a baby stroller company. Suffice to say, it's been a rough week, but she puts on a great face here. Chyna's reaction to all the drama ... was comical. (TMZ)

Lou Diamond Phillips took a plea deal stemming from his DWI arrest ... so now he's gotta stay off the sauce for a couple years. The "La Bamba" actor pled guilty to driving under the influence back in November in Portland, Texas, and was sentenced to 2 years' probation ... according to his lawyer. The conditions of the probation reportedly state the 56-year-old actor must stay sober, take a DWI education class, not enter bars or taverns, report in-person to a probation officer for the first 4 months, and use a portable device to make sure he's not drinking alcohol. As we reported ... Phillips got arrested after he pulled up to a cop and asked for directions, and the officer realized he was hammered. He flunked a field sobriety test and eventually blew a .20 -- two and a half times the legal limit. (TMZ)

Kylie and Kendall Jenner are putting their legal battle with a Tupac photographer behind them ... both sides have reached a settlement ... TMZ has learned. According to docs, the photog, Michael Miller, agreed to drop his suit against the Jenner sisters. You'll recall ... he filed last year after Kylie and Kendall rolled out a line of tees featuring their faces superimposed over famous pics of Tupac. Both sides have agreed to cover their own legal fees, but it's unclear if any money changed hands in the settlement. The t-shirt sales plan didn't last long. The sisters got hit with a similar suit for using Notorious B.I.G. pics on shirts. They quickly pulled all the merchandise off their websites. The Biggie lawsuit is ongoing. One down, one to go. (TMZ)

Sean Penn and Robin Wright's Son Hopper Arrested for Drug Possession. Sean Penn and Robin Wright's 24-year-old son, Hopper Penn, was arrested on Wednesday afternoon in Nebraska. A representative for the Nebraska State Patrol tells E! News of the arrest, "At approximately 3:45 p.m. Wednesday, April 4, a Nebraska State Patrol trooper stopped a vehicle at the Giltner exit on Interstate 80 for failure to signal. The vehicle was a 1992 Volvo traveling westbound. During the traffic stop, the trooper detected drug activity and searched the vehicle. Troopers found 14g of marijuana, 4 amphetamine pills, and 3g of psilocybin mushrooms." The two occupants of the vehicle were Hopper and 26-year-old Uma Von Wittkamp. Uma was arrested on charges of possession of controlled substance (amphetamine) and possession of a controlled substance (psilocybin). Hopper was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance (psilocybin), possession of marijuana (one ounce or less). They were both lodged in Hamilton County Jail and are still in custody, they have not yet bonded out. Possession of a Controlled Substance is a felony. Hopper is the youngest child of Sean and Robin, the exes also share a daughter, 26-year-old Dylan Penn. Back in 2016 the siblings starred in their first fashion campaign together as the faces of the brand Fay's Spring/Summer 2016 collection. TMZ was first to report the arrest. (Eonline)

Nick Gordon will NOT face criminal charges for allegedly beating his girlfriend ... TMZ has learned. Prosecutors in Seminole County, Florida say they will not charge him because Nick's Gordon's gf, Laura Leal, recanted her original statement to law enforcement ... denying Nick had beaten her. Prosecutors also said without any independent witnesses they couldn't move forward with charges. As we reported ... Nick was arrested for domestic violence after cops say Laura told them Nick struck her several times in the face. Nick's story was she threw a bottle at him, ripped his shirt and was acting crazy. Remember, Nick's the one who called 911 and sounded frantic. This lines up with what Laura told the judge in a letter ... begging for Nick to be freed because it was her fault since she's bipolar. Nick's not completely out of the woods -- he was charged for violating a court order to stay away from Laura after the arrest. (TMZ)

