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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Laguna Beach Star Jason Wahler and Wife Ashley Slack Reveal the Sex of Their Baby. It's a girl for Jason Wahler and Ashley Slack! Less than two weeks after the Laguna Beach alum and his wife announced they were expecting their first child together, it's time we find out the sex of their baby-to-be. Wahler took to Instagram on Sunday afternoon with one absolutely adorable video taken during a recent celebration where they revealed to their closest family and friends that a newborn girl is on the way. "We want to thank all of you guys for being here, though, seriously," the former MTV reality star shared after asking attendees to weigh in on the baby's sex. The expectant mama had the honor of popping a massive black balloon, which then exploded into a bunch of smaller pink balloons. And while Jason was wearing a blue ribbon, indicating he hoped his ladylove would give birth to a son, his reaction is nothing short of pure excitement and joy. At the time of their pregnancy announcement in late February, Ashley told E! News, "Jason and I are so thrilled to be starting our own family and making traditions together! This baby is such a blessing to us and we cannot wait to see what he or she will look like! We are both really looking forward to spending all of our first holidays with a new baby and creating so many new memories along the way!" The couple wed in October 2013 in Malibu, Calif. after nearly a year-long engagement. It's certainly an exciting time for Wahler and his former castmates from The Hills. Both ex-girlfriend Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are also busy expanding their families with baby No. 1 on the way. Congratulations, Jason and Ashley! (Eonline)

Kelsea Ballerini Gives a Wedding Planning Update at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Kelsea Ballerini sparkled at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards. The 23-year-old "Peter Pan" singer hit the red carpet at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., Sunday night, where she turned heads in a Pamella Roland jumpsuit, Stuart Weitzman heels and Jen Hansen jewelry. Ballerini, who carried a Tyler Ellis clutch, was sans fiance Morgan Evans. "The man's at home for now. The man's an artist, too, so he's kind of doing his own thing. He's so good," the country singer told E! News' Sibley Scoles. "He'll be back out for award shows soon." Evans proposed in December after a whirlwind nine-month courtship. As the-bride-to-be said Sunday, "We're both so not wedding people that we're like, 'We have to do this.' Like, 'We should probably get to planning it soon.' We'll figure it out at some point. We're not in a rush." As for whether she'll ever collaborate with the Australian singer-songwriter in the future, Ballerini told E! News, "I'm sure we will. We both respect each other so much and what we do." "But as far as the next record," she said, "I want to do a collaboration with The Chainsmokers." Ironically, after the ceremony began, The Chainsmokers beat Ballerini in the Best New Artist category; Chance the Rapper, CNCO, Joss Favela, The Strumbellas and Bryson Tiller were also nominated for the award. Ballerini stilled walked away a winner, as she was named Best New Country Artist, triumphing over Chris Lane, Maren Morris, Granger Smith and Chris Stapleton. Ballerini also presented the Country Artist of the Year award to Thomas Rhett during the show. (Eonline)

Prince Jackson on Being Michael Jackson's Son: I Need to Create My Own Identity. Prince Jackson inherited his father's spirit. In a live interview with Good Morning America's Robin Roberts Monday, Prince explained how he's keeping his late father Michael Jackson's legacy alive while also making a name for himself. "I'm not a fan of having my private or personal life being out there," the 20-year-old said at the top of his interview with Robin, "but I understand the importance of showing what I do and hopefully trying to inspire others to continue spreading the good and helping the community." Prince first discussed Heal L.A., an organization he and John Muto co-founded at Loyola Marymount University. "We primarily focus on child abuse, homelessness and hunger in [the] Los Angeles-area. Recently, we partnered with a charity called A Sense of Home, which supports foster kids who have aged out of the system in a sort of preempt against homelessness, because it's very hard to get on your feet once you got out of the system," Prince said. "People don't understand how the little things can add up and really make a big difference in someone's life." Like his father, who died in 2009, Prince's interests are vast and varied. So, last summer, he created King's Son Productions. The name was an "obvious" choice, he said, "because my father was the King of Pop. King's Son Productions has this mantra where a title is earned but a name is given. I was born as Prince, and that was the name my dad had given to me, but my dad had earned the epithet 'King of Pop.' That's through hard work and years of training and everything that he worked so hard to get," Prince explained. "So, it's a form of motivation. My name is Prince, but for all intents and purposes, I'm the King's son. I am working to get my own epithet." After producing Omer Bhatti's "Automatic" music video in 2016, Prince did some admittedly late research. He learned that one of his father's music videos, 1995's "Scream" with Janet Jackson, was one of the most expensive ever made -- "adjusted for inflation, of course," he said. "I take a lot of inspiration from that as well, with the long form of storytelling in music videos," he explained on Good Morning America. "Because music is an art, it's a story, it's something that should come from your heart, and having an accompanying visual really can tell the story." Prince -- whose favorite video of his father's is "Smooth Criminal" -- admitted he doesn't see Michael the way many of the singer's fans did. "Even after we realized he was the King of Pop -- even to this day -- I don't think it holds the same weight to us that it does to other people," he explained, "because he was our father, our dad, our daddy -- whatever you want to call him." "I guess when we kind of realized was when we saw videos of him performing. We were out of the country at the time, and we were watching videos of his performances. I've been used to seeing most females pass out when they see their [favorite] artists; they get very emotional," Prince told Robin. "But what blew my mind was when I saw the big muscle-bound dudes fainting and having to be dragged out. I was like, 'OK, there's something else going on here!'" What would Michael make of Prince and his sister Paris Jackson becoming public figures? "As we were growing up, my dad always said, 'I really don't care what you do in life as long as you're happy doing it and you're the best at what you do. If you want to be a janitor at a high school, you should be the best janitor that you can be,'" he said. "I think that he would always be the supporting figure to me and my siblings and support us in all the endeavors that we try." (Eonline)

