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Thursday, March 23, 2017


The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun and Wife Joana Pak Welcome First Child. And a baby makes three! E! News has exclusively learned that The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun and his wife Joana Pak welcomed their first child together. The couple's baby boy arrived on March 17. News of the couple's pregnancy broke in December, only a couple of days after they tied the knot at the Paramour Estate in California in front of friends, family and a few of Yeun's former co-stars. The blushing bride wore a strapless ball gown that featured a purple, floral-adorned empire waist. She accessorized her wedding day look with a side braid and a gorgeous pink and purple bouquet. Many of the actor's former TWD co-stars, including Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride, Sarah Wayne Callies, Chandler Riggs, Emma Bell and Alanna Masterson, attended. In February Yeun showed off his wife's large baby bump in a series of photo booth pics. The images showed Yeun and Pak cuddling up for the camera before Pak took some solo shots where she cradled her baby bump. Pak teased followers on Instagram in February by sharing samples of fabric in both pink and blue. "Nesting," she captioned the picture, leading many to wonder if she was teasing her baby's sex. Congratulations to the new parents and their bundle of joy! (Eonline)

Lily Collins Reveals How Dad Phil Collins Influences Her Romantic Relationships. It's all in the power of parents. While Lily Collins has learned plenty about love based on her own experiences, there are two people that have also had a huge influence on her relationships. Look no further than parents Jill Tavelman and Phil Collins. While appearing on The Talk, the actress was asked by Julie Chen if her famous parents influenced the guys she chooses to date. Her answer may surprise you. "I find that I'm really attracted to mysterious creatives, and I love people that are able to put their emotions out there for not just the world to see, but just that are giving of their emotions, but a little bit mysterious and elusive as well," Lily shared on Tuesday's all-new episode. "And my mom is such a strong independent strong-willed woman and she always taught me to accept my worth for how I viewed myself and female empowerment, and it's ok to be independent and also need someone at the same time. I kinda get to be both." The Golden Globe-nominated actress's candid remarks come as her new book Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me continues to climb the charts. In the memoir, Lily tells her father exactly how she feels about him today. "We all make choices and, although I don't excuse some of yours, at the end of the day we can't rewrite the past," she penned in excerpts published by The Daily Mail. "I'm learning how to accept your actions and vocalize how they made me feel. I accept and honor the sadness and anger I felt toward the things you did or didn't do, did or didn't give me." Phil was married three times and fathered five children. He welcomed Lily with his second wife Jill in 1989 and the two divorced a few years later. While the singer wasn't perfect, Lily looks forward to their future and remains hopeful at what's to come. "I forgive you for not always being there when I needed and for not being the dad I expected," she wrote. "I forgive the mistakes you made. And although it may seem like it's too late, it's not. There's still so much time to move forward." (Eonline)

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Are Talking Again: "It's a Significant Step." No matter what, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kids will always come first. It's been two months since the former couple hired a private judge to deal with their divorce and custody issues. The negotiations are ongoing, but it seems they're closer to reaching a resolution, as Pitt, 53, and Jolie, 41, are once again communicating for the first time in a while. "Things have calmed settled between Brad and Angelina. It's not as tense as it had been," a source tells E! News. "They are focused on the kids and working to do what's best for them." Needless to say, it's been a busy six months for the Jolie-Pitts. Pitt -- who next appears in Netflix's War Machine -- has been steadily working on a sculpture at Thomas Houseago's studio, while Jolie has ramped up her humanitarian efforts on behalf of the United Nations. After a rocky six months, the source says, "Brad has been able to spend more time with the kids. He's doing well and is focused on healthy, clean living. He's in a good place." That's good news for siblings Maddox Jolie-Pitt, 15, Pax Jolie-Pitt, 13, Zahara Jolie-Pitt, 12, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, 10, Knox Jolie-Pitt, 8, and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, 8. They recently accompanied their mother on a trip to Cambodia, where she was promoting her Netflix drama, First They Killed My Father, a true account of the Khmer Rouge genocide told from a child's perspective. As for Pitt and Jolie's level of communication, an insider close to the actor says it's limited but positive. "They recently started talking again and it's a significant step. Up until now everything was through lawyers and assistants," the insider says. "They did not speak at all after the plane incident and everything that went down in the press." The decision to communication directly came "at the recommendation of the children's therapists and their own," the insider says, and the amicable exes "are focused on the kids and taking small steps to mend what has happened. Right now they are only speaking about the kids and their schedules, but it's a positive step." "Brad hopes that they can be successful at co-parenting and get to a place where they can be friendly," the insider close to Pitt tells E! News. "They both have agreed to put the kids first." That's in line with what Jolie told the BBC last month. "We are a family and we'll always be a family," she said. "And we will get through this time and hopefully be a stronger family for it." "My focus is my children -- our children -- and my focus is finding this way through," the director continued. "And as I said, we are and forever will be a family. And so that is how I'm coping. I'm coping with finding a way through to make sure this somehow makes us stronger and closer." (Eonline)

Why Faith Hill Is Embracing Her Wrinkles at Age 49. Faith Hill may be pushing 50 but she's not over the hill. And she's embracing her looks, wrinkles and all. "I'm OK with having lines," Hill told New Beauty magazine in an interview posted Wednesday. "I'm almost 50, I want people to know I've smiled a lot." Hill, who will celebrate her birthday in September, has certainly got plenty to smile about: A successful music career, a loving husband of 20 years -- fellow country star Tim McGraw, and three daughters -- Gracie, 19, Maggie, 18, and Audrey, 15. Unlike many celebrities, especially those around her age, Hill says she does not wear much makeup. "I used to wear tons of makeup, like that '80s caked-on makeup," she said. "It's the reason I rarely wear it now unless I absolutely have to." McGraw, she added, likes her natural look. "He likes when I have no makeup on and crazy-curly hair," she said. "Before I put it up in my ponytail, he always tells me to wear it down because it's his favorite." Hill teaches her daughters to embrace their inner beauty. "Social media can be so cruel, but we've always emphasized the importance of having a realistic take and a healthy view regarding beauty to our girls," Hill told the outlet. "They know it's not just on the outside. It's really important to us to teach them that beauty is on the inside. People can see your heart by the expressions on your face and by the way you carry yourself -- they can see your happiness." (Eonline)

Seth Meyers Bumps Dax Shepard for a "Bigger" Star: Kristen Bell. Kristen Bell is a bigger star than Dax least according to Seth Meyers. Shepard appeared on NBC's Late Night Tuesday, where Meyers praised the star of CHiPs for being so flexible with the show's recent scheduling change. "You were supposed to be on the show Wednesday and you made it here today," Meyers said. "I wanted to thank you for that." "I was supposed to be on Wednesday and then I got a call from my publicist, who said, 'They got a bigger guest, so you got bumped to Tuesday. Can you now fly out?' In my mind, I'm like, 'I get it, man. Tom Cruise is selling something,'" Shepard said. "So, I get home that night and Kristen goes, 'I'm doing Seth on Wednesday. What day are you doing it?' My wife bumped me." Meyers said it may be the first time "in the history of showbiz" that one of his guests was ever "wife-bumped," which made Shepard laugh. Shepard, who wrote and directed the comedy, was unsure "who bumps who" when people like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are involved. "I assume Brad...I don't know," he admitted. "I don't keep track of the star meters. They change so much!" Getting to Meyers' studio proved to be problematic. Right before he crossed the 59th St. bridge into Manhattan, Shepard said, "A gal just torpedoed into the side of the car, then drug along the entire length of a Suburban and then kept going. So, then we had to get up next to her. I rolled down the window and I was like, 'You very much just ran into us.' She was -- and I don't want to offend anyone -- but it felt like a millennial reaction. She just [gave a look] like, 'No, I didn't.' All tough. I had to take a picture of her license plate, and then finally she pulled over." On the bright side, the incident gave Shepard a fresh story to share on Late Night. "I basically solved a crime on the way here. That left me with about 30 seconds to put this suit on and do my hair," he explained. "So guys, if my hair doesn't look on point tonight, cut me some slack." The run-in was "too appropriate," given the film Shepard was promoting. "Almost feels stunted. Suspicious," he said. Playing it up, he pretended to sell the story as if it were a PR stunt. "I had to commandeer a motorcycle and chase her! And when she saw me she was like, 'John Baker!'" Warner Bros. Pictures' ChiPs is in theaters March 24; Bell will appear on Late Night Wednesday. (Eonline)