Farrah Abraham is quite pleased with the way her "sex shaming" lawsuit against MTV's parent company ended ... but sounds uncertain about working with them in the future. We got the former 'Teen Mom' star Wednesday at E. Baldi in Bev Hills, and she gushed about how happy she is with the settlement she reached with Viacom. You'll recall, she sued claiming a 'Teen Mom' exec fired her, and 86'd any potential long-term deals with MTV ... due to her porn career. She also said he got hostile in their meeting. She eventually dropped the suit, and the fact she's "really happy" about the settlement could be a sign she got some money out of it -- but she refused to give up details. Farrah did talk about the type of companies she wants to work with in the future. Hard to tell if MTV fits the bill ... in Farrah's eyes, anyway. (TMZ)

Suge Knight is hospitalized, and it's serious enough that he's been there for 2 days ... TMZ has learned. Suge was moved from L.A. County jail on Tuesday, around 11 AM, and was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital. It's unclear why Suge -- who's in jail awaiting trial for murder -- had to be rushed to a hospital for treatment, but he's had several health issues since he was arrested and locked up in 2015. In 2017, he was treated for blood clots ... which have been a recurring issue for him. Suge also passed out during a court hearing. (TMZ)

WWE Hall of Fame Star "Luscious" Johnny Valiant Dead After Being Hit by Pickup Truck. The wrestling world has lost a beloved legend. "Luscious" Johnny Valiant died Wednesday morning after being hit by a pickup truck, E! News has learned. The wrestler was crossing a road in his native Pittsburgh, Pa. before 5:30 a.m. when he was struck by the truck, Detective Brian Kohlhepp confirmed to E! News, noting it was dark at the time of the accident. Valiant was taken to Allegheny General Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The star was 71 years old. "The investigation is early on, but there is no indication at this point that this is anything other than a terrible accident," Kohlhepp said. "WWE is saddened to learn that WWE Hall of Famer 'Luscious' Johnny Valiant reportedly passed away this morning at the age of 71," the company tweeted late Wednesday. Valiant, born Thomas Sullivan, was a multiple World Tag Team champion during his career as a professional wrestler. After retiring from competition, he worked as a manager for fellow stars like Hulk Hogan. In 1996, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame with his Tag Team partner, "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant. Following his wrestling career, he dabbled in acting and comedy, appearing in The Sopranos and The Wrestler. Upon hearing the news of Valiant's tragic death, colleagues from the industry took to social media to pay tribute to the legend. "R.I.P Luscious Johnny Valiant," wrestler Luke Gallows tweeted. "Always kind to me and very helpful early in my career." Our thoughts are with Valiant's family and friends at this difficult time. (Eonline)

Ex-MTV 'Road Rules' star Brian Lancaster has died at just 43 years old ... TMZ has learned. Brian appeared on season 7 of 'Road Rules' back in 1999. His family tells us he was found dead in his Pennsylvania home last Thursday. They believe it was heart failure and tell us he had a history of arrhythmia. The family says the death was not drug or alcohol related -- and, as far as they know, no substances were found in the home. Brian was 23 years old when he competed on 'Road Rules.' He didn't win the grand prize of $43k, but he competed on 13 different "missions" over the course of 15 episodes while shooting in Mexico, Costa Rica and the United States. Brian's family described him as an outdoorsman and daredevil. He also had his Master's degree in elementary education. He's survived by his fiancee, Sarah, and his parents, Dennis and Carol Lancaster. (TMZ)


Chris Cornell's wife is helping to battle addiction. Vicky Cornell -- wife of late rocker Chris Cornell -- is increasing her involvement in social causes through her Chris & Vicky Cornell Foundation. She's been named to the Addiction Policy Forum's advisory board, as well as to the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children's Children's Council. She said of the Addiction Policy Forum after the tragic death of her husband: "While I can't bring my husband back, I can help the millions of other families struggling with addiction." She'll also serve as vice chair of the NYSPCC's 2018 spring luncheon on April 17. (PageSix)