K-Stew reflects on that Robert Pattinson & Rupert Sanders drama. Kristen Stewart addresses fan backlash to her cheating on Robert Pattinson. Kristen Stewart has opened up on the fan backlash that occurred after she revealed that she had cheated on her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. The couple were lovers on and off screen from 2008 to 2013, but their relationship started to break down after Stewart admitted a fling with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Saunders, in 2012. She told The Sunday Times, that she was coping with the amount of rage thrown at her by Twilight fans who took the end of her relationship with Pattinson as a personal insult. "I don't view the whole Twilight blow-up as being generally traumatic," she said. "It would take someone with a really unhealthy amount of ego to be upset that everyone doesn't love them. It would be silly to say I don't care what people think of my work and who I am, but stuff is polarizing, period." In January, Stewart hosted Saturday Night Live, during which she dissed Trump, telling him: "I'm sooo gay." She explained to the Sunday Times why she was being more open about her love life now. "If it didn't seem like a relevant topic, like something that needed help, I would have kept my life private forever," she said. "But then I can't walk outside holding somebody's hand, as I'm followed everywhere. When I was dating Rob, the public were the enemy -- and that is no way to live. It wasn't this grand statement, 'I was so confused! Now I've realized who I am!' I have not been struggling. It just seemed important, and topical." It's not just Kristen who has spoken out, Robert Pattinson has, too! Back in 2015, after he'd had had some time to reflect on the cheating scandal, he was relatively mellow about it all in an interview with a men's magazine. "S**t happens, you know?" he declared. "It's just young people... its normal! And honestly, who gives a s**t?" But while he's over it all now, at the time he admits, things weren't so easy: "The hardest part was talking about it afterwards. Because when you talk about other people, it affects them in ways you can't predict," he revealed. He added: "It's like that scene in Doubt (in which Philip Seymour Hoffman portrayed a priest accused of improper sexual behavior), where he's talking about how to take back gossip?" "They throw all those feathers from a pillow into the sky and you've got to go and collect all the feathers." Deep, R Patz, deep. Stewart and Pattinson officially ended their relationship in May 2013, after an on-again, off-again relationship that hit the rocks following Kristen's affair with married Snow White And The Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. Now both she and Rob have moved on. Robert is engaged to FKA twigs and Kristen Stewart is now openly gay and is rumored to be dating Victoria's Secret model Stella Maxwell. (British Glamour)

Shannen Doherty Steps Out Amid Cancer Battle and Gets Emotional About Her New Inspiration. Shannen Doherty continues to inspire people by documenting her breast cancer journey on Instagram and recently found inspiration in others to pursue a mission close to her heart. The 45-year-old Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed alum was all smiles Saturday at the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation's 1st annual Gratitude Gala, which she attended with husband Kurt Iswarienko. Doherty hosted the event, which raised funds for the charity, whose 2017 goals include trying to stop dogs from being slaughtered for meat in South Korea. Doherty, an animal rights advocate and dog lover, opened up to E! News about her health battle. "I just thought, I was doing something that was beneficial, maybe to myself and others, and maybe through that journey we could all learn something," she said about her Instagram posts. "I learned a lot from my fans who follow me and my cancer family who post and tell me about their journey." Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and has documented her battle on Instagram. She has undergone a single mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which she finished earlier this year and which marked the last of her most difficult cancer treatments. Doherty's loved ones, including her husband and mother, have helped support her through her battle, as has her dog, Bowie. "My baby, she cuddles with me, she knows when I'm sick, she knows when I'm depressed," the actress told E! News. "She knows everything." As she continues to recover, the actress hopes to spend time helping animals. During her interview with E! News, she talked about her work with the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation and its founder Marc Ching. "Marc gave me such inspiration and such strength. When I was sitting there getting chemo, sick, throwing up, just like, 'How am I gonna get through this?' I would see what he was facing and the good that he was doing and what he was bearing witness to and I thought, My God, I have to get better because I want to go on this journey with him and I want to help him. I want to go on one of his trips. I want to help this man educate and shut down the meat market. I want to be a part of his life and his wife's life," Doherty added, getting emotional. "What they do is so beautiful." (Eonline)

Emma Watson Defends Posing Nearly Topless for Vanity Fair: I Don't Know What My Tits Have to Do With Feminism. Emma Watson is addressing the controversy surrounding a Vanity Fair photo shoot in which she posed with her breasts partially exposed. Sitting down with Reuters, the Beauty and the Beast star and gender equality activist hit back at critics who believe the photo undermines her feminist ideals. "It just always reveals to me how many misconceptions and what a misunderstanding there is about what feminism is," Watson admitted. The 26-year-old, who launched the #HeForShe campaign dedicated to enlisting men in the fight for women's rights, continued, "Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with. It's about freedom, it's about liberation, it's about equality. I really don't know what my tits have to do with it. It's very confusing." The photograph in question features the actress in a cropped, crochet bolero jacket without anything underneath. Once published inside the magazine's March 2017 issue, it didn't take long for internet naysayers to point out what they dubbed was a hypocritical decision on Emma's part. In her interview with Reuters, Watson added, "I'm confused. Most people are confused. No, I'm just always just quietly stunned." For her Vanity Fair cover story, Emma addressed the ups and downs of embarking on a career in the public eye. "I've been doing this since I was 10 or 11, and I've often thought, 'I'm so wrong for this job because I'm too serious; I'm a pain in the ass; I'm difficult; I don't fit,'" the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador said. "But as I've got older, I've realized, 'No! Taking on those battles, the smaller ones and the bigger ones, is who I am,'" she explained. (Eonline)

Olivia Newton-John's daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, has revealed her regrets over plastic surgery, claiming she was left looking "mutilated" after a botched boob job. The 31-year-old was reported to have undergone more than $415,000 worth of work, from nose jobs to breast augmentations, Botox and filler, but she's now set the record straight and spoken about her surgeries for the first time. The model opened up to Woman's Day and admitted to going under the knife at an early age, and says she's removed multiple fillers from her lips and face. "All those things were a disaster," she told the Australian publication. "Not only did the lip implants look ridiculous, the first boob op I had in Australia when I was 18, left me looking mutilated." It was only last year that Lattanzi had the botched surgery corrected, and she's thrilled with the results. "Now I'm a 32DD and I love my body and love showing my new boos off. Mum supported my surgery decisions because she knew how unhappy I was before." Lattanzi, who has battled eating disorders and substance addiction, was also reported to have had a rib removed to make her waist look smaller, but she branded the claims an "absolute lie." "I'd never dream of removing a vital part of my anatomy," she said to the publication. "I wear a waist trainer and work out to stay in shape." Lattanzi recently moved to Oregon with her fiance James Driskill to start a business in marijuana farming. (US Weekly)

Bill Paxton's death was triggered by an aneurysm that required surgery which resulted in a fatal stroke. According to the death certificate, obtained by TMZ, Paxton had just undergone valve replacement surgery to correct the aortic aneurysm problem when complications arose later and he suffered a stroke. According to the death certificate, Bill had the surgery on February 14th and died on the 25th. TMZ broke the story, the 61-year-old actor died February 25 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. (TMZ)

