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Thursday, March 9, 2017


Bachelor in Paradise Stars Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper Are Expecting Their First Child. There's about to be a baby in paradise! Reality stars Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper are about to become first-time parents, the Bachelor in Paradise couple confirmed to In Touch. After marrying in January 2016, the duo are expecting their first child together in September. It seems they're getting every bit of their happily ever after following individual stints on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in 2015. Tolbert gave reality TV love a whirl during Kaitlyn Bristowe's season while Roper competed for Chris Soules' heart. Neither one of them was successful, so they headed off to Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, where they met for the first time and ultimately fell in love. Cue the wedding bells! They married in Orange County, Calif. as ABC cameras rolled. As they count down to the baby's arrival, Roper, a once aspiring doula, is contemplating giving birth in water. "If the pregnancy is low-risk, I would love to have an at-home water birth," she told InTouch. "But Tanner's a little concerned." That's not the only thing her husband is on the fence about. As he told the magazine, "I'll do every other duty if it means no poopy diapers!" Congratulations to the couple on their happy news! (Eonline)

Jennifer Garner calls off a divorce from Ben Affleck, report claims. Jennifer Garner has called off her divorce from Ben Affleck -- for now. The "Alias" star wants to give it one more go before officially calling it quits with her actor hubby, People reported Wednesday. "Jen has called off the divorce," a source told the magazine. "She really wants to work things out with Ben. They are giving things another try." The couple is still separated but is working on saving their marriage. Another source said Garner and the "Batman" star mutually agreed to try to resolve their marital issues. "There is always a chance of reconciliation. They love each other. They also really, really love their kids and those kids love their parents," the source said. Last month, rumors swirled that Garner was on the brink of filing for divorce from the "Argo" star. The couple announced their separation in 2015 after 10 years of marriage. They have three children -- Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 5. (PageSix)

After cancer left her unable to have a child, Today's Hoda Kotb opens up about the emotional road to adopting her daughter. Subscribe now for the exclusive interview -- only in PEOPLE! It's been less than 10 days since she brought home her newborn daughter, Haley Joy, and Hoda Kotb has already fully adjusted to a life of bottle feedings, diaper changes and lots of laundry. "We just stayed in the apartment and ate and slept and burped and took naps, and that's it. That's all. But it's fun!" the Today show host says, sitting down with PEOPLE for an exclusive photo shoot and interview in the nursery of her Upper West Side penthouse on Feb. 23. "It's one of those things where you think you've done it all, you think you've felt it all," she says. "But I just didn't know that this kind of love existed." Bonding with her baby girl has been particularly emotional for Kotb, 52, who had all but given up on dreams of becoming a mother. A decade ago she battled breast cancer; the treatment left her unable to conceive, and less than a year after her recovery, her two-year marriage to tennis coach Burzis Kanga ended in divorce. "One of the things in my life I've always wanted was to be a mom," Kotb tells PEOPLE in its newest issue, on stands Friday. "Sometimes in your life, things just don't work out for whatever reason, so you say, 'Well, I wasn't meant to have that.' But it was really hard to come to terms with it." Friends say Kotb never spoke publicly of her desire to have children. "Hoda is such a grateful person. She's not a whiner or complainer, so she rejoiced in the blessings she had, and she loved being an aunt and found great joy in that," says her Today co-anchor and close friend Kathie Lee Gifford. "It seemed like that was enough for her. She never let on that it was something missing in her life." Privately, though, "there was a hole," Kotb says. "People would say, 'Oh, do you have kids?' And I'd feel like, 'Ouch.' I knew inside it was supposed to be for me." Kotb often fantasized about changing careers and becoming a schoolteacher or running a summer camp. "One of the reasons was because I couldn't have children," she explains. "Finally I said to myself one day, 'Why can't I? Why not me?' I had this ache in me that I couldn't push away anymore." As Kotb began making arrangements last year to move in with her boyfriend of three years, 58-year-old financier Joel Schiffman, she broached the topic of adoption. "I was afraid to even say it out loud because then it felt so real," Kotb recalls. "I said, 'Think about it for a day or a week or whatever.' And he said, 'I don't need a day. Let's get this journey going.' At that point, I blubbered like a baby. It was like the dam burst." Kotb worked with a licensed New York adoption agency -- to simplify the process, she left Schiffman's name off, though, she says, "Haley will call him Dad" -- and within a matter of months, finalized her adoption of daughter Haley Joy, who was born on Valentine's Day and weighed in at 8 lbs., 8 oz. (Kotb flew to another U.S. city to pick up her little girl but is keeping details of the adoption private to protect its confidentiality.) Now, as she continues adjusting to her new life as a mom, Kotb, who with the blessing of her Today show bosses is taking time off to bond with Haley, says she is often struck by how much has changed so quickly. "I wake up sometimes and go, 'Oh my God, I have a baby!' " she says with a laugh. "But it feels totally real. I guess if you've been waiting this long for something, and you wish for it, pray for it, hope for it, wonder if it will ever be, and then it happens, nothing's more real. Nothing." (People)