Reese Witherspoon Just Found Out She's Irish. What a lucky lass! On the eve of her 41st birthday, Reese Witherspoon learned something new about her ancestry. "I called your producer on the way here in the car because I was every excited," the Big Little Lies actress told Conan O'Brien on TBS' Conan Tuesday. "I did one of those genetic testing things and I found out that I'm 63 percent Irish. I had no idea. I had no idea! I thought I was Scottish and Welsh. It turns out my parents are just full of s--t, I guess. But now I'm Irish!" "It just makes so much sense," Witherspoon said. "I'm a really good drinker. I love St. Patrick's Day. Potatoes are delicious. I'm looking forward to meeting all my cousins." Before she could continue, O'Brien said, "No, no -- you don't want to meet those people." Witherspoon's mind was racing, and she got so excited that she told the TV host, "You and I are probably related!" But the best part is speaking like an Irishwoman. Using her best brogue, Witherspoon said, "Now I get to say things like, 'It's in me genes! I love that Conan' O'Brien; he's such a nice fella." Looking at the 6-foot-4 comedian, she joked, "You're kind of like a giant leprechaun." It turned out O'Brien had traced his own genealogy at the insistence of Lisa Kudrow, who executive produces the documentary series Who Do You Think You Are? for TLC. The "only thing" they learned about O'Brien, though, is that he is 99.8 percent Irish. "I think I'm more Irish than people living in Ireland," he joked. "I looked into it and I was like, 'That means I'm inbred!'" During her Conan appearance, Witherspoon also talked about working with Oprah Winfrey in Ava DuVernay's upcoming film adaptation of the novel A Wrinkle in Time. "She's amazing. We would spend three hours every morning in the hair and makeup trailer, and sometimes you just felt like you were in Oprah magazine," she said. "Like, you couldn't believe it was happening." "Sometimes she'd do the voice. She'd be like, "HelloOoOo! Who wants cofeeeeee?' And you're like, 'Oh, my God! She's doing the voice!" Witherspoon said. "But it was different than being in a normal hair and makeup trailer where everybody was kind of shooting the crap. She'd be like, 'You know what book I really love?' and everybody would get silent. 'You know what the most important thing in my life I ever learned is?' And you can hear a pin drop. You're like, 'What?'" "She also just loves to bring everybody muffins -- but not like a regular muffin. She has muffins flown in from Napa! She doesn't just give them to a few people; she gives them to the entire crewwwww. I don't care what it is Oprah gives you, you're just like, 'Oh my God! She gave us muffins!'" she said. "I had to Instagram the muffins. It's so exciting. She's so nice. So generous." (Eonline)

Nine years ago, Kendra Wilkinson Baskett's life changed forever -- and she couldn't be more grateful. The Kendra on Top star shared a heartfelt post in honor of her husband, Hank, on Tuesday, celebrating the day they met, exactly nine years ago. "9 years ago I met the person who would take me all the way to the top and hold me there even during the weakest times. We met that day out on the golf course and knew he was mine," she began the post. Although the couple have had their share of ups and downs throughout their almost decade-long relationship -- Hank had an affair with a transgender model in 2014 while she was eight months pregnant -- the reality star is thankful that they've remained committed to one another. "Even with little bump in the road, nothing or nobody can be greater or make me feel more successful than @hank_baskett," the 31-year-old continued the post. "Imperfection is where great change and growth happens with us. We are true best friends who f -- good, fight good, golf good, BBQ and drink beer good," she wrote, and added, "Thank you Hank for being there on the golf course that day and being that shy guy. Thank u for my happiness and our children... here's to eternity." Hank, 34, also took to social media to remember the day that would change his life with a sweet throwback photo. "In life you're told to go with your gut. Well, 9 years ago I did just that. This day is special to me not because it's my Pops birthday but it's also the day this picture was taken, the day I met @kendra_wilkinson_baskett. I wasn't going to attend the Playboy golf tournament because they said I couldn't have Pops out to play with me and for his birthday I told him we were going to play golf," he wrote. "When I told him where I might be instead he looked at me like I was crazy and said 'Boy, you better take your butt to LA!' Not because of Playboy but because I was going to golf on a nice course. We had no idea that trip would change my life. I sit here 8 years later having it all, and by all I mean my family. Kendra, Lil Hank and Alijah. Had I skipped the tournament as planned who knows where I'd be," he wrote. "Luckily a wise man told me to go play golf. Instead of just a day of golf I found a lifetime of love! Things happen for a reason and I'm eternally grateful they did that day! I love you bayba!!" In April 2016, Kendra opened up to PEOPLE about the couple's marriage -- they wed in 2009 -- after the affair. "We're in an amazing place right now," she said. "We joke around now. We're way more fun than we used to be. We don't take it too seriously anymore like we used to." Kendra, who shares two children with Hank -- Hank IV, 7, and Alijah, 2 -- added: "We poke fun at each other all the time now. Before it was so serious. ... The drama that we went through just shook us up. It ate us up and spit us out new people. I'm so thankful we both held on." (People)

Kaitlyn Bristowe Talks Freezing Her Eggs and Fiance Shawn Booth Says They Want 5 Kids. Kaitlyn Bristowe will not be pressured to start a family, but she and fiance Shawn Booth are keen on having one someday -- and a big one! The 31-year-old former star of The Bachelorette announced on Twitter earlier this month that she was "taking control" of her future by freezing her eggs, adding, "This puts my mind at ease for when I'M ready." Women's fertility begins to decline after age 30 and as they grows older from then, they begin to produce more abnormal eggs that would likely not lead to a live birth. "I think a lot of women feel pressure to have kids, especially when you get engaged -- "When's the wedding?" and "When are you gonna have babies?" Bristowe told Good Morning America Wednesday. "And for me, I'm like, I don't want that pressure on myself." "This is kind of a backup plan for us, and for us to feel comfortable," Bristowe said on Good Morning America, sitting next to Booth, her fiance of two years and The Bachelorette season 11 winner. "It's kind of like insurance." The two hope to have many children together one day. "We always say we want to have probably five, but we'll talk about we have one," Booth said. Bristowe underwent the first stage of IVF to freeze her eggs -- she took hormone injections to make it so her ovaries produced more than usual and then underwent surgery under general anesthesia to have them harvested. When she is ready to become pregnant, if she struggles to do so naturally, she can undergo the rest of the IVF process by taking more hormone medications and having any of her frozen eggs thawed, fertilized to become embryos and implanted. Whenever she chooses to do this, she would then have almost the same chance at conceiving as she does today, at age 31. Booth supported her throughout the process and accompanied her to the clinic on the day of her egg retrieval. "I think Shawn's role in this was, I mean, it was crucial for me," Bristowe said on Good Morning America. "I don't know what I would have done without you." "Thanks babe," he said. (Eonline)

Demi Lovato is the latest celebrity to have been targeted by hackers determined to unearth her private photographs-three years after other photographs of her were leaked. A cyber-criminal leaked a photo of Demi to porn sites this week. It is unknown when the picture was taken, but it is a huge blow to Lovato's privacy, to say nothing of wildly creepy that people are looking at photos that were not intended for public release. Lovato was last targeted in 2013, when celebritites' nude photos were released after a hack into the iCloud storage system. Back then, a monumental creep who claimed to have seen the pictures told Radar Online: "the collection I have shown some nude, including face, some including parts of the body Demi is known for -- tattoos, butt, chin. "Then, I have pictures of her getting rowdy. I can guarantee you these photos are legitimately of Demi." A collective "eeeeewwwww" there. The picture released this week shows Demi lying in an unzipped hoodie. If it shows up in your feed, then feel free to report it to f***. (British Glamour)