Chris Brown's ex-GF, Karrueche Tran, is getting ready to go face-to-face with him in court Thursday, where she'll tell a judge he must be kept away from her for good ... or else he might kill her. Sources familiar with the situation tell us, she's been trying in vain to serve Chris with the temporary restraining order she got last month, but he's evaded service 3 times. TMZ broke the story, a judge issued the emergency order requiring Chris to stay away from her after she claimed he was threatening to shoot her and also telling friends ... if he couldn't have her no one else could. She also claimed in her legal docs that he brutalized her, punching her in the stomach and throwing her down the stairs. One of her friends also got a restraining order against Chris last week. Chris has been insinuating Karrueche is lying, but she's now determined to prove to a judge he's such a threat he should be given an ultimatum ... stay away from her for 3 years, or go to jail. We're told Karrueche is preparing her case for a permanent restraining order. She's not afraid to take the stand and swear under oath: Chris was as violent to her as he was to Rihanna. (TMZ)

Floyd Mayweather had one of his entourage's vans burnt to a crisp in what appears to be an arson attack this weekend in the UK. Floyd was speaking at an event inside the International Convention Centre in Birmingham Saturday night when 1 of his custom TMT vans was torched outside and left smoldering. The boxer is currently on his "Undefeated" tour, where he's speaking in front of audiences and doing meet-and-greets with fans. We've reached out to local authorities ... so far, no word back. There's a silver lining for Floyd here -- he lost just 1 van ... as opposed to 4 expensive cars like the last time this happened. UPDATE: A rep for the Ladywood Fire Station -- which responded to the fire -- tells TMZ that 2 individuals chucked a Molotov cocktail inside after breaking a window with a brick. We're told the van was connected to Floyd's entourage and the team handling his promotions while he's in the UK. Sources close to Floyd tell us the van was not actually owned by him. The case has been passed off to cops. (TMZ)

Bello-Sanchez, a former America's Next Top Model contestant, claims he was raped in a Paris nightclub -- but believes cops didn't take the proper steps to investigate due to his race and sexuality. Sanchez told TMZ the alleged assault took place on Jan. 30 in a bathroom stall of Le Rouge nightclub. When he sought help from police, Sanchez alleged that they administered an incomplete rape kit and did little else to look into the case. Police in Paris did not respond to requests for comment on Monday. "Look for that person, Paris is so easy to find someone, all the buildings are the same color, there's not really a lot of place you can hide at," he said in a self-taped video. "Why did they not look around in that moment as soon as they came when I told them? Why didn't they do that? Why didn't they ask questions to the security guards? They were of no help." Sanchez alleged that it wasn't until 72 hours later that a full rape kit was completed thanks to the help of an advocacy group that stepped in and were on the phone with police for 9 hours. The reality show contestant said he felt authorities were reluctant to help him due to his race and sexuality. "If I was a little blonde white girl in Paris saying that happened to me things would have been different," he said. He continued, "I think my skin-tone, I think my gender, my sexuality, how I look, I think all those things had something to do with why I was not given the proper respect that I deserved. That's what I believe." (People)


Jourdan Dunn Models Her Own Branded Sexy Lingerie From Her New Collection for Missguided. Jourdan Dunn is putting her own stamp on sexy. The British model, who has walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway three times, poses in her own branded black lingerie and other apparel in ads for her new collection for the British fashion retailer Missguided. In one ad, made available exclusively to E! News, she wears a black T-shirt dress with a mesh cut-out that showcases her black bra. Another one highlights her rock-hard abs, as she poses in the bra and matching underwear, worn with lilac sweatpants and a matching jacket. Dunn had launched her new LON DUNN + MISSGUIDED collection last month. "Thank you @missguided for bringing my vision to life!!" Dunn wrote on Instagram at the time. "We are both on a mission to empower females globally to be confident in themselves and be who they want to be," she said. "It's about being bold, straight talking and forward thinking. The MissGuided Woman has so much in Common with the LonDunn Lady which is why I am so excited for this collaboration! I Cannot wait to see all my #LonDunnLadies Rock these looks!!! Dunn's branded lingerie and other clothing items will be available for sale on on March 11. Dunn had trademarked her brand name for use on apparel in 2015. She also launched a children's fashion line, Lil Lon Dunn, for the British department store Marks & Spencer last year. Dunn has a 7-year-old son, Riley. (Eonline)

Bethenny Frankel looked to be in good spirits, and in good shape, in Miami on Saturday. The "Real Housewives of New York" star, 46, commanded attention wearing a red bikini that showed off her taut tummy and toned thighs. The mom of one completed her beach ensemble with oversized sunglasses, a floppy hat and several bracelets. Frankel took to Instagram recording the waves crashing to the shore captioning the video, "I'm a real beach today." Despite a rocky start to the year, Frankel was all smiles for the paparazzi capturing her every move. In late January, her ex-husband Jason Hoppy was arrested after a run-in at her daughter's school. It was later revealed Hoppy also allegedly sent several aggressive emails to the star. (Page Six)

Multitalented entertainer Neil Patrick Harris and his husband, David Burtka, have ponied up $5.5 million for a four-bedroom getaway in East Hampton, NY, according to The Real Deal. Although the number of bedrooms is modest, the number of acres that comes with the property -- 13.5 -- is huge. The cleared acreage is adjacent to a 10-acre, town-owned reserve. The couple's new estate also includes a tennis court, cabana, boxwood hedges, and pea gravel walkways. The two-story home features a living room with a beamed cathedral ceiling, four fireplaces, a wine cellar, and rooftop hot tub. Last summer, the New York Post unmasked the home as an "orgy pad" in reference to a report about a not-so-wild party at the residence while it was awaiting a buyer. The home, which was on the market for $6.5 million, had once belonged to publisher Barney Rossett, who had championed the controversial releases of uncensored editions of D.H. Lawrence's "Lady Chatterley's Lover" and Henry Miller's "Tropic of Cancer," according to Behind the Hedges. The website also says the next owner renovated the home's barn, which became the double-height living room. (Page Six)

This is what Rihanna really eats in a day. Her personal chef reveals all... Rihanna has one seriously enviable figure, but it doesn't come easy. As well as her work out routine, the 29-year-old singer has her own personal chef 24/7 to keep her eating right - the dream. Debbie Solomon has been cooking for Rihanna for four years and they travel the world together. Describing RiRi as 'a moody eater', she prepares her breakfast, lunch and dinner, all inspired by her Caribbean roots. Here's what she eats on a typical day: Breakfast: Debbie told The Doctors she prepares four boiled eggs, toast without the crusts and mixed berries. Rihanna also said to Fabulous Magazine she goes for egg whites, pineapple, and hot water with lemon. One Twitter picture shows a dish of plantain or banana, mango and Caribbean callaloo. Lunch: Debbie told The Doctors, Rihanna eats curried chicken with rice or heirloom tomatoes with mozzarella and basil. The singer also revealed to Fabulous Magazine she sometimes has fish with potatoes or fish with rice and vegetables. Dinner: Rihanna's trainer Ary Nunez told Shape she goes for fish with salad or vegetables. As diet plans go, we could possibly get on board with this one. (British Glamour)