Eva Mendes Covers Shape and Says She Prefers to Be Home With Her and Ryan Gosling's Kids Than on the Red Carpet. Eva Mendes was MIA during this past award season and did not accompany Ryan Gosling to the Oscars and other ceremonies. And it appears there are two reasons why. "What people don't know about me is that I love being home," Mendes told Shape magazine, which features her on its April 2017 cover. "Instead of hitting the red carpet, I'd rather be with our girls." The actress and her longtime partner are parents of Esmeralda, 2, and Amada, 11 months. In her interview with Shape, Mendes talked about how motherhood has taken a bit of a toll on her fitness regimen. "I have two babies now, two girls, and before I had them, I actually ran a lot more," Mendes told Shape. "I used to really love to run." "But I've always been into light weights," she added. "I really respond to weights and I feel like if I just do cardio, I don't get the results that I want. So it's very, very important for me to add weights into my workout. So I do a lot of jumps, squats -- a lot of squats -- lunges, and then intervals of like, sprinting within that. I have a really amazing person I work with, a trainer." Mendes and Gosling are notoriously private and have never brought their kids to public events. They have, however, sometimes talked about their daughters in interviews. "My grandmother's name is Amada, and Esmeralda Amada is the name of our oldest," Mendes told Latina magazine last year. "We had a few names picked out for our new baby, and when she was born, we didn't feel like those names were her. We came up with a few more, even that morning, and tried them out. We were like, 'What about Viviana?' But we just kept going back to Amada." She also said she and Gosling are immersing their daughters in her Cuban culture as much as possible. "We're constantly playing Cuban music," she said. "I speak to them in Spanish, and my mom speaks to Esmeralda in Spanish. Well, now she speaks to both of them in Spanish. Anytime I have an opportunity to introduce her or them -- I have to say 'them' now, though my newborn just sleeps all the time -- to my culture, whether it's through music, or through food, I do." (Eonline)

Drew Barrymore's Daughter Frankie Makes Her Red Carpet Debut and Could Totally Star in an E.T. Reboot. It's like stepping into a time, actually, into that other '80s movie. Drew Barrymore brought daughter Frankie to the 2017 Society of MSK's Bunny Hop in New York City Tuesday and the two walked the beige carpet together, marking the almost 3-year-old girl's official "red" carpet debut. And little Frankie is almost the spitting image of her mom when she was a child star -- if anyone decides to reboot the 1982 classic E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, the child could totally take over Drew's role of Gertie. Drew dressed her little girl in a warm, fuzzy light gray coat, worn over a patterned dress, white tights and silver Mary Janes. She also sported an adorable pink ribbon in her hair. The proud mom wore a gray floral short sleeve shirt, paired with a white patterned maxi dress. The two posed for photos alone as well as with a performer dressed as the Easter Bunny. Frankie is the actress' second and youngest child with ex-husband Will Kopelman. The two also share daughter Olive, 4. Drew and her ex-have tended to keep their kids out of the spotlight. The girls have been spotted at public events before but had not been photographed on a proper "red" carpet. Drew and Will divorced last year after three years of marriage. Barrymore talked about her divorce and raising her children in an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last month. "It really is about the tone you set and you can talk until you're blue in the face but kids watch what you do every single day of your life, all day long, and that behavior and that example and that love and community and honesty is just, I think what's making everything feel safe for my kids," she said. "And that's really the intention I had as a parent, was how do my kids have this incredible sense of like, freedom inside their heart, because they know I've got them and their dad's got them and the [rest of their family]." (Eonline)