Stan Lee's allegedly stolen blood is up for sale -- in the form of the Marvel legend's signature -- stamped on one of his biggest hits. We've learned several 'Black Panther' comic books are currently available at the Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. store on the Las Vegas Strip. Each edition comes with a certificate of authentication that details the item as a "Hand-Stamped Signature of STAN LEE using Stan Lee's Solvent DNA Ink." We broke the story ... Stan's friend and partner Keya Morgan discovered the 95-year-old's blood was allegedly stolen back in October after a former business associate presented Lee's nurse with fake docs that authorized that a sample be drawn. Our sources say the nurse pulled enough blood from Stan for him to feel lightheaded and dizzy. We're told the 'Black Panther' comic with Stan's Hancock in blue is selling for $250 ... the one in gold is twice that at $500. Stan's legal team is currently weighing its options to go after the former business associate who allegedly lifted Lee's blood. (TMZ)

Kelly Ripa's nutritionist says people don't understand her diet. Kelly Ripa's nutritionist doesn't think she's losing any sleep over the bikini photo backlash. "She's one of the most positive people that I know," Dr. Daryl Gioffre, who founded the Alkamind diet she follows, told Page Six on Tuesday. "She doesn't take stuff too seriously and I think that's a big part of being healthy, that you just have to go with it." After Mark Consuelos recently posted a photo of the "Live!" host in a bikini on Instagram, commenters tore into Ripa, 47, about her age and body. "Kelly's gorgeous, but isn't there a cutoff age where age-appropriateness comes into play? Just because you can rock a bikini, doesn't mean you should," one Instagram user commented. According to Gioffre, Ripa has put her own spin on his program, which rules out all acidic food and drink. "I think a lot of people don't understand what the alkaline diet is really about," he told us. "She was straight up with me when she was in my office, she said 'Doc, I'm gonna drink my coffee,'" he recalled, adding, "If I had to define Kelly Ripa in one word, it's 'balance' and that's what being healthy is all about. She's not like doing some like radical thing 100 percent, she lives this balanced lifestyle of doing 80/20." Ripa has followed the program since 2015 and even wrote the foreword to his book, "Get Off Your Acid." Gioffre, who has worked with the couple's daughter and "RHONY" alums Jill Zarin and Aviva Drescher, hasn't consulted Consuelos directly but insists that the couple of 22 years is one to be idolized. "They are phenomenal role models for their kids," he said, adding that "one of the beauties about Kelly Ripa is that she's a family person." "Mark looks incredible, he has a lot of energy from what I see. He seems like he's just doing all the right things as well," he added. (PageSix)

Meghan Markle Enjoys Quality Time With Her Mom in L.A. Before Royal Wedding. Home sweet home! Just weeks before Meghan Markle officially begins her new life with Prince Harry, the American actress flew back to Los Angeles for some well-deserved quality time with family and friends. Markle jetted to the City of Angels last Thursday without her fiance to see mom Doria Ragland, sources confirm to E! News. "Meghan is keen to include her mom as much as possible in the wedding plans, so spending time with her was the perfect chance to bring her up to speed on all the wedding details," says an insider. The source continues, "Meghan wants her mom to experience all of this with her. It's such an exciting time for her and Harry." We're told this private getaway marked the soon-to-be royal's last trip to her homeland before the May 19 ceremony, which will take place at St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. Aside from her mom, Meghan spent two days catching up with friends. The source adds that plans are now in place for Doria to come to London for an "extended trip" ahead of the royal wedding. "Being in London will also be [Doria's] first chance to see the amazing wedding gown up close!" the insider reveals. As previously reported, Meghan officially picked her top-secret designer with the help of her bestie and Canadian bridal stylist Jessica Mulroney, who is also expected to join an upcoming consultation later this month. "Everything is coming together perfectly," the source says, also revealing that fittings and designer consultations continue in private at Kensington Palace and an undisclosed location in London. To make matters more exciting, a source previously told us Meghan has asked Doria to walk her down the aisle. A family affair, indeed! (Eonline)

Channing Tatum doesn't look like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders after his separation from Jenna Dewan ... but he does have their kid up there. Channing was spotted out Wednesday for the first time since news broke of his split with his wife of almost 9 years. He was leaving Target in Studio City carrying the ex-couple's daughter, Everly, on his shoulders and carrying a bag of goodies. We saw Jenna out solo on Tuesday after a SoulCycle class in WeHo. As we reported ... Channing and Jenna called it quits on their marriage, saying "love is a beautiful adventure that is taking us on different paths for now," but the 2 plan to keep being dedicated parents to Everly and maintain a working business relationship. (TMZ)