Ed Sheeran and His Guitar Win Over Our Hearts Yet Again During 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards Performance. We're just thinking out loud, but we're pretty sure Ed Sheeran just delivered one special performance. During Sunday night's 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards, the "Photograph" singer took to the stage to perform his smash-hit single "Shape of You." In the center of The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., Ed was able to put his guitar skills and singing voice on full display. But wait, there was more! A full band later joined the singer to perform his latest hit "Castle on the Hill." Based on the standing ovation, we'd say the audience loved the performance. It's already been a big 2017 for Ed who recently released his highly anticipated album titled Divide. In addition to finding huge success with the latest singles, the 26-year-old was able to perform at the 2017 Grammys. "I think this year is going to be the high point. I have a feeling about it," the singer recently shared with BBC News. "Seventeen is my lucky number, and everyone I was scared of releasing of albums around me released them all last year -- people like Beyonce and The Weeknd and Bruno Mars." "Taylor [Swift] isn't going to be releasing until probably the end of this year -- Christmas is the smartest time to release because that's when everyone buys records," he added. "So I've got a full year of just all Ed, all the time." (Eonline)

Fifth Harmony Promises to Make Fans "So Proud" With New Music at 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Harmonizers have come out on top! During the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards, all eyes were on the Best Fan Army category presented by Taco Bell. With 13 possible winners including the Beyhive, Lovatics, Beliebers and Rihanna Navy, it truly was anyone's prize to win. But after 39 million votes, the winner was announced Sunday night at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. Congratulations are in order for Fifth Harmony and their fans known as Harmonizers. "Thank you so much. Wow. This is truly amazing. Fans, you guys are truly a force to be reckoned with," Ally Brooke shared with the audience. "We love you too. Thank you for bringing so much joy and kindness and love to our world. We wouldn't be the same without you. We thank God for you. This is for you, so thank you so much." 2017 will bring a new Fifth Harmony as former member Camila Cabello focuses on a solo career. As for the remaining girls including Lauren Jauregui, Dinah Jane and Dancing With the Stars contestant Normani Kordei, there's a lot to look forward to. "Y'all have been working so hard and we have been working just as hard," Dinah shared. "We are sure to make you all so proud. Y'all stay tuned for new music." Fifth Harmony's night out comes more than a month after they performed at the 2017 People's Choice Awards . After singing "Work From Home," Lauren teased a bit more of what's to come. "I want to thank our families. Our team, our team, our team, some amazing people," she shared with the crowd. "We love you guys. So much to come so stay tuned." (Eonline)

Ariana Grande and John Legend's "Beauty and the Beast" Music Video Features Plenty of Disney Magic. Prepare for a dose of Disney magic. In the middle of Harry Potter weekend on Freeform, fans were treated to a special surprise. After much anticipation, it was time for the world premiere of Ariana Grande and John Legend's "Beauty and the Beast" music video. Featuring scenes from the upcoming Disney movie, the finished product featured John playing the piano inside a glamorous ballroom. As for Ariana, she looks like a true Princess in a red gown as she shows off her unique voice in the video directed by Dave Meyers. The two musicians sing the pop version of the song that was previously made famous by Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson. Emma Thompson, meanwhile, sings the theatrical version. "Stepping into the shoes of an Oscar-and Grammy Award-winning classic is not small potatoes," producer Ron Fair said in a statement. "But with today's two greatest singers -- John Legend and Ariana Grande -- we are bringing the song back with a new school/old school fresh treatment that shows the soulfulness and power of what a great melody and lyric can inspire." The Beauty and the Beast soundtrack, which is available everywhere this Friday, features several familiar faces including Celine and Josh Groban. In addition, the album features composers Howard Ashman and Alan Menken's original songs from the animated classic (sung by everyone from Dan Stevens to Emma Watson), as well as the long-running Broadway musical. Beauty and the Beast hits theaters March 17. (Eonline)

Here's Proof That Miley Cyrus and Her Family Had the Best Time at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Talk about family goals! Sunday night's 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards was already going to be an epic night for Noah Cyrus. After all, the 17-year-old was going to perform her hit single "Make Me (Cry)" in front of millions of people. But as viewers quickly learned during the show, it wasn't just Noah who had the time of her life inside The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. Instead, sister Miley Cyrus and parents Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus couldn't help but whoop it up. Things kicked off when Miley introduced her younger sister to the stage while holding a "We Love Noah Cyrus" sign. "This next performer is, without a doubt, the coolest person I know. Her voice is amazing, her songwriting is beautiful and relatable," Miley shared. "She's who I want to be when I grow up, and that's saying a lot, 'cause she's younger than me." And just like that, Noah took to the stage with Labrinth as Miley ran back to her seat to dance and cheer along with her family. "At the end of the song, Miley and the entire table stood up and gave her a standing ovation," an eyewitness shared with E! News. "Miley was high-fiving everyone. She looked like the proudest sister ever. Everyone at the Cyrus table was smiling and hugging each other." And before you think this family left the venue as soon as Noah's gig ended, you couldn't be more wrong. In between taking selfies with fans and chowing down on a delicious meal, the family was dancing to Bruno Mars' "That's What I Like" and The Chainsmokers' set, according to an eyewitness. Ryan Seacrest, Big Sean and Florida Georgia Line member Brian Kelley were also spotted visiting the family's table during the live two-hour show. At the end of the night, Noah took a moment to gather her thoughts on Instagram. As it turns out, one of her fans made quite the impression. "I think I have a crush on @bigsean," she shared on Instagram. (Eonline)