Lena Dunham reveals she's been criticized online following weight loss. "As a woman in Hollywood you just can't win". Lena Dunham has appeared on The Ellen Show and has revealed that she's been criticized for being a "hypocrite" following her recent weight loss. The 30-year-old, who champions women of all shapes and sizes, said she's had to deal with online hate. Ellen opened the interview by saying how great she looks but goes on to say: "You got a lot of flak for losing weight. What were they saying?" "Well it's just so crazy because I spent six years of my career being called things like 'bag of milk' on the internet, you know 'baby cow,' 'aging cow.'", Lena says. "I just never felt self-conscious about it." "Anyone who's going to take the time to say something negative about my weight on the internet wasn't someone I was particularly keen to impress anyway," she explains. Lena then revealed that she's had to work out more due to her ongoing battle with endometriosis which has caused her to drop weight. "Then I had this experience of my body changing and suddenly I had all these people being like, 'you're a hypocrite, I thought you were body positive. I thought you were a person who embraced bodies of all sizes,' and I'm like I do, I just also understand that bodies change, we live a long time, things happen." She finished by saying, "I was frustrated by it because it really was evidence that as a woman in Hollywood, you just can't win". (British Glamour)

Sophie Simmons isn't a big fan of Katey Sagal's memoir, "Grace Notes," which reveals an affair Sagal had with Sophie's father, Kiss frontman Gene Simmons, 43 years ago. "To write about someone and then have it affect their family, I feel like is a really kind of low place to sell a book," Simmons said on "Allegedly With Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss" on Tuesday, adding, "I mean, congrats to the one groupie who thought they got ahead, but apparently didn't." Simmons also says of the former "Married With Children" star -- who's landed a new CBS series, "Superior Donuts" -- "You tried to get ahead in music, it didn't work; .?.?. You played the game and you lost. I'm really sorry. You're a really talented actress so it worked out." (Page Six)

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross says his wife is "being kept alive via life support equipment" after a bad car accident earlier this week ... and is now describing her brain injury as "catastrophic." As we previously reported, Jan Ross was riding her Vespa home from the gym Monday night when she was struck from behind by another car. She was not wearing a helmet and suffered multiple skull fractures. Jim says Jan is still hospitalized in Oklahoma and her life is in serious danger. "We hope that the swelling of Jan's brain will subside soon as it must for her to survive," Jim explained in a blog post ... "It's that simple." "Nonetheless my little, Italian angel who loves her Steelers and all things Pittsburgh is fighting for all's she worth to save her life." Jim added, "I will fully admit that there has been no experience in my life that could have prepared me for this life changing week. To see one's life partner and love of one's life being kept alive via life support equipment is tragically heartbreaking." "My wife would be so moved to know how many of you are praying for her." (TMZ)

Katherine Jackson's sudden vanishing act while she's allegedly claiming elder abuse at the hands of nephew Trent Jackson is being masterminded by none other than Michael's brother Jermaine ... so claims Trent in new legal documents. Katherine got a restraining order against Trent last month, claiming in a declaration he was pilfering cash and abusing her, something Trent vehemently denies. Now Trent and his lawyer, Ron Rale, say they have serious doubts Katherine even wrote the declaration, and they're pointing the finger at Jermaine. They note Katherine says in the declaration she's been in London and therefore did not appear in court, but Trent thinks its something more sinister. He points to a blow-up in 2012, when Katherine disappeared and went somewhere in Arizona. Trent claims Jermaine and some of M.J.'s other siblings essentially held her hostage, even taking away her iPad and cell phone and told her the TV was broken ... all in an effort to allegedly wrestle control away from Trent, who has been caring for Katherine since Michael died in 2009. Trent and Rale believe history is now repeating itself and Katherine has again been stripped of her free will thanks to Jermaine and others, and it's all about controlling the M.J. Estate. Trent is asking the judge to force the issue and either dismiss the case or make Katherine appear in court. Trent clearly believes if she shows she'll support him and say what she said back in 2012 ... that she had no idea what was going on. (TMZ)

Keshia Knight Pulliam's ex wants joint custody of their baby girl and has a bunch of people vouching for him ... including his ex-wife. It appears from legal docs Keshia doesn't want Ed Hartwell near their 2-month-old daughter. She claims he plotted to trigger a miscarriage during her pregnancy, something he denied. Hartwell just filed new docs in the divorce case, asking for joint custody of Ella Grace. He submitted a letter from "RHOA" star Lisa Wu -- his ex-wife -- singing his praises as a great dad and community man. Lisa says, "I am never worried about my child when he is with his dad, I know his dad will do everything within his power to love, protect and provide for EJ while he is not with me." Lisa goes on, "I am positive that [Hartwell] will put his daughter's best interest first as he has shown with my children." Ed says in the docs he's more than willing to pay child support. Ed filed for divorce from Keshia last July, originally claiming there were serious doubts the child was his. (TMZ)

Mike Epps' estranged wife is asking him to fork over six-figures every month to support the fam ... according to new docs. Mechelle Epps claims Mike makes $3.5 million a year, but recently cut her off from bank accounts and credit cards, leaving her high and dry with zero income. She says Mike never wanted her to work during their marriage, and now she can't land a job because she's too old at 36. In the docs, Mechelle says she spends several thousand bucks a month on shoes and clothes for their 10 and 12-year-old girls. Plus, the girls have to get their hair braided at an "expensive salon" ... not to mention food, vacations and $72k per year for private schooling. Mechelle says her mom handles nanny duties for a mere $3,500 monthly, plus another $600 to cover Mom's Mercedes. According to the docs, $109,036 per month from Mike should cover everything. Mechelle also wants sole possession of their house. He filed for divorce in January 2016, but they've yet to reach a final settlement. (TMZ)

Paul Wall and Baby Bash just caught a huge break in their drug case -- a grand jury cut 'em loose. The panel declined to indict the Houston rappers Tuesday, citing insufficient evidence to convict them in the December drug bust. Paul celebrated his victory with a cigar (weed-free, we think), and told us why he was always confident his attorney would save his ass. We broke the story ... Paul and Baby were arrested in an undercover raid while attending a weed party in Houston. They'd been booked for possession of marijuana and intent to sell, both felonies in Texas. It appeared the case was moving forward a few months ago when the artists told a judge they would test positive for THC. Like Baby told us, they were just dabbling in dabs and pot at the shindig -- and for the grand jury that wasn't enough to warrant a trial. (TMZ)

Vince Jones -- who stars on History Channel's "Big Rig Bounty Hunters" -- died at his home in Delaware, OH on Wednesday ... TMZ has learned. Vince's mother, Cathy Smith, tells us ... Vince's wife woke up at 4 AM and heard him making strange noises, and he was barely breathing. She says the wife performed CPR and his 14-year-old son tried to help as well ... but they couldn't revive him. The family believes it was a heart attack. We're told Vince was diagnosed with sleep apnea last year and wasn't wearing his mask Tuesday night ... which they believe deprived him of oxygen and triggered the heart attack. Vince's daughter just got married last Saturday, and we're told he was fine at the wedding. Vince leaves behind his wife and 6 children. He was 46. (TMZ)

Legendary game show host Chuck Barris passed away on Tuesday. He was 87. His publicist said Barris died of natural causes in Palisades, N.Y., according to Variety. Barris created and hosted the classic game show The Gong Show, and created both The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game. His autobiography, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, was made into a film in 2002, which was directed by George Clooney. Sam Rockwell starred as Barris, who claimed in the book that he worked as a CIA assassin in the 1960s and 70s. Barris was survived by his wife Mary. (People)


