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Monday, March 27, 2017


Signs people are saying good things about you: 

You bump into your boss' boss in the elevator, and he gives you a big smile and tells you to keep up the good work.
People you can't recall ever having met know your full name and vital stats, and seem to like you right off the bat.
You invited 20 people to your last party and 200 showed up.

Signs people are saying bad things about you: 

You check and re-check because you think your voicemail must not be working. It is.
You can hear a pin drop when you return to the table from the men's/ladies' room.
When you're introduced to people, they say, "Oh, you're so-and-so," and then excuse themselves to go to the bar.

Signs people are saying nothing at all about you:
You return, tan and happy from a ten-day vacation. Your entire office seems surprised to find out you were gone.
You've never had a nickname.
You don't have call waiting. You don't need it.

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