On this date in 1581, Francis Drake completed a circumnavigation of the world.
  • Even though some people were against circumnavigating. 
  • Although, there were some opposed to the idea and felt circumnavigation should be a family choice. 
  • For those of you who believe circumnavigation is okay. 
  • Yep, he was the first big winner in "The Amazing Race." 
On this date in 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte abdicated as emperor of France and is banished to the island of Elba. It could have been worse. It could have been the Isle of Lucy.

In 1828 In Amsterdam, Casparus van Wooden patented chocolate milk powder.
  • Of course, the biggest question: why? 
  • A guy named Nestle said, "That was quick!" and the rest was history. 
  • You'd think with an invention like that, he would have been a lot more famous. 
  • The tough part was getting the cows to give powdered milk. 
On this date in 1841, President William Henry Harrison received the distinct honor of becoming the first American president to die in office. The even more sad part of this is that he died from pneumonia... after being sworn-in during absolutely horrible weather only a month earlier.

It was on this date in 1850 that Los Angeles incorporated as a city. Of course, back then, things were different: the streets were dangerous, most people carried guns, most people spoke in Spanish and the fastest people traveled was like 5 miles an hour... huh, it hasn't changed!

On this date in 1877, the very first private telephone was installed in a home in Boston.
  • It was a great time to have a phone -- telemarketers hadn't been invented yet. 
  • It rang. At the other end, a New York governor was asking, "Is Bubbles there?" 
  • And less than 20 minutes later, a telemarketer called! 
In 1932, C.G. King isolated Vitamin C at the University of Pittsburgh. Apparently, she was disruptive in class.


Jamie Lynn Spears turns 27 today. The good thing about having Britney as your older sister, you're always considered the normal one.

Illusionist David Blaine is working on the illusion of looking younger than 45 today. He's about to embark on his greatest feat ever -- making the prime of his life disappear, right before your very eyes. He's going to spend the day trying to figure out how to escape turning 45.

Nancy McKeon, who played Jo in "The Facts of Life," celebrates her 52nd birthday today. Nothing like observing the birthday of a show and actress you barely remember who doesn't look anything like she used to look. I'm officially declaring this the last time we bring her up, until next year.

Robert Downey Jr. is celebrating his 53rd birthday today. Somehow... He plans a quiet night at home, probably just doing a little laundry and then iron, man.

David Cross, who played Tobias on "Arrested Development" turns 54 today. If you didn't know, he's married to actress Amber Tamblyn.

Craig T. Nelson turns 74 today. Coach has one more Incredibles movie in him, coming out soon. I can't think of the name of that TV series he used to be in... but he co-starred in "Blades of Glory" and played the coach.

Kitty Kelley turns 76 today. She's written many tell-all books about famous folks, including Frank Sinatra and Nancy Reagan. You can look them up after you look up Kitty Kelley.


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