Diane Sawyer returns to interview Caitlyn Jenner. Diane Sawyer will revisit Caitlyn Jenner in a special edition of ABC's "20/20," two years after their initial interview made global headlines. In 2015, Jenner told Sawyer, "I am a woman" in an exclusive interview that ended months of speculation about the former Olympian, then known as Bruce. Jenner was then in the beginning stages of gender transition. The nervous Jenner began that interview by warning Sawyer that the talk would be an "emotional rollercoaster." "How do I tell people what I've been through?" Jenner told Sawyer. "Today's the day." ABC's special edition of "20/20" will air 10 p.m. ET Friday, April 21. Jenner's memoir, "The Secrets of My Life," will be released on April 25 by Grand Central Publishing. David Sloan is the senior executive producer and Mark Robertson is senior producer on this special. (PageSix)

Ariel Winter's Giving Us an Exclusive First Look at H&M's Festival Collection. Whether you'll actually be romping around the California desert (who's excited to see Lady Gaga?) or you're sharing the Coachella feeling from somewhere else in the world, H&M's got your back in the wardrobe department. Their much-anticipated festival collection hasn't quite rolled out yet -- it's available in U.S. stores and online March 23 -- but Modern Family star Ariel Winter(and E! News) wanted to give you a nice big sneak peek, you know, so you can warm up your credit card(s). Though you can't actually buy anything until March 23 (or globally until March 30 in select stores), you can, however, check out the exact pieces Ariel's wearing! Remember: Everything's in stores and online on March 23, 2017, so set that calendar invite now. (Eonline)

Jason Derulo and Nicki Minaj are a musical match made in heaven, but you won't see them coupling up anytime soon. "I think Nicki is beautiful, super talented, all the above," Derulo, 27, told Page Six on Monday during a launch party for LVL XIII, the singer's new menswear line with designer Antonio Brown, at TAO Downtown. "I would date her if I wasn't involved." Derulo, who admitted he slipped up when he told us he has a girlfriend, has good reason for keeping his relationship under wraps. "I'm not single. I'm keeping it on the low. I've been trying to," he explained. "I'm trying to do it different this time because every other time, it didn't work." But despite being involved, he admits his DMs -- short for "direct messages" -- are "lit." "I get all kinds of girls busting it wide open ... doing things, playing with things," he said. "They're doing videos where there's like one thing moving and then the rest of the video is a still. It's 2017. New s–t is on the horizon." (Page Six)

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's pioneering Funny or Die website is closing its New York offices, Page Six has exclusively learned. We're told staff at the nearly-10-year-old comedy site's East Coast operation were informed that they could either relocate to its Los Angeles offices or be laid off. Insiders tell us that of the 13 staff in the NoMad location, three have decided to leave the company, and the remaining 10 staffers chose to ship out to LA. Industry site Deadline reported in August that Funny or Die -- which has featured videos on its site starring Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey and Johnny Depp, and also produced the Emmy-winning "Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis" and Billy Eichner's "Billy on the Street" -- was also shuttering its Silicon Valley office and laid off 37 staffers, mainly "on the tech side." The move came shortly after production exec Mike Farah was promoted to CEO. At the time, Farah said: "As we move into the future, we've decided to double down and refocus on making the kind of content that made us a household name in the first place. To accomplish that, we've had to reorganize and reduce our staff." In 2015 the site expanded by opening a Washington, DC, office and in 2016 hired David Litt, the former President Obama speechwriter who was also lead joke-writer for the former-POTUS' White House Correspondents' Dinner speeches. We're told that many among the New Yorkers who have had to move their families cross-country are less than thrilled with the sudden upheaval. The three members of staff who elected to leave the company were designers, we're told, and the site still has a sales office in the city. That team moved into a smaller space on Wall Street. The site -- which Ferrell and McKay launched in 2007 with Ferrell's legendary "The Landord" sketch, starring McKay's 2-year-old daughter, Pearl, as a ferocious landlord -- initially moved from a Broadway space to a bigger office in NoMad in 2014. A Funny or Die rep declined to comment. (Page Six)

How Today's Savannah Guthrie Copes with a Toddler, a Newborn and 3 a.m. Wake Up Calls! Savannah Guthrie has a lot going on between 2-year-old daughter Vale, 3-month-old baby Charley and returning to the Today show after maternity leave, but the TV host says it's all about sticking to a schedule. "I was a little weepy," she tells PEOPLE exclusively of heading back to NBC on March 3. "But I really do have the best working mom job. On a good day, I'm home by lunchtime, and I get to hang out with the kids all afternoon, and we go to bed at the same time!" she says. Since her alarm goes off at 3:00 a.m., that bedtime comes very early for the whole family, including her husband of two years, communications consultant Michael Feldman. "We're not partying on the streets of New York late at night," says Guthrie. "We eat early, we go to bed early, even Dad. He doesn't have to, but he's just kind of gotten into it." As for making it all work? "I'm always joking that this is the only job where you can go away on maternity leave and not get much sleep but still feel more rested," she says. "The 3 a.m. alarm is real. The struggle is real. But the adrenaline and the excitement keep you going at that hour -- that and some coffee." (People)

New Blonde Allison Williams Says People Who Dye Their Hair Are Heroes: 'This Is Exhausting'. Allison Williams has spent nearly two months as a blonde -- and it has given her a whole new appreciation for people who dye their hair. "I am exhausted," she confessed during a Tuesday night appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. "For all of you who have dyed hair, you are heroes. This is exhausting -- who knew? There's so much maintenance! It's a whole thing." With her new golden locks, the 28-year-old actress left her Girls character Marnie behind. Just don't ask her if blondes have more fun. "People keep asking me that and I finally realized that they're asking it because they're hoping I'm more fun now," Williams joked. "That's definitely why. Even my friends and family are like, 'Are you having more fun? Is this going to be a more enjoyable relationship for us? Are you also more fun?' And the answer is no." While Williams may not be having more fun, she has no regrets -- especially because it's taught her some very interesting things about men. "It was worth it, if only to go undercover into the male psyche," she told Corden and guest Darren Criss. "Because let me just tell you, you are real simple. Even simpler than I thought." The Get Out star, who is married to husband Ricky Van Veen, went on to explain the differences she's experienced as a blonde and a brunette. "I walk into a room and before people are disappointed by the marriage and the fact that [my hair] isn't attached to Sienna Miller or something," she said. "They're like 'Oh a blonde person with boobs!' And not even barely!" "It's so instant," Williams continued. "And boys are just aware of a blonde head of hair in the room. I'm positive. I've walked this planet as a brunette with total anonymity. And now I walk into a party and people are like, [gasps].' " Girls airs Sundays (10 p.m. ET) on HBO. (People)

Scottie Pippen and his formerly estranged wife, Larsa, attended a dinner for Rick Ross in Miami and looked madly in love again. "They were holding hands .?.?. very lovey-dovey. They kept whispering in each other's ears. It was as if they'd never split up," a spy said of the dinner at the Forge. Pippen filed for divorce last year but the couple reconciled. JetSmarter hosted the party to celebrate Ross' album "Rather You Than Me." Guests included Meek Mill, who showed up wearing a cast on his arm. (Page Six)

Lil Eazy-E is ripping California lawmakers for even thinking about lowering the penalty for knowingly exposing a sex partner to HIV, because doing so could give unscrupulous people a license to kill. Lil Eazy, whose father died from AIDS complications in 1995, says there's gotta be hard consequences ... and a proposed bill does the exact opposite. The bill would make it a misdemeanor instead of a felony, as it is now. The idea is reportedly an effort to eliminate the stigma of being HIV positive, but Lil E -- an HIV activist -- thinks it's a Pandora's box. He adds ... "common sense" dictates leaving the law unchanged. (TMZ)


