Born On This Day...

In 1798 Mirabeau Lamar (second president of the Republic of Texas)
In 1832 Psychologist/scientist Wilhelm Wundt (scientific psychology)
In 1860 French writer Jules Laforgue (lyrical irony, free verse)
In 1862 College football coach Amos Alonzo Stagg (introduced the huddle)
In 1863 Chemist, Frederic Stanley Kipping (organic derivatives of silicon)
In 1865 French physicist Gabriel Lippmann (color photography)
In 1868 Publisher, Bernard McFadden (True Romance, True Detective)
In 1884 Science Fiction writer, Hugo Gernsback
In 1892 Cartoonist, Harold Foster (Prince Valiant)
In 1892 Cartoonist, Otto Messner (Felix the Cat)
In 1894 Labor leader George Meany (first president of AFL-CIO)
In 1895 Actor, Lucien Littlefield (Mr. Beasley-Blondie)
In 1897 Ringmaster, Robert Ringling (Ringling Brothers)
In 1899 Actor, Glenn Strange (Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein)
In 1904 Biochemist, Wendell M. Stanley (Nobel-1946) [d: 6-15-71]
In 1907 Actress, Mae Clark (Frankenstein, Nana, Parole Girl) [d: 4-29-92]
In 1913 Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin (1977-83) [d: 3-9-92]
In 1915 Singer, Al Hibbler (Duke Ellington) [d: 4-24-01]
In 1920 German novelist/playwright Charles Bukowski [d: 3-9-94]
In 1922 Conductor, Ernie Freeman (Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra) [d: 5-16-81]
In 1925 Actor, Fess Parker (Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Old Yeller) [d: 3-18-10]
In 1926 Screenwriter, Norman Wexler (Saturday Night Fever) [d: 8-23-99]
In 1928 Actress, Ann Marie Blyth (Kismet, Mildred Pierce) (95)
In 1929 Jazz pianist Bill Evans (Miles Davis) [d: 9-15-80]
In 1929 Actress, Lois Nettleton (All That Glitters, Centennial) [d: 1-18-08]
In 1930 Actor, Robert Culp (I Spy, Greatest American Hero) [d: 3-24-10]
In 1930 Sportscaster, Frank Gifford (ex-Monday Night Football) [d: 8-9-15]
In 1930 Tennis Hall-of-Famer, Tony Trabert (1955 Wimbeldon) [d: 2-3-21]
In 1932 Singer, Eydie Gorme ("Blame it on the Bosa Nova") [d: 8-10-13]
In 1933 Actor, Gary Clarke (Hondo, Steve-The Virginian) (90)
In 1933 Actress, Julie Newmar (Catwoman-TV's Batman, Living Doll) (90)
In 1933 Astronaut, Stuart "Smoky" Roosa (Apollo XIV) [d: 12-12-94]
In 1934 Actor/singer Ketty Lester (Little House on the Prairie) (89)
In 1936 Actress, Anita Gillette (Dr. Hanover-Quincy ME, Moonstruck) (87)
In 1937 Actress, Lorraine Gary (Jaws, Jaws 2, Jaws 4) (86)
In 1939 Actress, Carole Shelley (The Elephant Man) [d: 8-31-18]
In 1943 Actress/singer Sharon Baird (Mickey Mouse Club) (80)
In 1945 Actor, Robert Balaban (Close Encounters, The Monuments Men) (78)
In 1945 Singer/guitarist Gary Loizzo (American Breed) [d: 1-16-16]
In 1946 Actress, Lesley Ann Warren (Victor Victoria, Clue) (77)
In 1948 Singer/saxophonist/guitarist Barry Hay (Golden Earring) (75)
In 1949 Guitarist, William Spooner (Grateful Dead, Tubes) (74)
In 1950 U.S. runner Hasely Crawford (Olympic-Gold-1976) (73)
In 1952 Actor, Reginald Veljohnson (Carl-Family Matters, Die Hard) (71)
In 1953 TV personality Kathie Lee Gifford (Regis & Kathie Lee) (70)
In 1953 Baseball manager Nick Leyva (Phillies 1988-91) (70)
In 1953 Actress, Caitlin O'Heaney (Snow White-Charmings) (70)
In 1953 Singer, James J.T. Taylor (Kool & The Gang) (70)
In 1954 Director, James Cameron (Terminator, Aliens, Titanic) (69)
In 1955 Actor, Jeff Perry (Harvey Leek-Nash Bridges) (68)
In 1957 Guitarist, Tim Farriss (INXS) (66)
In 1957 Actress, Laura Innes (Dr. Kerry Weaver-ER, Deep Impact) (66)
In 1958 Actress, Angela Bassett (Waiting To Exhale, Contact, Stella) (65)
In 1958 Singer/actress Madonna [Ciccone] (65)
In 1958 Actor, Jonathan Prince (Danny-Alice, Mr. Merlin) (65)
In 1960 Actor, Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People, Falcon & The Snowman) (63)
In 1961 Football player Christian Okoye (62)
In 1962 Actor, Steve Carell (The Office, The Big Short) (61)
In 1964 Tennis player Jimmy Arias (U.S. Davis Cup Team) (59)
In 1969 Reality star Jase Robertson (Duck Dynasty) (54)
In 1970 Actor, Seth Peterson (Robbie Hansen-Providence) (53)
In 1972 Singer, Emily Robison (The Chicks) (51)
In 1976 Actress, Crystal McKellar (Becky-The Wonder Years) (47)
In 1978 Actor, Josh Casaubon (Hugh Hughes-One Life to Live) (45)
In 1980 Singer/actress Vanessa Carlton (American Dreams) (43)
In 1985 Actress, Agnes Bruckner (Bridget-Bold & the Beautiful) (38)
In 1985 Actress, Arden Cho (Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars) (38)
In 1986 Wrestler, Colin Cassady (WWE) (37)
In 1988 Actress, Rumer Willis (The House Bunny, The Whole Nine Yards) (35)
In 1991 Actress, Evanna Lynch (Luna-Harry Potter films) (32)
In 1991 Rap singer Young Thug (32)
In 1993 Actor, Cameron Monaghan (Shameless, Gotham) (30)
In 1997 Singer, Greyson Chance (26)
In 1997 Actress, Piper Curda (I Didn't Do It, A.N.T. Farm) (26)
In 1997 Guitarist, Jack Met (AJR) (26)


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