Amal Clooney's work hasn't been negatively affected by her high-profile marriage to George Clooney. In fact, the pregnant human rights lawyer, 39, told BBC News at Six's Fiona Bruce that their fame actually helps bring awareness to some important issues. "There's a lot of my work that takes place behind closed doors that is not ever seen," Amal, who tied the knot with Hollywood's sexiest (former) bachelor in September 2014, said. "I think if there are more people who now understand what's happening about the Yazidis and ISIS, and if there can be some action that results from that, that can help those clients, then I think it's a really good thing to give that case the extra publicity that it may get." Amal has been working with Nadia Murad, a sex trafficking victim who was captured by ISIS in 2014 and raped by a dozen men prior to escaping three months later. And while Amal will continue to work with clients such as Murad, the Ocean's Eleven actor previously shared that because of her pregnancy, Amal won't be traveling to dangerous territories anytime soon. "We decided to be much more responsible, to avoid the danger," George told Paris Match last month. "I will not go to South Sudan anymore [or] the Congo [and] Amal will no longer go to Iraq and she will avoid places where she knows she is not welcome." "Before, I did not care. I would even say that there was a pretty exciting side to going where no reporter had ever been," he added to the publication, revealing that he's now nervous given the fact that he'll be a dad soon. "How can we not be anxious when faced with this immense responsibility? To give birth to a child in this world -- never mind two! We are very happy, very excited, but also a bit nervous, it's normal." (US Weekly)

How Forbes ruined Ed Sheeran's friendships. Few people understand the adage "More money, more problems" better than Ed Sheeran. After Forbes reported that the "Castle on the Hill" singer made a cool $57 million in 2015, a lot of his pals turned out to be after his money. "The Forbes list actually f -- ked it up," Sheeran, 26, lamented to Rolling Stone about his social life. "I was getting texts from people with pictures of cars going, 'I'd like this for my birthday, please. This one's only .06 percent of your annual income.'" The hassle of so many outstretched hands is what made Sheeran ditch his cell phone and communicate with an iPad, reserving a flip phone for family members, really close friends, and emergencies. "I still don't have a phone number," Sheeran announced on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in February. "I bought an iPad and I just work off of email. It's so much less stress. I don't wake up in the morning and have to answers 50 messages of people asking for something." One perk that didn't bother Sheeran before he settled down with girlfriend Cherry Seaborn: the availability of willing one-night stands, courtesy of his own notoriety as well as his friendship with Taylor Swift. "Taylor's world is celebrity," he said. "I was this 22-year-old awkward British kid going on tour with the biggest artist in America, who has all these famous mates. It was very easy ... I would often find myself in situations just kind of waking up and looking over and being like, 'How the f -- k did that happen?'" (PageSix)

Naomi Campbell Addresses Rihanna Feud Rumors: "Everything's Fine." One dedicated fan noticed Naomi Campbell and Rihanna unfollowed each other on social media, so when Campbell appeared on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday night, the observer decided to get the scoop to see if there was a feud between the two celebrities by asking the Star actress about it. "Everything's fine," Campbell said after hesitating. "Of course it's fine." But host Andy Cohen seemed skeptical. "I'm an actress now, Andy," she quipped. When push came to shove, Campbell explained that she tries not to get embroiled in drama with anyone. "I don't have beef," Campbell declared. "I don't have beef especially with black women who I think are powerful and there, and we're all doing the same thing -- doing the same struggle." A feud between Campbell and Rihanna does seem surprising given the fact that in 2015 the supermodel allegedly got into a brawl with Cara Delevingne over how she treated RiRi. "Naomi accused Cara of 'disrespecting' Rihanna and started yelling before Naomi pushed Cara, who pushed back," a source claimed to Page Six. Another witness alleged, "Cara pulled Naomi's weave, but it didn't come off." The alleged altercation took place during Garage Magazine's event at Castel Sunday night. Both models later denied any of the events occurred via Twitter. "Don't know where this story has come from about @Caradelevingne and I fighting! It is completely untrue, ignore the rumors XN," Campbell tweeted. Delevingne retweeted the statement and backed Campbell's denial, tweeting, "@NaomiCampbell people love to make a drama out of nothing." (Eonline)

Perrie Edwards has spoken out to defend Louis Tomlinson over his arrest for "attacking" a paparazzi in LAX. The Little Mix singer and One Direction star go way back, as Perrie was formerly engaged to Louis' ex-bandmate Zayn Malik. Louis, 25, was with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder at the time of the incident. Footage shows him trying to defend Eleanor from a paparazzi before a group of female "fans" appear to surround her. Perrie, 23, told Canadian talk show etalk, "It's a hard situation because you don't know how you would act unless you're in that situation, but Louis is such a nice guy. When you watch the video, all he's doing is protecting his girlfriend like any normal guy would, but because he's in what was one of the biggest bands in the world people are just going to be constantly on him, which I think is unfair for him and Eleanor." Her bandmate, Jesy Nelson added, "I just think that sometimes people can forget that you're a human being. They get so caught up in the fact that they see you on TV and it's not real life to them." Louis is due to appear in court later this month. (British Glamour)