Chris Hemsworth is teaching Matt Damon what it means to be a true beach dude, Down Under, and lesson number one appears to be ... ditch the shirt, bro! Matt and his wife, Luciana Barroso, have been hanging with Chris and his missus, Elsa Pataky, all week down in Byron Bay, Australia. Wednesday was a beach day -- the wives were rocking bikinis while Chris, Matt and another friend checked out the surf. The Damons handled the PDA this time around, although Matt was way more subtle than Chris in that department. No doubt, this pairing of couples makes for a super fit looking double date, but, c'mon -- hanging next to shirtless Hemsworth can't be easy. We're with ya, Matty! #BourneConfidence. (TMZ)

Blac Chyna inadvertently helped a buggy stroller company prove its product is a durable blast on wheels ... but there's ZERO chance BC's getting a deal outta this. We spoke to a rep at Step2 -- the company that makes the exact buggy Blac Chyna swung as a weapon during a clash at Six Flags -- and they tell us while the stroller-throwing fight didn't cause a spike in sales for the Whisper Ride 2 Buggy, it did hammer home one of their main selling points ... the buggies are strong as hell. As we reported ... BC's outburst included her grabbing the buggy's handle and violently swinging it at the woman who set her off. Chyna also had a little tug-of-war and dragged the buggy. At one point, you see the buggy's purple hood snap off before someone in BC's crew easily snaps it back in place. See, durable. The rep lets it be known they do NOT condone BC's behavior -- and neither did Momiie, which dropped her ass. Goes without saying ... Step2's got no plans to work with Blac Chyna. (TMZ)


Kenny Rogers cancels farewell tour dates over 'health challenges'. Kenny Rogers has been advised by a doctor to cancel the remaining performances of his 2018 farewell tour due to "a series of health challenges," a statement said Wednesday. Several of the singer's performances on "The Gambler's Last Deal" tour were canceled recently, including a scheduled May 26 show at Harrah's Cherokee Casino Resort in North Carolina, Fox Carolina reported. The resort said in a statement that while doctors fully expect Rogers to recover from his "health challenges," they recommended he cancel performances through the end of the year to focus on getting better. "I didn't want to take forever to retire," Rogers said in a statement provided by Harrah's. "I've thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to say farewell to the fans over the course of the past two years on 'The Gambler's Last Deal' tour. "I could never properly thank them for the encouragement and support they've given me throughout my career and the happiness I've experienced as a result of that." Rogers, 79, announced his retirement plans in 2017 and was honored with an all-star show in October at Nashville's Bridgestone Arena. Performers included longtime duet partner Dolly Parton, Little Big Town, the Flaming Lips and Idina Menzel, among others. "The Gambler" singer told Fox News in October that his retirement would be final and there would be no comebacks. "That's always been kind of a rub with me when people retire 10 times," he said. "I'm going out because I need to go out and I'm going to enjoy my time at home with my wife and kids. "I'm going to enjoy every moment of it." Venues will offer refunds for Rogers' canceled tour dates through their point of purchase. (PageSix)

Andrew Taggart of The Chainsmokers never again has to wonder what it's like to walk in Liam Payne's shoes ... he got a very funny glimpse of the 1D life, and thankfully cameras were rolling. Andrew was outside Craig's Wednesday night in WeHo and posed for selfies with several fans who were apparently under the impression he's the guy who used to be in One Direction. Paps played along, too ... peppering Andrew with questions like, when's 1D getting back together?! But, you gotta see how he got his partner, Alex Pall, in the game. (TMZ)