Lorde, Muse, The Killers, Arcade Fire & Chance the Rapper to Headline Lollapalooza 2017. Hometown hero Chance the Rapper joins Arcade Fire, Lorde, Muse and The Killers as one of the headliners of this summer's Lollapalooza 2017 in Chicago. The festival returns to Grant Park from Aug. 3-6 with a typically stacked four-day lineup that will also feature The XX, Blink-182, DJ Snake, Justice, alt-J, Cage The Elephant, The Head and The Heart, Ryan Adams, Liam Gallagher, Phantogram and Spoon, as well as up-and-comers Rag'n'Bone Man, Maggie Mae, 6lack, Sampha and Jain. It's the third go-found for Arcade Fire, who first played in 2005, then again in 2010 and it marks their first announced headlining gig in the U.S. so far this year. It will also be the third headlining slot for UK rockers Muse, who previously played on the Chicago lakefront in 2007 and 2011 and lucky number three for Chance, who has played two smaller stages before. Lorde, whose second album, Melodrama, is due out on June 16, will be hitting the main stage for the second time. Hip-hop in general will be represented in one of the strongest ways in the fest's 13-year history in Chicago, with acts including: Wiz Khalifa, Run the Jewels, Big Sean, Rae Sremmurd, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, 21 Savage, Joey Bada$$, Noname, Russ, Machine Gun Kelly and Amine, while the EDM vibe is, as usual, very strong thanks to Kaskade, Porter Robinson, Zeds Dead, Crystal Castles and a number of others. Other acts on the list include: Hippo Campus, Foster the People, Tegan and Sara, Kaleo, Cloud Nothings, Glass Animals, Vance Joy, Mac DeMarco, Banks, Sylvan Esso, Royal Blood, Warpaint, The Shins, Tove Lo, Milky Chance, Grouplove, Charli XCX and London Grammar. Four-day General Admission tickets are already sold out, but a limited number of one-day GA Tickets ($120 + fees), 1-Day VIP Tickets ($650 + fees), and, for the first time, one-day Platinum Tickets ($2,800, fees included) will be available for purchase March 22 at 10 a.m. CT. A limited number of four-day VIP Tickets ($2,200 + fees), four-day Platinum Tickets ($4,200, fees included) and Official Hotel Packages are also available at (Billboard)

Rivers Cuomo Shines Like the Sun For 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Performance of 'Feels Like Summer'. Weezer's Rivers Cuomo went method on Tuesday night (March 21), donning a sun costume to perform the band's new single "Feels Like Summer" on Jimmy Kimmel Live! He did not look uncomfortable at all in the shiny yellow starburst suit, strumming his beloved lime green guitar while rocking out the song's joyful falsetto chorus. The breezy song is a first taste of the veteran alt-rock band's upcoming 11th as-yet-untitled album, which is due out sometime this, yes, summer. "I'm holding on and I don't want to let you go/ Yeah it feels like summer/ Yeah it feels like summer to me," Cuomo sings on the track featuring the band's signature punchy-pop hooks and chunky beat. The performance marked their first time playing Kimmel's show. And just because, they also dipped into their old bag of tricks for a run through their 2001 single "Island in the Sun." Of course Cuomo kept the sun costume on for that one, too, because: duh. (Billboard)

Record Store Day 2017 to Feature Andre 3000's Beatles Cover, Slick Rick Children's Book. This year's Record Store Day will feature two very special releases from hip-hop icons Andre 3000 and Slick Rick. Three Stacks will offer up a 7" single version of his Beatles cover "All Together Now," while Rick's 1988 classic "Children's Story" is being made into an actual children's book. Andre's folky Fab cover was tracked in 2010 for a Nike commercial that aired during that year's NBA Finals and this marks the first time it will be released on vinyl, back with a previously unreleased instrumental version of the track. Only 5,000 copies will be available. Just as interesting, but way different is the puffy-covered The Great Adventures of Slick Rick... Children's Book version of Rick's classic 1988 "Children's Story" single, which, spoiler alert, is not really for the children. The song, which touches on a junkie with a shotgun, a pregnant mom being held hostage, a police chase, an armed robbery and a kid gunned down by cops is a collaboration between Get On Down and Def Jam. As described on the Get On Down site: "When it comes to Rick and his tales, though, the smash single 'Children's Story' is perhaps his best, recited to this day by fans and MCs in training as a rite of passage. Just hearing the opening lines begins a sing-along that can quickly fill a room: "Once upon a time / Not long ago / When people wore pajamas / And lived life slow... " Rick's lines from the song are re-created in visual form in an 18-page book with a puffy cover- presented like a legit children's book, thick pages and all. From the little boy who was misled to the tense police chase, to the unsure children hearing the story from their 'uncle Ricky,' this is the most unique way the story has ever been presented." The package also includes a picture sleeve 45 with "Children's Story" and "The Moment I Feared" (featuring artwork taken from the original "Children's Story" 12-inch) and a CD version of Great Adventures of Slick Rick. (Billboard)

Lil Yachty and Katy Perry Team Up on 'Chained to the Rhythm' Remix. First Hot Chip, now Lil Yachty grabs a chance to expresses himself on a remix of Katy Perry's "Chained to the Rhythm." The teenage Atlanta rapper drops in with an Auto-Tuned solo vocal for the "Boat Remix," which is re-imagined with a fresh beat and flourishes of production ear candy. "Chained to the beat now/Feelin' good, got good vibes/I can feel it in my feet now/Take a shot, baby, loosen up/You the star of the scene now/I went from readin' magazines to being on the cover/Get up in the groove now/Let me see you move now," the 19-year-old MC raps. Yachty also gives Perry a proper shout out in the third verse: "I love you, Katy!" "Chained to the Rhythm" is the first track from Perry's upcoming fourth album release, and her first single proper in six months. The single has a peak position of No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. Lil Yachty is also in release mode; his debut studio album Teenage Emotions is due out this year. (Billboard)

J Balvin, Horacio Palencia Get Top Honors at 2017 BMI Latin Music Awards. The rain didn't stop Latin superstars from attending the annual BMI Latin Music Awards on Tuesday (March 21) at the glamorous Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, where J Balvin, Horacio Palancia, Arbise "Motiff" González and Jose "Gocho" Torres were among the top winners of the night. Horacio Palencia won regional Mexican song of the year for his hit "Solo con verte" (Banda MS) and was also awarded with the regional Mexican songwriter of the year for the sixth time. Balvin won BMI contemporary Latin song of the year for his chart-topping track "Ginza." Both Gocho and Motiff received the BMI contemporary Latin songwriter of the year honor for penning three of the year's top ranking tracks. The iconic East L.A. band Los Lobos, whose career spans more than four decades, was honored with the special BMI Icon Award and celebrated by taking the stage and performing a medley of their classic tunes. For the second year in a row, the BMI Latin publisher of the year award went to Sony/ATV Music Publishing with 14 songs among the most popular of the year, including Gente de Zona's "La gozadera," Ricky Martin's "La mordidita" and Yandel's "Encantadora." (Billboard)

Kesha Suffers Legal Setback as Judge Denies Her Amended Lawsuit Against Dr. Luke. Kesha's fight for musical freedom is still far from over. On Tuesday a New York Supreme Court Justice prohibited the pop singer's request to amend her counterclaim lawsuit against Dr. Luke, the producer she alleges sexually assaulted her in 2014, according to documents obtained by E! News. In late January, Kesha's legal team filed a petition arguing that she should be released from her record contract with Dr. Luke's label because of unpaid royalties and an alleged unwillingness on Luke's part to assist in the release of her third studio album. Dr. Luke's attorneys claim it is Kesha who owes $3.1 million in royalties, and that she didn't give a 30-day notice to end her songwriting contract. The judge sided with Dr. Luke (real name Lukasz Gottwalld), who recently requested to add another defamation lawsuit over an alleged text message sent by Kesha to Lady Gaga, reasoning, "Here, Kesha made no showing that it would have been futile to send an appropriate notice or that she was prevented from doing so" and thus "cannot maintain a breach of contract claim based on the implied covenant." Despite citing reports that Sony would terminate its partnership with Dr. Luke in late March, and thus leave her professional endeavors in limbo, the "True Colors" songstress was also denied declaratory relief. "It is speculative, not justiciable, whether Sony's contract is ending and whether it will be able to assist after this month," the judge responded. "Furthermore, KMI [Dr. Luke's company] may not choose to exercise its options for future albums after the third is released." The judge added, "Finally, with respect to the Prescription Agreement, signed in November 2008, Gottwald's allegedly abusive behavior was foreseeable." Kesha's attempt to use a California labor law that would have limited her contract with Dr. Luke to seven years was also rejected. E! News has reached out to both Kesha and Dr. Luke's attorneys for comment. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report the legal development. (Eonline)