Miley Cyrus Is the Biggest Cheerleader for Sister Noah Cyrus' iHeartRadio Music Awards Performance. Miley Cyrus' excitement for Noah Cyrus' performance just couldn't be tamed. Before her younger sister took to the stage to perform "Make Me (Cry)" at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards, Miley shared just how pumped she was for the act. "I am really excited. This next performer is, without a doubt, the coolest person I know. Her voice is amazing, her songwriting is beautiful and relatable," Miley shared on stage while holding a "I Love Noah Cyrus" sign. "She knows who she is as an artist and I can't wait for the whole world to get a load of her vision. She's who I want to be when I grow up, and that's saying a lot, 'cause she's younger than me. Get ready, because 2017 is about to be Noah's year." And with that heartfelt intro, it was time for Noah to shine. The 17-year-old joined Labrinth for a performance of their hit song that will be featured on her first album titled NC-17. Wearing a red-hot jumpsuit, Noah got the crowd including dad Billy Ray Cyrus on their feet before taking a bow. "I want to get my album out," Noah shared with V Magazine when discussing her biggest hopes for 2017. "I want to work really hard and make great music. I'm excited to have people hear what I've been working on for the past two years." "I'm having the greatest time writing songs right now," she continued. "I'm getting to meet other writers and am making friends out of it. It's all coming together really well." And as the hard work continues, Noah knows she has her family's back. Just look at the nights before her big weekend performance. "Family fist fight! This is how we warm up before @iheartradio tomorrow!" mom Tish Cyrus joked on Instagram. "So excited @iheartradio @noahcyrus @mileycyrus whoop whoop" (Eonline)

Justin Timberlake Has a Message Any Young Fan Should Hear at the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards. Justin Timberlake has a message for his young fans this weekend. While accepting his 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards trophy for Song of the Year, the "Can't Stop the Feeling" addressed the theme behind his song. "I wrote this song because I wanted it to be about inclusion, about being together," he explained to the audience. "And so I guess I want to take this opportunity to speak to young people right now because there's a lot of you looking at me." What came next were a few words to those who feel "different." "If you are black or you are brown or you are gay or you are lesbian or you are trans or maybe you're just a sissy singing boy from Tennessee," he began. "Anyone that is treating you unkindly it's only because they are afraid or they have been taught to be afraid of how important you are." Justin continued, "Because being different means you make the difference, so f--k them. Thank you so much for this. I love you guys, have a great night." Sunday's appearance at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., comes after J.T. created more than a few big moments at the 2017 Oscars. In addition, he recently celebrated his wife Jessica Biel's birthday by hosting a roller-skating birthday party. Congratulations, J.T. (Eonline)

Ed Sheeran Reveals a Collaboration With Taylor Swift Will ''Definitely'' Happen at 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards. This is music to our ears! E! News caught up with Ed Sheeran as he walked the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards red carpet on Sunday evening in Los Angeles, where he revealed a duet with best friend and fellow pop star Taylor Swift is in the works. The "Shape of You" singer dished that a collaboration with T. Swift is "definitely" going to happen, though he played coy on any distinct timeline or release date for fans to look forward to. "Certainly in our lifetime," Sheeran added. Sheeran, who will perform new music from his latest album Divide onstage at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, has been quite the source of information lately when it comes to Swift's music career. "Taylor [Swift] isn't going to be releasing until probably the end of this year -- Christmas is the smartest time to release because that's when everyone buys records," he dished during a recent interview with BBC News last week. "So I've got a full year of just all Ed, all the time." The "Bad Blood" songstress hasn't released an album since October 2014, when she dropped the Grammy-winning 1989, her fifth major record. Swift did release "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" last December, a duet with Zayn Malik that is featured on the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack. Are you looking forward to a Sheeran-Swift mashup? (Eonline)

Zayn Malik's iHeartRadio Music Awards Acceptance Speech Isn't Complete Without a Kiss From Gigi Hadid. Zayn Malik is giving credit where credit is due. Before the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards aired on TV, the former One Direction member found out he was already a big winner. The votes were tallied and as it turns out, the fans voted "Pillowtalk" the Best Music Video of the Year. Although Zayn couldn't be at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif., to accept his trophy, the artist took to Twitter where he shared a thoughtful message from the City of Light. "I'm currently in Paris -- sorry I can't be there," he shared with his followers. "A little birdie told me that I've actually won an award, so thank you very much." He continued, "I'm very honored. To everyone that voted, it means a lot, and my co-star's actually sitting next to me right here, so she's gonna say hello as well." All of a sudden, girlfriend Gigi Hadid popped into the frame and expressed her appreciation to the fans. "Hello guys. Thanks so much," she shared before blowing a kiss. For those who don't recall, the official "Pillowtalk" music video -- which has been viewed more than 690 million times on YouTube alone -- features Gigi and Zayn displaying PDA and several fashionable looks. That on-screen chemistry isn't the biggest surprise to fans who have watched these two famous faces develop a love that can't be ignored. "Their love can't get any stronger," a source recently shared with E! News. "They both are more or less in awe with each other." (Eonline)

Iggy Pop Joins Metallica for Mexico City Show 'No Fun' Encore. Punk rock legend Iggy Pop joined Metallica on stage during the band's show in Mexico City on Sunday night (March 5) to cap a trio of shows with the group. The supergroup jammed on The Stooges' 1969 anthem "No Fun." Pop opened a string of shows for the metal icons and they clearly were honored to have Pop be part of their Mexico City triple-play. "Metallica has much respect for the man coming out here to sing a song with us. And we're grateful that he's been able to be on this Mexico City tour with us," Metallica singer/guitarist James Hetfield told the audience. "Please show your sign of respect and love for Mr. Iggy Pop." (Billboard)

Ed Sheeran Secures Another Singles Chart Title in Australia. Ed Sheeran enters an eighth successive week at No. 1 on Australia's singles chart with "Shape Of You" (Asylum/Warner) while homegrown roots act The Waifs enjoys a career-first albums chart leader with Ironbark (Jarrah Records/MGM). Sheeran's double-platinum hit holds off the fast-starting Chainsmokers and Coldplay collaboration, "Something Just Like This" (Columbia/Sony), which starts at No. 2 to give Chainsmokers their seventh top ten on the ARIA Singles Chart. "Something Just Like This" will feature on the EDM duo's debut LP, Memories: Do Not Open, due April 7 and will appear on Coldplay's Kaleidoscope EP, out June 2. Sheeran, whose new album Divide should conquer the next national album's chart, locks up third place on the current ARIA Singles Chart with "Castle on the Hill," while Kygo and Selena Gomez's "It Ain't Me" (Sony) climbs 9-4 to give both their highest-ever chart position Down Under. Zayn and Taylor Swift's "I Don't Wanna Live Forever" (Republic/Universal) slips 4-5. Scottish hitmaking electronic dance music producer and DJ Calvin Harris just misses another top 10 with "Slide" (Sony), featuring Frank Ocean and Migos. The track, the first of 10 which Harris plans to drop through the year, is new at No. 12. Eight albums and 25 years into their career, the Waifs finally land their first ARIA No. 1 with Ironbark, which eclipses their previous best of No. 2 for 2007's Sun Dirt Water. The Waifs' latest leads three other Aussie debutants in the top 10: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard's Flying Microtonal Banana at No. 2 (via Remote Control/Inertia),Horrorshow's Bardo State (Elefant Traks) at No. 4, and Holy Holy's Paint at No. 7 (via Sony). As she makes her way around the country for her first tour of these parts, all three of Adele's albums rise up the latest ARIA Albums Chart: 25 improves 4-3, 21 is up 17-10, and 19 soars 45-20 (all via XL/Inertia). Adele's tour, produced by Live Nation, kicked off last Tuesday at Perth's Domain Stadium. (Billboard)