How The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper Is Changing His Life After Surviving Heart Attack. Bob Harper is taking control of his health in a whole new way. Less than a month after surviving a heart attack, The Biggest Loser star is making some lifestyle changes to ensure he doesn't experience another similar health scare in the future. Instead of hitting the gym and breaking a sweat thanks to challenging routines, Bob is sticking to casual walks with his dog around New York City. "I'm gonna miss doing #crossfitopen2017 this year with my #crossfitfamily," the 51-year-old recently shared on Instagram. "The only exercise I can do right now is walking KARL." While he's always been conscious of what he eats, Bob has now been instructed to follow a Mediterranean Diet. When stepping out for a meal at Eataly NYC Flatiron in the Big Apple, Bob documented his approved meal for his followers. "Since my heart attack, my doctors have suggested more of a Mediterranean Diet so tonight's dinner is branzino with Brussels sprouts and I started with a salad," he shared online. "#heartattacksurvivor." While Bob is certainly not forced to stay home night after night -- he recently attended the Miss Saigon musical on Broadway -- quiet nights in are certainly understandable. Luckily, the health and fitness expert has his dog to keep him company as he reads helpful books including Heart 411: The Only Guide to Heart Health You'll Ever Need. While some days are more emotional than others, Bob understands the steps he needs to take in order to live a healthy life. Whether attending regular doctor visits or wearing heart monitors to track his progress, The Biggest Loser star is more determined than ever before to live a healthy life to the fullest. "It has definitely led him to reevaluate things and try to better understand how this happened," a source recently shared with E! News. "Luckily, he is going to make a full recovery but obviously it is forcing Bob to make some important decisions about his future." (Eonline)

TV's 'Mr. Feeny' says he was abused as a child. William Daniels revealed in his new memoir that he was abused as a child actor. Best known for his role as Mr. Feeny in "Boy Meets World," Williams said he only realized he was abused much later in life. He wrote in "There I Go Again: How I Came to Be Mr. Feeny, John Adams, Dr. Craig, KITT & Many Others" that his mother forced him to perform and work crazy hours even on weekends. "Many decades later, when I started writing this book, I started seeing a psychologist... who suggested that I was an abused child," the 89-year-old wrote in an excerpt obtained by People. "I was shocked to hear such a description -- that I had been robbed of a normal childhood, forced to perform and put into situations that I had no control over." He added, "It was unhealthy, my doctor said, that I was unable to express my anger, my fears and my dread of knowing what was expected of me in the future." Williams also said that his mother's failure to compliment him was hard on him. "Why did my mother have to drag us around, throwing back carpets in her friends' apartments, demanding that we dance like trained monkeys?... And why was I such a wimp and couldn't say no? In my defense, I was just a child. But still," he wrote. (PageSix)

Rob and Blac Chyna are back together which for some is good news, but not for their neighbors, who are asking cops for advice on what they say has become a dangerous situation. We've learned the on-again, off again couple is back under Blac Chyna's roof in her gated San Fernando Valley neighborhood. We're told Rob moved in late last week. Law enforcement sources tell us cops were in the gated community Tuesday for an unrelated matter when several neighbors flagged them down and ticked off a laundry list of complaints against Rob and Chyna. Among them ... they said there were "thugs" visiting their home, who did not go through the front gate but rather jumped the wall, avoiding security. The neighbors called them "riffraff." The complaints go on ... Rob parks his car on the front lawn because Chyna has a fleet of cars that take up the proper space. The neighbors also say the noise is unbearable, at all hours. Our sources say cops told them there's nothing they could do but they should take it up with the homeowner's association. But cops said the house is now on their radar. The neighbors said the community is filled with "affluent people" ... lawyers, athletes and actors and they told cops they were worried Rob and Chyna would bring property values down. (TMZ)