Flex 'Em, Ladies! Actresses Who Packed on Muscles for Their Movies. When it comes to getting silver screen ready, it's not always about dieting. In fact, for a handful of Hollywood's most successful female action stars, fitting the part meant bulking up -- in the kitchen and at the gym. Whether it was a boxing Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby or one-handed push-ups from Demi Moore's lieutenant-in-training for G.I. Jane, actresses have proven flexing their muscles can be beneficial on the big screen. For Swank, getting in the ring meant her second Oscar. Eight years later, Jennifer Lawrence blazed onto the scene yielding a bow and arrow as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, a film that remained number one at the box office for four consecutive weekends and cemented Lawrence as a bonafide action hero. However, the success of such roles is in many ways dependent on the physical. The body of a fighter in any form cannot be faked, so these actresses had to commit to transforming with the help of months of dedicated training and coordinated meal plans. Still, the effects of such pursuits paid off far beyond the box office. In a genre typically reserved for male stars, these ladies proved they, too, could kick ass. "[My husband] started training more because I became so strong," Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot told E!'s Maria Menounos. Furthermore, the powers of playing heroes on camera also helped them tackle their personal lives. "I so needed to be Catwoman in that moment," Halle Berry told Oprah Winfrey in 2004 of her split from ex Eric Benet. "I so needed to take control of my life, make some tough life decisions for myself and putting on that suit made it a whole lot easier." (Eonline)

New Love Actually Reunion Trailer Released, Age Jokes Abound. The Love Actually cast is back for another trailer, and this time we're getting an even bigger look at what's to come from their reunion short film Red Nose Day Actually. The new trailer begins the same way the first one did, with Andrew Lincoln reprising his role as the beloved cue card holder. In the new installment, however, he hands off to different co-stars who continue the message. "On Red Nose Day, we'll meet again in Red Nose Day Actually. (Because on Red Nose Day unexpected things happen," the cue cards read. "Tune in to see what happened to everyone, and, amongst other things, which one of us has aged best." After Keira Knightley holds up the cards, she hands off to Hugh Grant whose signs read, "One thing's for sure...It's not Colin Firth." Grant transfers to Liam Neeson, whose cards read, "I think it's obviously Liam isn't it?" "Whatever -- I've grown up," Thomas Brodie-Sangster's sign reads. Fans will recall he played young Sam in the original film. "So have I," Olivia Olson's card reads. Olson played young Sam's crush, Joanna. "I really haven't," Bill Nighy adds. The Red Nose Day Actually special will premiere on BBC 1 in the U.K. on March 24 and will re-air on NBC in the U.S. on May 25. Are you excited for it? (Eonline)

Disney's Zootopia Hit With Copyright Lawsuit One Month After Winning Oscar for Best Animated Film. Disney is facing a brand-new lawsuit that isn't exactly magical. Hollywood screenwriter and producer Gary Goldman is claiming in court documents that he originally pitched the idea for Zootopia twice over the years to the Disney company. The suit by Gary's Esplanade Production Inc. alleges copyright infringement, breach of implied-in-fact contact, breach of confidence and unfair competition. According to court documents obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Gary and his legal team cite various reasons as to why Disney's Zootopia is "substantially similar" to Gary's Zootopia. "The Disney Zootopia copies substantial elements of that cartoon world, calls it 'Zootopia,' and uses substantially similar setting, characters, dialogue, mood, pace, artwork, and although differing superficially, plot points and story structures, to express substantially similar themes," the suit claimed. Gary also claims in court documents that he spent "substantial resources to create and develop" the animated film. In response to the lawsuit, a Disney spokesperson released a statement that read, "Mr. Goldman's lawsuit is riddled with patently false allegations. It is an unprincipled attempt to lay claim to a successful film he didn't create, and we will vigorously defend against it in court." Zootopia proved to be a box office hit amongst moviegoers of all ages. The 3D film grossed more than $1 billion worldwide and earned praise from critics. In fact, the Academy crowned the family-friendly movie the Best Animated Feature Film at last month's Oscars held at the Dolby Theatre. Gary, who has over 30 years of experience writing, directing and producing movies, has asked for a trial by jury in his suit. (Eonline)

Original Blue Ranger David Yost Praises New Gay Power Ranger And Has Message for the Haters (Exclusive)'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Cast Then & Now. David Yost quit the original '90s "Power Rangers" television series after being harassed by the show's crew for being gay. Cut to almost 25 years later, and we've finally got ourselves our first gay Ranger. In the 2017 film reboot which opens this Friday, Becky G's Yellow Ranger questions her sexuality in what the director tells The Hollywood Reporter is a small but "pivotal" moment. For Yost, this small moment means big things for an franchise he once left behind. In a 2010 interview, the actor said he walked off set because he "was called 'faggot' one too many times." He also alleged the producers would question his co-stars about his sexuality behind his back. After leaving the series, he tried to "pray the gay away" for two years and had a nervous breakdown before finally finding peace. The now-48-year-old spoke with TooFab on Monday about what Trini's on-screen sexuality means for the bigger picture and gave a message to anyone who may have a problem with it.

When did you first hear that Trini questions her sexuality in the film? I had heard the rumors not that long ago, probably a month ago. I thought, 'That's interesting.' I wasn't sure if it was true or not. A couple weeks ago, someone confirmed it with me and they shared with me the story arc or Trini. Obviously, I was very excited and really happy that the producers and the director stepped up to the plate and were willing to represent the LGBTQI community. I was really excited. I think the character they chose is really an interesting choice and really makes sense when I sit and think about it, that Trini would be questioning her sexuality and going through some of that teenage angst and I'm really excited to see how the character develops as sequels go on. What does this mean for the fans out there? I think this is awesome for all the LGBTQI fans out there of "Power Rangers." I know that they're very excited and I think it's a great choice to have Becky G, she's really out in the forefront in the Latin community. She's a beautiful Latina woman so what an awesome choice. What gay guy hasn't danced around his house singing "Ladade ladada ladada, Singing in the shower" kinda thing. I think it's totally a great choice and I think the fans are going to be really excited. When you were on the show you dealt with a lot of harassment, so what did it mean for you when you first heard this? It just shows how far we've come over 25 years. It's encouraging to see the landscape of Hollywood and the United States and what we're willing to portray and portray it in a positive manner. Do you ever think about how different it would be if you were starting out now or making the show now? Yeah, obviously I would be a lot more confident and wouldn't be insecure and wouldn't try to hide anything about myself. This is who I am and you can either accept it or not accept it, but I'm not going to change for anybody or pretend to be something different than what I truly am. Did you hear about the "Beauty and the Beast" backlash? Hopefully, we'll continue the momentum we're experiencing right now. We'll have to wait and see when the movie actually does hit theaters and people really do take their kids to see the film and then maybe we might have some backlash. Hopefully, we'll just keep on the positive side of things. Do you have a message for those who might complain? For me, I would just say, I would really encourage you to open up your hearts. If you want to push any kind of religious, conservative agenda, I would just encourage people to follow the dictates of the Bible to "be silent and know that I am God." If you do that, there's no way that you can have a judgement against another human being. "Power Rangers" hits theaters on Friday, March 24. (Too Fab)