Dolores O'Riordan sounded pumped and ready to belt out her old tune with a new band the day she died ... this according to her last voicemail ever. TMZ has obtained a voice message Dolores left for her longtime friend and label exec, Dan Waite, on Jan. 15 -- the day she unexpectedly passed away -- which also happened to be the day she was set to record a cover of The Cranberries' song "Zombie" with Bad Wolves. We're told the voicemail's time stamp was 1:12 AM GMT in London ... and, as you can hear, Dan -- who set up the collab -- is clearly mentioned in the audio. Dolores also says she loved Bad Wolves' version of "Zombie" ... adding it "sounds f****** terribly good." Clearly, she was excited to get in the studio -- but, unfortunately, she never made it. As we reported ... The Cranberries singer was found dead just hours later in her hotel. Her cause of death has yet to be released -- police have only said she died suddenly. Reports surfaced Dolores may have taken her own life, especially because she had extreme bouts with depression. If it turns out to be the case, it would be eerily similar to Chris Cornell's death ... where his wife said he was in a great mood hours before he died. You'll recall, Chris seemed as if nothing was wrong just before he took the stage for his final performance. Dolores was officially laid to rest in her native Ireland a couple days after a public reposal was held for her. She was 46 years old. As for the Bad Wolves cover ... the band released their version in Dolores' honor about a month after she passed, donating the proceeds of the song to her three children. (TMZ)

Jared Leto's new album promotion got a serious fuel injection when he hooked up with NASCAR ... and Momma, he's going fast!!! The Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman made a pit stop in Fort Worth, TX on Wednesday during his cross-country hitchhike to pump up the band's new album, "America." Jared bummed a ride with NASCAR Xfinity Series star Tyler Reddick to Texas Motor Speedway ... after the obligatory burnout, of course. Reddick's gonna be racing on this track for this weekend's O'Reilly Auto Parts 500, and he gave Jared a taste of the action at about 165 MPH -- aka 30 seconds to crap your pants! (TMZ)

Kesha, Bob Dylan rework classic songs to honor LGBTQ couples. Bob Dylan, Kesha and St. Vincent have reimagined popular love songs to honor the LGBTQ community, and the singers are doing it by switching pronouns. The six-song album, "Universal Love," was released digitally Thursday and includes Benjamin Gibbard of alternative band Death Cab for Cutie, singer-songwriter Valerie June and Kele Okereke of the indie rock group Bloc Party. Dylan reworked "She's Funny That Way" into "He's Funny That Way," singing lines like "I got a man crazy for me." Others have changed the pronoun of the classic song in the past, but they were mainly women, including Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Liza Minnelli, Etta James and Diana Ross. Kesha, who has a large gay fan base and has been a longtime supporter of equal rights for the LGBTQ community, closes the album with "I Need a Woman to Love Me," a spinoff of Janis Joplin's "I Need a Man to Love Me." Gibbard re-recorded The Beatles' 1960s hit, "And I Love Her," to create "And I Love Him." "Universal Love," available on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, was produced by MGM Resorts and is distributed through Sony Music's Legacy Recordings. "We believe projects like this will help all of us reach a point where seeing the world through the lens of people who happen to be different from us becomes natural and commonplace," said Phyllis James, MGM Resorts' chief diversity and corporate social responsibility officer. Grammy-winning singer St. Vincent reworked The Crystals' "Then He Kissed Me" to "Then She Kissed Me" on the album; Okereke turns The Temptations' "My Girl" into "My Guy"; and June takes on the 1930s classic "Mad About the Boy" for "Mad About the Girl." (PageSix)

P!nk's day out with her baby boy was rudely interrupted ... allegedly by Dr. Luke and Kesha's legal war, and it all happened on camera. P!nk walked out of a building in NYC Wednesday, toting her one-year-old son, Jameson. Paparazzi and fans were waiting for her, and so was a process server. You gotta see the video ... before P!nk and Jameson can make it into their waiting car ... the dude pounces with a piece of paper. We're told the summons is related to the ongoing lawsuit between Kesha and Dr. Luke. P!nk's been a vocal supporter of Kesha ... calling the case karma for Luke, who she calls "not a good person." For what it's worth ... Pink didn't seem rattled. We're betting she'd gladly testify. (TMZ)