Scarlett Johansson Files for Divorce From Romain Dauriac, Vows to "Never, Ever" Discuss It. More than two months after it was revealed that Scarlett Johansson had split with her husband of two years, Romain Dauriac, Page Six reports that the A-list actress has filed for divorce. The divorce news comes on the heels of the two being seen out in public together on numerous occasions and seemingly on good terms, but now it seems as though Johansson is ready to make their breakup official. Scarlett and Romain are parents to a daughter named Rose Dorothy Dauriac, born in the fall of 2014, but have kept both their relationship and their family life largely out of the public eye. Dauriac's attorney, Harold Mayerson, opened up to the outlet about the divorce news by explaining that this client "would like to move to France with his daughter and Ms. Johansson does a lot of traveling." Dauriac's lawyer added, "It will be an interesting process." The former couple tied the knot back in 2014 and managed to keep the details surrounding their nuptials top-secret until several months after the fact. E! News revealed that the wedding was held on a private ranch in Montana where guests were treated to horseback riding, hiking, a rodeo show and even a special fireworks send off for the bride and groom. This marks the second divorce for Johansson, who split with Ryan Reynolds in 2010 after two years of marriage. UPDATE: In a statement released Wednesday, Scarlett Johansson told E! News: "As a devoted mother and private person and with complete awareness that my daughter will one day be old enough to read the news about herself, I would only like to say that I will never, ever be commenting on the dissolution of my marriage. Out of respect for my desires as a parent and out of respect for all working moms, it is with kindness that I ask other parties involved and the media to do the same. Thank you." (Eonline)

Tarek El Moussa may have filed for divorce from his wife Christina in January, but that doesn't mean things are contentious between him and his ex. "I'll always love Christina," the Flip or Flop star says in the current issue of PEOPLE. "She's the mother of my children." The El Moussas split became public in December but the couple actually parted ways after a shocking incident involving a gun last May. "I feel like a huge weight has been lifted since the news came out," says Tarek, 35, who is also opening up about his secret testicular cancer battle, which he says was a factor in the downfall of his seven-year marriage. As he and Christina move forward with their divorce, Tarek says the former couple is focusing on what matters most: their daughter Taylor, 6, and son Brayden, 18 months. "We're getting through this by staying great friends and being the best parents possible," says Tarek. "Divorced couples who fight their whole lives really mess up their kids. We had a talk and said, 'We still want the kids to understand we're a unit -- that we're still a family even if we're not together.' " The El Moussas have both dated casually since their split, but Tarek says he's currently "so far from even considering a new relationship." And even if he does remarry someday, he believes he and Christina will "probably always spend holidays together" with their kids. Tarek -- who moved out of his family's Yorba Linda, California, home last summer and now lives in Newport Beach -- is currently splitting custody of Taylor and Brayden "pretty much 50-50" with Christina, and says the divorce has been an "adjustment" for the entire family. Taylor talks about the split "with classmates going through similar things. That makes her feel better," says Tarek, who adds that his new his new life in Newport Beach allows him to dedicate himself to what makes him the "happiest: being the best father possible." (People)

Scarlett Johansson gearing up for nasty custody battle. Actress Scarlett Johansson has filed for divorce from her French husband Romain Dauriac and is gearing up for a nasty custody battle, The Post has learned. Johansson's attorney Judith Poller served the divorce filings on Dauriac's lawyer Harold Mayerson on Tuesday. Mayerson said the former couple will be fighting over their 3-year-old daughter, Rose Dorothy Dauriac. "He would like to move to France with his daughter and Ms. Johansson does a lot of traveling," Mayerson explained. "It will be an interesting process," he said of the unfolding divorce drama, declining to comment further. Johansson and Dauriac married in 2014, shortly after their daughter was born. Two months ago it was reported that the "Avengers" star and Dauriac had split last summer after Johansson decided she didn't have that much in common with her husband, according to Us Weekly. After the breakup, the parents had an informal co-parenting agreement where they each spent every other week with Rose. "She would take the child on these trips, like when she shooting in New Zealand," a source close to the case said. Johansson temporarily moved to the island last year to film her latest sci-fi flick "Ghost in the Shell." But then Johansson wanted to move to a shorter schedule where she had Rose for three days and then Dauriac took her for two days. "The kid was bouncing back and forth," the source said. "It can't work because [Johansson] travels so much," the source said. When Dauriac protested that his life was starting to revolve around Johansson's schedule, he was told by her lawyer that "this is what they do in Hollywood," the source said. Poller did not immediately return a message seeking comment. (PageSix)

