Born On This Day...

In 1647 Inventor/physicist Denis Papin (pressure cooker)
In 1827 Austrian composer, Josef Strauss
In 1834 American astronomer, Samuel Pierpont Langley
In 1836 American artist Archibald M. Willard (Spirit of '76)
In 1848 American journalist, Melville Stone
In 1860 Inventor, Paul Gottlieb Nipkow (television's scanning principle)
In 1862 Composer, Claude Debussy (La Mer, Clair de lune)
In 1867 Inventor, Charles Francis Jenkins (cone-shaped drinking cup)
In 1880 Cartoonist, George Herriman (Krazy Kat)
In 1893 Actor, Cecil Kellaway (The Postman Always Rings Twice, Harvey)
In 1893 Author/journalist Dorothy Parker (Enough Rope)
In 1904 Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping (1976-83) [d: 2-19-97]
In 1908 French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson [d: 8-3-04]
In 1909 Football Hall-of-Famer, Mel Hein (Giants) [d: 1-31-92]
In 1911 Actress, Edith Atwater (Aunt Gertrude-The Hardy Boys) [d: 3-14-86]
In 1917 Singer/songwriter/blues guitarist John Lee Hooker [d: 6-21-01]
In 1920 Author, Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451, Martian Chronicles) [d: 6-5-12]
In 1920 Dr. Denton Cooley (first artificial heart transplant) [d: 4-8-69]
In 1925 Actress, Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore-Goldfinger, The Avengers) [d: 4-5-20]
In 1926 French fashion designer Marc Bohan (97)
In 1926 Singer, Bob Flanigan (The Four Freshman) [d: 5-15-11]
In 1926 Actor, John Lupton (Days of Our Lives, Broken Arrow) [d: 11-3-93]
In 1928 Composer, Karlheinz Stockhausen [d: 12-5-07]
In 1930 Playwright, James Kirkwood (co-authored A Chorus Line) [d: 4-21-89]
In 1932 Former U.S. astronaut Gerald P. Carr (Skylab IV) [d: 8-26-20]
In 1933 Actress, Sylvia Koscina (Jessica, Hercules) [d: 12-26-94]
In 1934 Actress, Diana Sands (Raisin in the Sun, Doctor's Wife) [d: 9-21-73]
In 1934 Retired army general Norman H. Schwarzkopf (Desert Storm) [d: 12-27-12]
In 1935 Broadcast journalist Morton Dean (CBS, ABC) (88)
In 1935 U.S. hurdler Richard W. Howard (Olympic-Bronze-1960) [d: 11-9-67]
In 1938 Singer/songwriter Dale Hawkins (Suzie-Q) [d: 2-13-10]
In 1938 Football announcer Paul Maguire (NBC) (85)
In 1939 Actress, Valerie Harper (Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda, Valerie) [d: 8-30-19]
In 1939 Singer, Fred Milano (Dion and the Belmonts) [d: 1-1-12]
In 1939 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Carl Yastrzemski (Red Sox) (84)
In 1940 Actor, George Reinholt (Another World, One Live to Live) [d: 11-11-13]
In 1941 Football coach Bill Parcells (Giants, Patriots, Jets, Cowboys) (82)
In 1944 Football player Tom Mitchell (Colts; Super Bowl III, V) [d: 1-16-17]
In 1945 Singer, Ron Dante (Archies, Cuff Links) (78)
In 1945 Actor, James G. Richardson (Tim Cassidy-Sierra) [d: 2-20-83]
In 1946 Keyboardist, Gary Withem (Gary Puckett & the Union Gap) (77)
In 1947 Actress, Cindy Williams (Shirley-Laverne And Shirley) [d: 1-25-23]
In 1948 Singer/songwriter Sam Neely (Loving You Just Crossed My Mind) [d: 7-19-06]
In 1949 Swimmer, Diana Nyad (the first to swim from the Bahamas to Florida) (74)
In 1956 Baseball player Paul Molitor (Blue Jays) (67)
In 1957 Country singer/guitarist Holly Dunn [d: 11-14-16]
In 1958 Guitarist, Ian Mitchell (Bay City Rollers) [d: 9-2-20]
In 1959 Bassist, Juan Croucier (Ratt) (64)
In 1959 U.S. basketball player Denise Curry (Olympic-Gold-1984) (64)
In 1959 Actor, Mark Williams (Harry Potter films) (64)
In 1960 Country singer/songwriter Collin Raye (63)
In 1961 Singer/bassist Roland Orzabal (Tears for Fears) (62)
In 1961 Drummer/singer Debbi Peterson (The Bangles) (62)
In 1962 Guitarist, Gary Lee Conner (Screaming Trees) (61)
In 1962 Golfer, Gene Sauers (61)
In 1963 Singer/songwriter Tori Amos (60)
In 1963 Basketball player Terry Catledge (Magic) (60)
In 1963 Singer/keyboardist James DeBarge (DeBarge) (60)
In 1963 Country singer Mila Mason (60)
In 1964 Swedish tennis player Mats Wilander (U.S. Open, 1988) (59)
In 1966 Rap performer G.Z.A., aka The Genius (Wu-Tang Clan) (57)
In 1967 Actor, Ty Burrell (Modern Family) (56)
In 1967 Singer/guitarist Layne Staley (Alice In Chains) [d: 4-19-02]
In 1970 TV host/chef Giada De Laurentiis (Next Food Network Star) (53)
In 1971 Actor, Richard Armitage (The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey) (52)
In 1971 Actor, Rick Yune (Zao-Die Another Day) (52)
In 1972 Playmate/actress Marliece Andrada (March-1998) (51)
In 1972 Drummer, Paul Doucette (Matchbox 20) (51)
In 1973 Singer, Howie Dorough (Backstreet Boys) (50)
In 1973 Rap performer/reggae singer Beenie Man (50)
In 1973 Actress, Heidi Noelle Lenhart (California Dreams, 90210) (50)
In 1973 Actress, Kristen Wiig (SNL, Bridesmaids, Knocked Up) (50)
In 1974 Actress, Jenna Leigh Green (Libby-Sabrina the Teenage Witch) (49)
In 1978 Comedian/actor James Corden (Late Late Show, Peter Rabbit) (45)
In 1978 Guitarist, Jeff Stinco (Simple Plan) (45)
In 1979 Actress, Jennifer Finnigan (Bold and the Beautiful, Committed) (44)
In 1989 Guitarist, Johnny Bond (Catfish and the Bottlemen) (34)
In 1990 Football player Randall Cobb (Packers, Jets) (33)
In 1995 Actress, Lulu Antariksa (How to Rock) (28)
In 1999 Actor, Dakota Goyo (Real Steel, Dark Skies) (24)
In 1999 Bassist, Jedidiah Willis (The Willis Family) (24)


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