Liam Gallagher Reveals Title of Solo Debut Album. Liam Gallagher's solo album now has a name: As You Were. The former Oasis and Beady Eye frontman tweeted the title, but he's keeping us in the dark on its release date. Gallagher's solo debut is expected to drop in 2017 and will be the first through a pair of new deals a publishing arrangement with Warner/Chappell and a recording contract with its sister company Warner Brother Records -- both announced last year. Speaking in a recent edition of Q, Gallagher boasted his new songs had flair and attitude. "The melodies are sick and the words are fucking funny," he said. "[It] sounds well tasty. You won't be scratching your chin. It's not Pink Floyd and it ain't Radiohead. It's chin-out music." Gallagher became every bit the rock 'n' roll star he sang about in the opening track of Oasis' legendary debut album from 1994, Definitely Maybe. The English outfit went on to smash sales records, bag eight U.K. No. 1 singles and six BRIT Awards before disbanding in 2009. The extraordinary early stages of Oasis' career was explored in Mat Whitecross's celebrated 2016 documentary, Oasis: Supersonic. Gallagher's next project, Beady Eye, enjoyed two U.K. top 5 albums before it split in 2014. (Billboard)


Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez to Star in Overboard Remake. Ready for a role reversal? Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez have been cast in Overboard, MGM's remake of the late director Garry Marshall's 1987 comedy starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. The movie is being re-imagined to focus on a spoiled playboy (Derbez), who hails from one of Mexico's wealthiest families. After falling off a yacht -- just as Hawn's mean and spoiled character did in the original film -- he gets amnesia, and a single mom (Faris) convinces him that they're married. Bob Fisher and Rob Greenberg co-wrote and are co-directing the comedy. Production is schedule to begin in May in Vancouver; a release date has not been set. In a statement Monday, MGM Motion Picture Group President Jonathan Glickman said, "The original Overboard was beloved and the only way to bring it back is to reinvent the story in a whole new way. Anna and Eugenio are two of the most charismatic forces in comedy whose take on the material will modernize the story for a whole new generation of moviegoers." This will be the first leading role in a film since 2013 for Faris, who has starred on CBS' hit comedy Mom since 2013. Derbez, meanwhile, is a massive star in the Latin America market. Jennifer Lopez was once attached to star in the remake. Hawn talked about the idea in 2012, telling Stylist, "There are so many remakes today I often wonder why they're not thinking of new ideas. One thing I would say is that the film is relatively iconic; they still show it on TV. I mean, I can't believe how often they show that movie! So, I guess when they remake it they should have a different slant and different people. That's the challenge. Good luck to them, really." (Eonline)

The live-action Beauty and the Beast remake won't only serve as a major dose of nostalgia -- the choice to make Gaston's sidekick LeFou the first openly gay character in a Disney movie adds a modern twist to the tale as old as time. At a press conference for the new film in Beverly Hills on Sunday, director Bill Condon addressed the buzz-about decision to include a new subplot for LeFou (Josh Gad) -- which includes a crush on his pal Gaston (Fast & Furious star Luke Evans) and a happily ever after moment of his own. "I talked before about how we translate this into live-action. That means building out the characters. It's also a translation to 2017, you know?" Condon, 61, said. "And what is the movie about? What has this story always been about for 300 years? It's about looking closer, going deeper, accepting people for who they really are." He continued, "And in a very Disney way, we are including everybody. I think this is for everybody, and on the screen we'll see everybody. And that was important to me." The choice to include a gay character in the remake has made plenty of headlines, some due to backlash -- a theater in Alabama announced it would not be screening Beauty and the Beast due to LeFou's open flirtation with Gaston and what Gad described as a "subtle but incredibly effective" scene during the film's finale. However, Gad said he is "very proud" of bringing the new element to the big screen. "Bill Condon did an amazing job of giving us an opportunity to create a version of LeFou that isn't like the original, that expands on what the original did, but that makes him more human and that makes him a wonderfully complex character to some extent," Gad said at the film's premiere. LeFou isn't the only character receiving a modern upgrade. The director took steps to ensure Belle, played by Emma Watson, remained a feminist icon for the new generation. For example, Condon added dimension to Belle was by giving the book-loving character a passion for helping others. "In the original film she's someone who loves reading, and in this film, she's equally concerned with teaching other girls how to read," he says. And Condon says it's no accident that many of Belle's new characteristics reflect Watson's in real life. "It's interesting how when we would think of ideas for Belle, it was like, 'Wow that's what [Watson] is doing in her own life,' " he says. Beauty and the Beast hits theaters March 17. (People)

'Viceroy's House' Director Gurinder Chadha Donates Archive to British Film Institute. Chadha was behind 2002's U.K. smash hit 'Bend It Like Beckham.' Just weeks after her latest film, Viceroy's House, had its world premiere in Berlin, Gurinder Chadha has donated her entire working archive to the British Film Institute's National Archive. The BFI helped produced the Punjabi-British filmmaker's breakthrough, the 1989 documentary I'm British but.... Since then, Chadha has directed features such as 1993's BAFTA-nominated Bhaji on the Beach and Bend It Like Beckham, which smashed box-office records for a British film in 2002, alongside titles such as Bride and Prejudice (2004), Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008) and It's a Wonderful Afterlife (2010). She was awarded an Order of the British Empire award in 2006 for her services to the British film industry. The archive contains 37 boxes of paper and digital material, including script drafts and shooting scripts, story development notes, budgets, correspondence, on-set photographs and other production paperwork as well as extensive material relating to publicity, marketing and press. "I am overjoyed that the BFI will be the home to my working archive," said Chadha. "For 28 years, I have kept a record of all my research, notes, scripts, photos, etc. for all of my films. I realized that this archive comprises an important history of British Asian cinema, and I am very pleased that the BFI will now preserve and share it with future generations of film-makers and film enthusiasts." Viceroy's House was released in the U.K. on March 3. (Hollywood Reporter)