Kristen Bell Has Already Recorded Frozen 2: "It's Very Good." Get ready Frozen fans because Kristen Bell has already recorded her part for the film's sequel. The 37-year-old actress broke the news on Thursday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "Well, you know, I can't say a lot because Disney has people everywhere," the Anna star said. "But, I have recorded the movie. There will be edits before it's finished." While The Good Place star remained fairly tight-lipped about the upcoming film, she did suggest she knows quite a bit about it. "I know the songs, I know the stories -- it's very good. I can't say much more than that or I'll get in trouble," she said. Disney hasn't revealed too much about the sequel. However, many have wondered if Elsa, played by Idina Menzel, will get a girlfriend in the next film. "Where we're going with it, we have tons of conversations about it, and we're really conscientious about these things," Jennifer Lee told The Huffington Post in February "For me ... Elsa's every day telling me where she needs to go, and she'll continue to tell us. I always write from character-out, and where Elsa is and what Elsa's doing in her life, she's telling me every day. We'll see where we go." The movie is set to hit theaters November 2019. In addition to discussing the movie, Bell talked about the movie Pandas, which Bell narrates, and played a game of Head Up with DeGeneres dressed as pandas. Pandas debuts April 6. (Eonline)

Jordan Peele Is Making a Lorena Bobbitt Docuseries for Amazon. The Virginia woman infamously cut off her husband's penis with a kitchen knife in 1993. Jordan Peele's Monkeypaw shingle is spearheading a Lorena Bobbitt docuseries for Amazon. The four-part project, with Bobbitt's full participation, will tackle the infamous 1993 incident and ensuing media frenzy that made the Virginia woman famous. (Bobbitt, in an act of retribution for alleged domestic violence, severed then-husband John Wayne Bobbitt's penis with a kitchen knife and threw it into a field.) "When we hear the name 'Bobbitt,' we think of one of the most sensational incidents to ever be catapulted into a full-blown media spectacle," said Peele. "With this project, Lorena has a platform to tell her truth as well as engage in a critical conversation about gender dynamics, abuse and her demand for justice. This is Lorena's story, and we're honored to help her tell it." The project, simply titled Lorena, is described as a fresh perspective on the event and its role in creating the 24-hour news cycle -- preceding the O.J. Simpson trial by just a year. Joshua Rofe is directing. "Jordan has proven himself as a captivating voice of social critique, and we are excited to work with him on this project," said Amazon originals head of unscripted Heather Schuster. "Lorena reframes Lorena Bobbitt's story around issues of sexism and domestic abuse and offers Prime members an exclusive new view into how America got her story wrong and maybe continues to get it wrong." Lorena is executive produced by Peele and Win Rosenfeld for Monkeypaw, Rofe and Steven J. Berger for Number 19 and Jenna Santoianni and Tom Lesinski for Sonar Entertainment. (Hollywood Reporter)


Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade Are Your Newest HGTV Stars With New Special All-Star Flip. HGTV just landed themselves one hell of a new house-flipping married couple. The cable network has announced that Gabrielle Union and her NBA champ husband Dwyane Wade are teaming up and taking a break from their day jobs to complete a major home transformation in the upcoming special All-Star Flip. In the special, airing Thursday, April 12, fans of the couple will see them showcase their love for home renovation as they buy, overhaul and flip a fixer upper in an up-and-coming Miami neighborhood. "Ever since we renovated our house a few years ago, I've been a little real-estate obsessed," Union said in a statement. "It took a while, but I finally convinced Dwyane that we should try flipping a house." "And we're doing it to raise money for charity," Wade added. "So how could I say no?" As described by HGTV, All-Star Flip will see Union -- who also has a pilot in contentionat NBC, a spinoff of film franchise Bad Boys co-starring Jessica Alba -- and Wade join forces with their construction team to gut an outdated ranch house while adding square footage and value to the property with a grand second-story master suite. They'll work to transform the home into a sleek, modern showplace. And the cherry on top? The proceeds of the sale will go to a charity of the couple's choice. As Wade said, how can you say no to that? Will you tune in to see the couple try their hand at home renovation? And could you see them becoming permanent fixtures on the network? They do need a high-profile couple to replace Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gaines, after all. All-Star Flip premieres Thursday, April 12 at 9:30 p.m. on HGTV. (Eonline)

