Freedom of Speech, The Constitution. and Left Wing Liberalism!

Another deep thought from yours truly, Political Correctness, and Revisionist Liberalism is destroying this country. A great Chinese American Born actor, once said, “I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine.” Bruce Lee, an American Citizen at the age of 18, utter those words, and I really take them at face value as an American Citizen. We enjoy the right to express our views wether you agree or disagree with them. We have that Right Of Freedom of Speech because it’s in grained in our constitution, It’s a right we all must cherish and protect for generations to come. Our constitution is what makes America Great! So, set aside for a moment political parties, and really take a serious look at that finely crafted document. It’s really not what the liberal left portrays it to be, an old and antiquated document. Liberal pundits have voiced their discontent for years over the 2nd amendment to the constitution. They say such erroneous things like the founding fathers only put the right to bear arms in the constitution to form militias. Some others say, the founding fathers inserted the right to bear arms so we could have the right to hunt for food, and still other liberals say, it’s ludicrous for us to believe that the right to bear arms was inserted into the constitution so every american could protect family and property. The recent school shootings have galvanized the liberal lefts attempts to take away or seriously restrict our rights to bear arms. For all the liberals out there I would like to offer this up for consideration, How many School Shootings do you remember when we had prayers in schools. The youth of today lack a moral compass, and unfortunately we reap what we sow as a society. So I submit to you that liberalism has unquestionably perpetrated this cancer on our young. Here my friends is a true fact, NO FAKE NEWS from me, nowhere in the constitution does it state you have the right to bear arms with certain restrictions and limitations. We unfortunately, have let politicians stomp all over our rights, and we need to let them all know in no uncertain terms that the erosion of our rights is over. This is our country and the politicians work for us, not the special interest or the liberal media. Every time we go to the polls we need to drive that point home, so they hear us loud and clear. WE THE PEOPLE own and pay to run this country, you work for us we don’t work for you! So show your support and drive those self-centered politicians out of office. We need to do our part to drain that swamp. Because unfortunately, There is just too much shit in that swamp for one man to handle! Let’s join together and take this great country back!


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