Late Getty Heir's Directorial Debt 'The Evil Within' Lands After 15 Years. Andrew Getty -- grandson of J. Paul Getty -- sank an estimated $4 million to $6 million of his own fortune into the horror film, which he obsessed over right up until his death in 2015. Among the many peculiar titles that made their market debut at the American Film Market late last year, Vision Films' The Evil Within may well have been the strangest. Released in the U.S. last week, the psychological horror stands out in no small part because of its somewhat protracted production schedule (almost 15 years), and also its director: a Getty oil heir who died at age 47 before seeing the film completed, becoming another chapter in his family's tragic history. The story may see standard genre fare: a mentally challenged boy has his dreams haunted by demonic creature who orders him to embark on a murderous rampage, collecting the bodies in his basement. But for Andrew Getty -- grandson of J. Paul Getty -- his first and only feature wasn't just a passion project; it was something borne from his own powerfully twisted nightmares. "Essentially, I'm playing Andrew," Fred Koehler, who stars as the boy, tells THR. "When he talked about the construction of the script, he would often say that a lot of the content came from his own personal dreams. He was battling with a lot of demons." Koehler adds that he has the "strangest relationship to [The Evil Within] probably that one can have," having started on it when he was just out of college (he's now 41). Principal photography started in 2002. But production would stop, start and stop again, dragging on for five years as Getty labored over every frame, and every element of the filmmaking, insisting on making his own unique camera rigs, and building elaborate animatronic robots and expensive sets. Cast and crew would change (Koehler says only he and fellow actor Michael Berryman made it through the various alterations), but even when shooting wrapped the film was far from completion as the director painstakingly crafted his own special effects (mostly from his mansion, where he had built a postproduction room). Producer Michael Luceri estimates that Getty sank $4 million to $6 million of his own money into the film, crippling him financially despite his being a member of one of America's richest families. "Rather than have a steak dinner one night, he'd spent so much on the movie that I saw him eat cereal," he says. "He'd eat cereal for a couple of weeks." Getty died March 31, 2015, from an ulcer-related gastrointestinal hemorrhage. His ex-girlfriend found him in his mansion; reports later indicated he had toxic levels of methamphetamine in his body. But Luceri says he'd been working diligently on The Evil Within "right up to the very end," with only the coloring and editing left to do (unorthodoxly, he'd insisted on coloring everything before the editing process). Not wanting to see the work go to waste, Luceri says he then "made it his mission" to complete the film. "He was a good guy, but also obsessively creative and obsessed with creativity," he adds. "Where that came from, I don't know. It's a gift, but sometimes it can be too overwhelming." (Hollywood Reporter)


Julie Bowen Makes Her Tangled Debut: A Sneak Peek of Tangled Before Ever After. Ladies and gentlemen, meet your new queen. A whole new chapter of Tangled is just around the corner, and E! News has a sneak peek of Tangled Before Ever After, the Disney Channel movie that's kicking off the brand new TV series that debuts March 24. The exclusive clip features your first look at Modern Family's Julie Bowen as the voice of Queen Arianna, Rapunzel's mother. While we have no idea what's going on with whatever's on Rapunzel's head, the sweet clip features the queen gifting her daughter (Mandy Moore) with a journal, and telling her that she gets to figure out what kind of queen she'll be someday. Both Tangled Before Ever After and Tangled: The Series take place after the original 2010 movie and before Tangled Ever After, the 2012 short film in which Rapunzel and Eugene/Flynn (Zachary Levi) were married. Somehow, Rapunzel's trademark magical long blonde hair returns for the series, before it gets cut again for her wedding. We've yet to figure out exactly how all that works, but we can't wait to find out! Moore and Levi are reprising their roles for the TV movie and the series, but Bowen is new to the world of Tangled. The queen didn't speak in the 2010 movie, and was voiced by Kari Wahlgren in Tangled Ever After. Tangled Before Ever After premieres Friday, March 10 at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel, and Tangled: The Series premieres March 24. (Eonline)

Melanie Griffith Is in Hugh Dancy's Crosshairs in Her The Path Debut. Tess McGill she ain't! Melanie Griffith makes her debut on Hulu's The Path on Wednesday, March 8 and while she may be a working girl, she's not that Working Girl. In the exclusive sneak peek. Cal (Hugh Dancy) meets Jackie while on a secret trip to Los Angeles -- it's all part of his plan. It's Cal, of course he has a plan. He sees Jackie, Noa's (Britne Oldford) mom and a music industry heavyweight, as a way to help the Meyerist movement in a big way: $$$. "I have to say, it's been years since I've come across a student as promising as your daughter," Cal tells Jackie. "That's great. That's really great," Jackie says, obviously upset. So what's the deal? Noa is a Novice trying to find herself within The Movement. She caught Hawk's (Kyle Allen) eye and opens him up to change via radical means. Did Cal upset her? "No, no. I am f -- king thrilled for her," she says. So what's the deal? "I just have all this other stuff going on," she says. What kind of stuff? You'll see when the new episode drops on Wednesday, March 8. Also in the episode, Sarah (Michelle Monaghan) visits Cal's dying mother Brenda (Kathleen Turner), only to learn the disturbing nature of Cal's relationship with Steve Meyer (Keir Dullea). Yes, you're getting Melanie Griffith and Kathleen Turner in the same episode of The Path! Griffith's other TV work includes Hawaii Five-0, Raising Hope, Hot in Cleveland and Twins. New episodes of The Path debut Wednesdays on Hulu. (Eonline)

The Arrangement Cast Weighs In on the Premiere's Sex, Scandals and $10 Million Contract. Welcome to the big leagues. Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) received the opportunity of a lifetime in Sunday night's juicy series premiere of The Arrangement. Following a chance audition with mega movie star Kyle West (Josh Henderson), the waitress and struggling actress was offered a $10 million contract to marry the world's most eligible bachelor. Oh, and did we mention this was only after one night spent together in Mexico? Talk about chemistry! However, Megan's whirlwind romance won't be without its fair share of drama, especially with Kyle's intense best friend and mentor, Terrence Anderson (Michael Vartan), calling the shots. Because when he's not running the Institute for the Higher Mind, Terrence is busy controlling Kyle's personal life and career. But despite all potential red flags, Megan eventually signs on the dotted line and buckles up for a wild ride in the spotlight complete with instant fame, glamor, parties and...secrets. Watch The Arrangement Sunday at 10 p.m., on E! (Eonline)