Warner Bros. Launches New Beijing Office. CEO Kevin Tsujihara was on hand to unveil the studio's new digs in the world's second-largest movie market. Warner Bros. hosted a small gala in Beijing on Wednesday night to officially inaugurate its new China office, which now houses the company's film, television, home entertainment, games and corporate teams in the country. A bevy of Warner Bros. executives, including CEO Kevin Tsujihara, and local industry players were on hand for the event. "Warner Bros. has been producing world-class films and TV shows for almost 100 years, and we look forward to sharing our expertise with our partners in China as well as with up-and-coming talent to benefit the entire entertainment industry," said Tsujihara, addressing the reception. "And, in the spirit of true cultural exchange, we are eager to learn from our partners and share great Chinese stories with audiences around the world." Studio veteran Richard Fox, executive vp international, and Gillian Zhao, managing director of Warner Bros. China since August 2016, were also in attendance. Zhao added: "Today marks an important next step for Warner Bros. in China." Warner Bros. opened its first regional office in China in the 1930s. Reflecting the rise of the country's film market in the decades hence -- it is now the world's second-largest box office territory -- Warner Bros. today operates a full-fledged joint venture studio in Beijing, Flagship Entertainment, which is developing a slate of Chinese-language films. The venture is a partnership with China Media Capital. (Hollywood Reporter)

Malaysia Will Not Censor 'Power Rangers' Because of Gay Character. The Lionsgate reboot, which features a gay hero, appears to have escaped the fate of 'Beauty and the Beast,' which became a major cause of controversy in the country last week because of a brief "gay moment." Lionsgate's Power Rangers -- the first big-budget superhero movie to feature an LGBT protagonist -- received the green light Wednesday for a wide release in Malaysia. The film will open in the country Thursday -- without cuts -- and tickets are now on sale, local theater chains report. The ruling comes one day after the Southeast Asian country overturned an earlier decision to censor Disney's Beauty and the Beast because of a brief "gay moment" in the film. Both Power Rangers and Beauty and the Beast have been given PG-13 ratings in Malaysia (Beauty is rated PG in the U.S., while Power Rangers is PG-13 there, too), but that's uncharacteristically mild for the Muslim-majority nation, which has strict laws against homosexuality. According to local rules, gay characters are allowed to be depicted onscreen only if they show repentance or are portrayed in a negative light. After the controversy surrounding the Disney film, many local industry insiders speculated that the Lionsgate reboot would be the next film to suffer censorship. During Power Rangers' second act, there's a scene in which the titular heroes learn that the Yellow Ranger, Trini (Becky G), is coming to terms with her sexual orientation, with one character assuming she's having "boyfriend problems," and soon realizing that perhaps she's actually having "girlfriend problems." It's a small moment, but one the film's director, Dean Israelite, has called "pivotal" for the entire film (here's why). It's not clear whether the Malaysian authorities were cowed into reconsidering their policies after the wave of international media attention that followed the Beauty and the Beast imbroglio. Beauty and the Beast is now set to open in Malaysia on March 30, without cuts. (Hollywood Reporter)


Lindsay Lohan Announces New Prank Reality Series The Anti-Social Network: "I'm Back, Bitches." This looks like something we won't want to miss. After a three-year hiatus from the big and small screens, Lindsay Lohan is stepping back in front of the cameras to hilariously meddle with other people's Internet lives. As a self-proclaimed social media savant, the 30-year-old will secretly control other people's digital accounts on The Anti-Social Network. "I love social media. I am social media," she said in a teaser tweeted late Tuesday. "Everybody knows you should never leave your phone lying around -- especially near me. I decided I'm going to hijack your social media -- your Instagram, your Snapchat, your Facebook, your Twitter -- all of it for 24 hours." As Lohan secretly wreaks havoc on her victim's accounts, the individual will be tasked with three challenges. If they comply, prizes await. "I've decided to dare people to really question how much their social media is worth," she concluded. "I am really good." According to Entertainment Weekly, the project is currently being shopped to networks. If picked up, it would mark Lohan's first television project since Lifetime's 2012 TV movie, Liz & Dick and her 2014 docuseries with Oprah Winfrey on OWN. In recent years, the former child star has been living abroad and has passionately campaigned online to star as Ariel in the upcoming live-action Disney redux. She landed a role in an upcoming horror film, The Shadow Within, which is currently in post-production. As Lohan said, "I'm back, bitches." (Eonline)

What Do Yolanda Hadid, Cher and Anjelica Houston All Have in Common? Lifetime TV Projects. Lifetime just announced a whole slate of upcoming projects and boy is the list of talent involved interesting. Never before have Cher, Melissa Joan Hart, Anjelica Houston and Yolanda Hadid been linked in one press release (we think), but each of those famous women is attached in one way or another to one of the cable net's new films and reality series. On the movie side of things, Cher is set to executive produce and star in the original movie Flint, which tells the story of three women from the titular town in Michigan who fought to expose the wrongdoing committed against residents who were unknowingly using and drinking lead-polluted water. Because who else do you think of to dramatize an atrocity on par with Flint than the star of Burlesque? (We kid. We love you, Cher!) Other films on the way include Watcher in the Woods, a reimagining of the '80s cult classic starring Anjelica Houston and directed by none other than Sabrina the Teenage Witch herself, Melissa Joan Hart -- Yes, you read that right -- and I Am Elizabeth Smart, executive produced and narrated by the kidnapping victim herself, exploring how she survived the terrifying ordeal and confronting the truth and misconceptions about her captivity. In the reality TV realm, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Yolanda Hadid star makes her return to the format that made her a household name with Model Moms (working title), in which Yolanda will put the skills used to catapult her children Gigi, Bella and Anwar Hadid to modeling fame to the test as she and her team of experts put aspiring models and their "momagers" through an eight-week training program, focused on the "physical, mental and emotional wellness" it takes to turn your name into a brand. So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley also joins the Lifetime fam with the new series This Time Next Year, which follows ordinary people as they embark on extraordinary missions to change their lives over the course of a year. Each transformation will be revealed on screen in a matter of moments as the participants enter one door and emerge from another as if they've traveled through time. So, get ready for some incredibly insane GIFs. Air dates for the projects will be announced soon. Which Lifetime project are you looking forward to most? (Eonline)

Mr. De Niro, whom nobody's seen on any screen for at least 11 minutes, soon faces us again. He'll play Madoff the rat. Michelle Pfeiffer's Mrs. Madoff. The network's HBO. The title: "The Wizard of Lies." The brain behind the production -- producer/director Barry Levinson. Levinson: "We shot it in the city. Actual neighborhoods where this took place. It was a 41-day shoot. Interiors were on a Long Island soundstage because the towns are so busy. "Our script paints no personal picture. This story, in terms of the actual destruction of a family, is like Arthur Miller's 'All My Sons.' A very wealthy man's greed -- under cloak of secrecy -- destroying thousands of people's lives. "The idea to film this has been around all of us awhile. Bob originally optioned it for himself years back. HBO's been developing it awhile. The question was finding a time slot. May 20, 2 hours 15 minutes, and it'll be on at 8?p.m." Did they meet Madoff? "We never received authorization and couldn't get to do it because there was no indication he wanted to meet. The script adapted some of Diana Henriques' book about him. We had those rights. Having actually interviewed him, she plays herself in this. "Michelle Pfeiffer spent some time with Mrs. Madoff, so she got a sense of what the woman was like and conversations that might've taken place. Whether Mrs. Madoff will attend the screening, no idea. There's not much family left. We really only have her. "Bernie's for sure not going anywhere." (Page Six)

TV Ratings: Stephen Colbert's Winning Streak Hits 7 Weeks. His CBS late-night series enjoys another victory among total viewers, but still cannot catch NBC's 'Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' in the demo. Stephen Colbert continues to improve his late-night audience. For the seventh consecutive week, CBS' The Late Show With Stephen Colbert topped the previously typical victor (NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) among total viewers. Colbert's Late Show average of 3.2 million viewers bested Fallon's Tonight haul of 3.1 million viewers. Thanks to interruptions from March Madness, Colbert aired repeats Thursday and Friday, but even with just the three-night average, his advantages could not be overcome. It's a real coup for the CBS host, who is enjoying his best ratings since his 2015 launch thanks to relentless coverage of the Donald Trump administration. Last week saw Colbert poking fun at Rachel Maddow and her drawn-out delivery of select tax returns from the new U.S. president. One place Colbert cannot catch Fallon, however, is among adults 18-49. Late-night's favored demo continues to flock to Tonight. This past week, the NBC stalwart enjoyed a 39 percent lead over CBS' Late Show with an average 0.75 rating in the key demo. (Late Show, in turn, averaged a 0.54 rating.) Given the shared nature of these wins, Colbert might be best compared to himself. It's also where his numbers are most impressive. Compared to the same week a year ago, The Late Show audience is up 24 percent. (Hollywood Reporter)