Lauren Graham on if 'Gilmore Girls' will ever return again. Lauren Graham thinks we've said goodbye to "Gilmore Girls" for real this time. "I feel very satisfied. This always felt like a special, a limited series," Graham, who played Lorelai Gilmore on the beloved series, said of the four-episode Netflix revival during a talk at 92Y Tuesday. "I do think that's where it ends." Graham, who was promoting her newest book, "In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It," said that getting the chance to return to Stars Hollow was "probably the best feeling I'll ever have as an actor." The revival wasn't easy to make, though. The loss of Edward Herrmann, who played patriarch Richard Gilmore in the show's original run, blanketed the set. For Graham, the loss of her mother, who died in 2005, broke through in scenes where Lorelai was discussing Richard's passing. "It was such a strange combination of a piece of material and a person I loved and lost," said Graham, 51. "It all gets mixed up. And I want to honor his memory." Graham continued: "Something about that Netflix show was about my mom for me ... I just felt her presence and I felt that loss through those characters and stories." Following her original stint as Lorelai, Graham moved on to "Parenthood," where she met her boyfriend of more than eight years, Peter Krause, and became friends with her on-screen daughter, Mae Whitman, who moderated the event. Thanks to the way both shows handle familial drama, "Parenthood" is oftentimes seen as the precursor to "This Is Us," a distinction both Graham and Whitman poke fun at and agree with. "Have fun at the Emmys! We paved the way," Whitman, 29, quipped. The duo eventually discussed Graham's third book, which follows her novel, "Someday, Someday Maybe," and "Talking as Fast as I Can," a book of essays. A self-described "alternative to Dr. Seuss," Graham's latest is a modified version of a graduation speech she gave after her dad signed her up for the gig without telling her. "When I have stresses and pain and fear I can text you and get the wealth of knowledge. This [book] felt like you talking," Whitman praised. Graham, who shared that writing is "much harder" than acting, said an alternate title for the book of inspiration would be "Don't Be Afraid to Suck." "Almost nothing I've ever done did I ever have the confidence to do," Graham admitted. "I didn't have confidence, I just had drive. If you wait for your self-esteem to catch up, you'll never get anything done." (PageSix)

'Project Runway' hangs in the balance due to Weinstein Co. bankruptcy. A+E Networks has scrapped its deal with the Weinstein Co. to air two additional seasons of "Project Runway" in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against Harvey Weinstein, the distributor revealed in a court filing. The Weinstein Co. owns "Project Runway" and its spinoffs, "Project Runway All Stars" and "Project Runway: Junior," all of which run on A+E's Lifetime channel. In 2016, Lifetime announced that "Project Runway" had been renewed for three additional seasons, of which only one has aired so far. But the network unilaterally canceled the deal on Jan. 10, according to a filing Tuesday in the Weinstein Co. bankruptcy, arguing that Weinstein's sexual misconduct constituted a breach of the agreement. Specifically, A+E alleged the Weinstein Co. had failed to operate a workplace within the bounds of the law, failed to notify A+E of potential legal claims, and failed to abide by A+E standards and practices. A+E also rescinded a separate licensing agreement for a "Project Runway" movie. Weinstein has been accused of using his connection to "Project Runway" and to the fashion industry to gain access to young models. A+E Networks' move leaves the show's future in doubt. The popular series is one of the key assets of the Weinstein Co. bankruptcy estate, and the break with A+E Networks creates some uncertainty about its value. A+E would like to acquire the program, either through bankruptcy or after the sale of the Weinstein assets, and is said to be in negotiations with Lantern Capital over the future seasons. Lantern has bid $310 million, plus some debt assumption, for the bulk of the Weinstein assets. In its motion, A+E said it first notified the Weinstein Co. of the breach on Nov. 1, a few weeks after the first reports of Weinstein's alleged sexual misconduct. A+E declined to comment beyond the court filing. The producers of other titles have raised objections to including their projects in the bankruptcy estate. On Monday, the producers of the unreleased film "Hotel Mumbai," said that they, too, had rescinded their deal with the Weinstein Co. after learning of the harassment claims, and that as a result, the Weinstein Co. has no right to distribute the film. On Tuesday, Speedee Distribution filed an objection claiming that the Weinstein Co. is in breach of a settlement agreement arising from a dispute over "The Founder," the 2016 biopic about McDonald's mogul Ray Kroc, starring Michael Keaton. Speedee argues that the Weinstein Co. has no right to transfer its distribution rights to the film until it cures the breach. (PageSix)