Could Gilmore Girls Return? Netflix Boss Says "Preliminary" Talks Are Happening. If you've been craving more time in Stars Hollow ever since you binged (and binged and binged...) the Gilmore Girls revival, you may be in luck. Netflix boss Ted Sarandos reportedly told the UK Press Association that the streaming site hopes for more, and "very preliminary" talks with creators Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino are underway. "We obviously loved the success of the show, fans loved how well it was done, it delivered what they hoped,' he said. "The worst thing is to wait a couple of years for your favorite show to come back and for it to disappoint you, but they sure delivered and people were really excited about more and we have been talking to them about the possibility of that." Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life debuted on Netflix the day after Thanksgiving last year, giving us four 90-minute episodes, each set in a different season. The revival ended with Rory revealing that she was pregnant, which is both sort of a beautiful full-circle ending and a whole new beginning for the series. At the time, the cast seemed unsure that there would ever be more episodes. "We're all just we're grateful we got a chance to do this," Alexis Bledel told us. "It really is about telling a good story for us. Just to keep doing more for the sake of it probably just wouldn't feel satisfying for anybody. We just want to make sure we're doing it for a really great reason." Sherman-Palladino similarly hadn't yet had time to really consider the idea of doing it all over again. "We're enjoying the fact that these are finally out there and people are seeing these now," she told E! News at the time. "These were stories that Dan and I locked ourselves away in attics coming up with. Now that we're out, I think we're just kind of like, happy they're out." Hopefully the Palladinos will also be happy to lock themselves away in attics once more. (Eonline)

New Netflix technology means you can choose your own ending. The streaming service has planned its most ambitious update yet... Always hoping for a happy ending, or just wish your favorite shows would turn out the way you want? It was really only a matter of time before technology made this a reality, and who better to introduce it than Netflix. The streaming service, which brought us Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black, is planning trials of new technology allowing viewers to have control over what happens during their shows. "We're doing work on branch narratives so you are actually making choices as you watch," a source told the Daily Mail. "All the content will be there, and then people will have to get through it in different ways. We'll see how it plays out. It's an experiment. We'll see if it gets much success. For creators, it's new territory." Netflix will run a trial on a children's show first. It's not yet been confirmed whether the new format would be exclusively for new programs or added to existing ones too. (British Glamour)

"Flip or Flop" stars Tarek and Christina El Moussa paved the way for 5 new spin-off shows, but they won't make a dime if they become ratings hits. Sources close to production say HGTV told the El Moussas a year ago they planned to spread the franchise to other cities. We're told execs did it is a courtesy to the couple -- they are the OGs, after all -- but they didn't really have a say. We're told they were fully aware there would be no bonus in their stockings for the expansion. Our sources say there's no truth to reports the spin-offs are intended to phase out Christina and Tarek -- and execs think the new shows could make their brand stronger. Nothing like healthy competition. (TMZ)

Why FX's 'Feud' Just Used the C-Word. Showrunner Tim Minear tells THR why the Ryan Murphy anthology used a word that is rarely heard on ad-supported television. [This story contains spoilers from the series premiere of FX'sFeud.] FX's Feud just used a word that is rarely heard on television, let alone ad-supported basic cable. Feud: Bette and Joan, from prolific producer Ryan Murphy, explores the famed behind-the-scenes clash between Hollywood stars Joan Crawford (Jessica Lange) and Bette Davis (Susan Sarandon). During Sunday's series debut, Stanley Tucci's studio chief Jack Warner -- in a heated discussion with Alfred Molina's Robert Aldrich -- angrily called Davis a "cunt." It came in a scene during which Aldrich was attempting to convince Warner and his studio to distribute What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? starring Davis, the woman who famously sued Warner Bros. to get out of her deal. "We felt that it wasn't gratuitous," Feud showrunner Tim Minear tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It was gratuitous coming from the mouth of the character but it wasn't gratuitous in terms of the story that we're telling. One well-placed epithet like that is like a bracing, toss of cold water in the audience's face and it says something. Not if you're dropping it every five seconds. So that's why it's there; it's there because that's the ugly soul that we're exposing a little bit." The c-word is rarely heard on television (though it is more common on premium television and streaming, where viewers pay to receive services like HBO and Netflix). Basic cable network FX does not face the same scrutiny from the FCC, which governs language on broadcast television networks and has a strict rules about obscene speech. Broadcast networks are prohibited from using language considered profane -- words that are "so highly offensive that their mere utterance in the context presented may, in legal terms, amount to a nuisance." Of course, Feud's 10 p.m. time slot was likely a factor in getting the "c-word" through on FX. (FX declined to comment for this story.) Even though FX operates outside of the FCC's standards, the broadcast bar is more relaxed for programming airing after 10 p.m. Minear noted that producers "went back and forth" about whether or not to use the word and once they settled on moving forward with it, there was a negotiation with the network, with Murphy handling that directly. "They trust him," Minear said, adding that producers "try not to exploit the freedoms that we have." For its part, FX has been more willing to push the envelope where the story dictates it. Last season, another Murphy anthology -- Emmy darling People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story -- featured Sarah Paulson's Marcia Clark calling Courtney B. Vance's Johnnie Cochran a "motherf -- er." Sunday's Feud debut also debuted with a TV MA-L rating, signaling viewers that the hour contained strong/coarse language. As for the liberties Feud took with the scene in question, Minear told THR that producers "imagined" that is how the exchange between Aldrich and Warner went. "That's how we imagined it would have gone. But it probably went something like that because Warner was definitely not very enthusiastic about picking up this particular project, especially with these women in it." It's also worth noting that Feud was not the first show to feature the "c-word." Other shows to have muttered it include HBO's Sex and the City and The Larry Sanders Show, while NBC's 30 Rock featured an episode in season one titled "The C Word," though it was never directly mentioned onscreen. Meanwhile, representatives from conservative watchdog group the Parents Television Council -- informed of the word's use before the episode's broadcast -- were unsurprisingly not happy with FX. "That FX would use such severe dialogue demonstrates that the network has no standards.... If one FX employee used the 'c-word' term to describe a female co-worker, that employee would be summarily fired," PTC president Tim Winter tells THR. "It is indeed ironic that one division of News Corp. would employ such vile dialogue about a woman as 'entertainment' while another division of News Corp. [Fox News] is mired in disgraceful controversy because of allegations of wanton sexual harassment. It could increase potential liability for News Corp. should female employees allege a hostile work environment." (Hollywood Reporter)

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