'Quantico' Is Tackling Trump Instead of Terrorism -- Will Viewers Respond? Showrunner Josh Safran teases the rest of the season and debates the good, and potentially bad, of taking on Trump in today's crowded TV landscape. Quantico debuted its latest series reboot on Monday night, effectively swapping in Trump for terrorism and kicking off the plot for the remaining nine episodes in the ABC drama's second season. Since Trump's election, Quantico, like many shows currently airing on broadcast and cable, has shifted its lens away from fantasy in a bid to reflect more of today's real-life political climate and cultural landscape. The series, which has been unfolding in dual timelines all season-long, is now merged into one single story in order to follow a ripped-from-the-headlines procedural approach. "We're in sort of a paradigm shift for the show," showrunner Josh Safran tells The Hollywood Reporter of Monday's episode setting up the format for the remaining weeks. "We're now looking at the ways in which people profit off of terror and it allows us to build a plot around something that is real and possible." Returning from a three-week hiatus, and following the show's Jan. 23 soft move from Sundays to Monday nights, Quantico now has Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) and her fellow CIA and FBI agents assembled into a covert task force hunting to uncover the collaborators behind U.S. terror attacks. As explained by Quantico's female president (played by Marcia Cross) the collaborators fall into one of eight "pillars," allowing Safran and his team to explore stories under the banners of money, law, logistics, government, technology, ideology, defense and the media. "The show has shed its skin a of couple times, but this is the biggest," says Safran. "It started as a paranoid thriller and mutated into a sexy soap and lost a lot of the sexy soap-ness and became more of a hard-edged action show this year. Now it's shedding its skin again to become a little bit of a West Wing junior, if I can even be so lofty as to make that connection. So I wonder if our audience will want to stick around for conversations of political strategy and votes in the House and the Senate and if they'll find that as entertaining as people in masks with guns interrogating and killing people." The next episode will tackle fake news, a story inspired by the real-life Pizzagate incident, and an upcoming episode will see the diverse Quantico characters debating a Muslim registry order. In coming weeks, the show's version of Trump, which Safran describes as a parallel stand-in but not a mirror image, will make his entrance, bringing with him more on-the-nose versions of Steve Bannon, Paul Ryan and other members of Trump's inner circle. And Hunter Parrish (Weeds, Good Girls Revolt) has joined the series as first son Clayton Haas, a political strategist who Safran likens to former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau. Hunter Parrish, Yasmine Al Massri, Jake McLaughlin, Priyanka Chopra, Johanna Braddy and Pearl Thusi on Quantico. "We decided that we were going to do speculative fiction as opposed to staying very close to reality because we knew we could never keep up with reality," Safran explains of the decision to tackle politics while still functioning as an ABC night-time soap drama. "With our characters, it's not really Democrat vs. Republican, it's about an abuse of power. That's what this entire season has been about, but especially the remaining episodes: Can we all find a way to meet in the middle?" Despite the timeliness of the season, and, in some cases, even tackling topics before they ended up making headlines, Quantico is still struggling to attain its season-one audience glory. Last year, the show was a DVR star by the end of the 2015-16 season, but it fell by nearly 50 percent in the targeted demo in its second season premiere. ABC moved the series to Monday in a bid to boost ratings but not until this Monday's return did the show see a modest jump. "Honestly, the ratings are kind of off my radar, which is a refreshing and new thing. We're not moving the needle with this" says Safran, who cited the Nielsen blackout of last week as proof that the system is outdated. "I'll never understand why, when so many people have DVR boxes, we are still relying on something else to tell us what people are watching. Regardless, the show will either come back or it won't. I highly doubt we're going to double in the ratings and I also highly doubt we're going to lose half of our audience. I'm blissfully ignorant and just keeping my head down trying to make the show as strong as possible." Still, the numbers beg the question: Are there too many shows tackling Trump on TV? "We're not special," he acknowledges. "That's the role of art in any time is to reflect the time that it's in. If it's a time of good prosperity, often we don't look to politics to write about, we look to write about different times or different period of strife in peoples' lives. But when there's political upheaval or unrest in the county, artists tend to skew towards politics and how they relate to people. That's what you're seeing is so many shows turning in that direction." Safran says its freeing to not have to invent so many stories and villains, since the real world is providing the material, but he notes one important distinction. "I look to The Good Fight and their recent episode about the shelved SVU episode about Trump -- they took something very specific and turned that into a story," he says. "Instead of doing an over-arching, 'We're going to do Trump,' we're looking at specific things, like fake news and the Muslim registry." While he's grateful to be working on a show where he is able to tackle real life head on, and also debate both sides, he says it's "probably unlikely" that a lot of Trump supporters are tuning into Quantico. "It's a show about inclusion and where the women have what would have been typically male roles. It's all about people of color working together to do what's right," he says. "We believe in women in power and everyone's equal and freedom for all. We don't exactly stand for Trumpian instincts by our very nature. You'll probably find that 24: Legacy and partially Designated Survivor, which takes more of a bipartisan look at things, have more of a viewership that voted for Trump or who are pro-Trump than us." The theme of the remaining episodes is also spurred by one common frustration. "Our team of agents is going to figure out the eight parties that would be behind a terror attack on American soil. They will end up figuring out who those people are before the end of the season, but can they actually prove anything and can they actually stop anything?" he says. "Much like our current political landscape is such where the president can speak complete and utter fallacies and there is no consequence other than somebody coming forward and saying, 'Well that's not true,' our frustration over the lack of accountability of the top positions of power is partially what drives the rest of the season." If Quantico does get a third season, Safran says he would continue to follow the procedural approach and would probably only utilize a dual timeline to bookend the season. The season-two finale will function both as a series and season finale, something Safran says will be satisfying either way. "The ultimate reveal of where the show is leading by the end is something that has never happened before in the world, but it is not outside the realm of possibility," he says of the final reveal still being grounded in reality. "It's more of where we believe the American political landscape could go, as opposed to where exactly it is going. The end of the season doesn't end in terrorism and bombs, it actually ends in the world of politics. Not all of the characters may be there and it's a bit of a potentially new world at the end, so hopefully if we get a third season, we'll see what happens." (Hollywood Reporter)

Viral Video Imagines Elmo Getting Fired Over PBS Budget Cuts. "But Elmo's only real talent is being Elmo." A viral online video imagines lovable Sesame Street character Elmo getting fired due to budget cuts to PBS. The video shows an unseen man delivering the news to Elmo in a nondescript room. Elmo doesn't take the news well, complaining that he's worked at Sesame Street for 32 years. He also wonders what's going to happen to his medical insurance, given that he has a preexisting condition. "Elmo, the Trump administration is getting all arts and education funding from the new Congressional budget," says the man. Elmo responds by saying, "But Elmo's rent just went up!" and "But Elmo hasn't been unemployed since the '80s!" He then sadly adds, "Elmo's only real talent is being Elmo." The man suggests Elmo take pictures with tourists in New York's Times Square for his next job. And when Elmo still doesn't understand, the man suggests he contact President Donald Trump. "Donald Grump?" Elmo asks. Elmo isn't the only Sesame Street character laid off in the scenario, the man mentions Cookie Monster and Telly have also been let go. Trump's proposed budget seeks to eliminate funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which helps fund PBS. The video, which so far has 11 million views, ends with a prompt to support PBS. (Hollywood Reporter)

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