Canadian Drama 'Pure' Scores Second Season at WGN America. The series last aired on the CBC in early 2017 and currently streams on Hulu. Pure, a Canadian drama that last aired over a year ago and presently streams on Hulu, has been renewed for a second season by WGN America. The acquisition-friendly network, which previously announced plans to give a stateside linear run for the Mennonite crime drama -- yes, Mennonites can be criminals too -- in early 2019 despite its widespread availability on other outlets, has commissioned a second season from producers Two East Productions and Cineflix. (The drama is also produced in association with WGN America, Super Channel, Hulu and the CBC, which aired season one in early 2017.) "Pure is a stand-out scripted drama series with powerful characters and intense conflict in a very unique world," said Gavin Harvey, president of WGN America. "We are fully committed to this riveting series and knew we wanted to extend the story before the first episode even hits our air." It's not the most expected move for WGN America, but their choices of late have indeed leaned Canadian and co-producing since their abrupt about-face from prestige scripted originals. "We're so excited for Pure to debut on WGN America and thrilled to have the opportunity to tell the story for another season," said showrunner Michael Amo. The second season will begin production in Nova Scotia later in the spring. (Hollywood Reporter)

Italy developing local version of 'SNL'. Alec Baldwin is enjoying a resurgence with his performance of Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live," but imagine what fun could be had at the expense of Silvio Berlusconi in Italy. Italian broadcaster Sky Italia has ordered its own local version of the NBCUniversal entertainment format. The broadcaster is launching its own take on the long-running show on its free-to-air channel TV8, starting this weekend. The show, which is produced by Fatma Ruffini's independent production company FTM Entertainment, will see Italian actor and presenter Claudio Bisio lead a troupe of comedians to skewer politicians and others in a six-part run. Sky Italia's version will mark the twelfth international remake of "SNL," with versions already remade across France, Poland and South Korea. "Saturday Night Live," which launched in 1975, is now in its 43rd season on NBC. Co-produced by NBC and Broadway Video, the show has acted as a launch pad for a host of comedy talent, earning it 45 Emmys and 202 nominations. Ana Langenberg, SVP, Format Sales & Production, NBCUniversal International Formats, said: "It is great to be partnering with Sky Italia on 'SNL.' As such an iconic brand, the show will remain true to its format, but we can't wait to see FTM Entertainment and Sky put their own twist on it to keep it fresh and culturally relevant for local audiences." (PageSix)

TV Ratings: 'Empire' Drops, Still on Top; 'Alex, Inc.' Dims. The ABC freshman comedy shrinks between 'The Goldbergs' and 'Modern Family.' Fox nabbed another Wednesday win thanks to a returned Empire, though the drama shed three-tenths of a ratings point from the previous week. With an average 1.7 rating among adults 18-49, Empire narrowly passed CBS' Survivor to lead the evening's original broadcast telecasts. Lead-out Star was also off from its week-ago return, though not by as much, averaging a 1.3 rating in the key demo. On ABC, the second episode of Alex, Inc. (0.9 adults) saw viewers exit the network between steady episodes of The Goldbergs (1.3 adults) and Modern Family (1.5 adults). American Housewife (1.2 adults) and Designated Survivor (0.7 adults) each held. CBS' Survivor earned a 1.6 rating in the key demo before an encore NCIS and a new Criminal Minds (0.9 adults). On NBC, only The Blacklist was new with a 0.9 rating. Life Sentence aired its last Wednesday episode on The CW, pulling a 0.2 rating in the key demo and 440,000 viewers. It moves to Fridays later in April. (Hollywood Reporter)


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