Nicki Minaj has no immediate plan to respond to Remy Ma's vicious diss tracks, in which Remy calls Nicki every name in the book, including a cheater, a tramp and a has-been. Our sources say Nicki feels Remy's accusations are being exposed as lies by various people, including Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Ebro and Safaree. There's a lot of chatter that Nicki will fall off if she doesn't respond, but she doesn't buy it. We're told Nicki is not hiding ... quite the opposite. She's in the middle of high-profile appearances at Paris Fashion Week. She's also featured on 2 tracks that were just released from Future and Gucci Mane. She also just released a new app. As you know, Remy blasted Nicki, calling her a ho, a bitch, a cokehead, and a disloyal hoochie with bad butt implants. Remy also says Nicki slept her way to the top. As for the long-term, Nicki isn't ruling out a counterblast, but she feels right now she's. (TMZ)

Louis Tomlinson's fate in the battery investigation now rests with the L.A. City Attorney. We've learned cops sent the case file to the prosecutor's office Tuesday, and the City Attorney will now review it for possible criminal prosecution. As we reported, Louis allegedly attacked a paparazzo Friday night at LAX after the singer claimed the pap was harassing his girlfriend. A woman on the scene also claims Louis attacked her. The City Attorney could file 2 separate misdemeanor batteries, each of which carries a maximum 6-month sentence. People familiar with the case file say there's a complication with prosecuting Louis. The photog -- Karl Larsen -- was interviewed by Howard Stern a few years back and gloated about his confrontation with Mel Gibson, boasting his plan was to berate Gibson into going nuclear. The video of the incident doesn't show what happened before the confrontation, and the Stern interview could turn the jury. The strong likelihood ... there will be an informal hearing in the City Attorney's Office where Louis will promise not to do it again. He could be ordered to take a few anger management classes, but that would probably be it. (TMZ)


The Duchess of Cambridge's private secretary Rebecca Deacon is leaving her role after ten years of service to the royal family. Rebecca, 34, has assisted Kate since 2012. She organizes official programs and engagements, ensuring the Duchess is always briefed on who she is going to meet. Prior to this, she worked for Prince Harry's charity Sentebale. A Kensington Palace spokesperson said: "After a decade of service to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry, Rebecca Deacon will be stepping down as private secretary to the Duchess of Cambridge. She plans to leave the household in the summer. Their Royal Highnesses are incredibly grateful for all the hard work and support Rebecca has provided over the past ten years, and wish her well in the next phase of her career." It's not yet been reported what Rebecca will do next, but she's due to marry her fiance Adam Priestley at St James's Palace later this month. The location is used exclusively used by people with a direct link to the royal family. (British Glamour)

Jessica Simpson Slips Back Into Her Iconic Daisy Dukes for Sexy New Photo Shoot. Hot damn alert! Now more than a decade after Jessica Simpson first rocked Daisy Duke's denim short-shorts in The Dukes of Hazzard, she's back in the eponymous style for a photo shoot unveiling the latest additions to her clothing collection. The 36-year-old mother of two looks fit and fabulous in the cheeky cut-offs, which she paired with strappy wedges and a distressed denim jacket. For the sexy spread, Jessica wore her famous blond locks in a low ponytail and accessorized the ensemble with gold bangles and statement earrings. The singer-turned-mogul shot the denim-centric collection in Los Angeles with celeb photographer James Macari. Alongside mom Tina Simpson, Jessica styled every look in the campaign. Talk about a triple threat! In another photo, Jessica (or many versions of her) strikes a few flirty poses in a midriff-baring, crocheted top and low-rise jeans. Simpson also brings the glam in a black lacy bodycon, voluminous waves and multi-colored heels. Per a press release from Jessica Simpson Collection, the celeb was "inspired by the essence of travel" to mesh together the "textured, crafty cultures of a world bazaar" with a "rich, colorful, eclectic mix." Looking good, girl! (Eonline)

Lady Gaga and Boyfriend Christian Carino Share a Steamy Kiss During Date Night. This certainly doesn't look like a "Bad Romance" to us. It's been close to a month since E! News confirmed that Lady Gaga was dating talent agent Christian Carino. But over the weekend, the couple appeared to be stronger than ever as they enjoyed date night at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood. In pictures obtained by E! News, the pair stepped out holding hands as they waited for their car. Gaga wore a white jumpsuit with a black jacket that could have come from Christian. Such a gentleman move, right? Meanwhile, Christian wore dark denim jeans and a black button-down while carrying a few gifts back to the car. In a romantic twist, the pair enjoyed a kiss on the lips as they waited for their ride and called it a night. While details of the date night remain pretty hush-hush, cameras also spotted Dylan McDermott, Christina Aguilera, and fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger at the Hollywood hot spot around the same time. Romance rumors first sparked between the "Born This Way" singer and Christian during Super Bowl weekend when the pair kissed on the field before her big halftime performance. In addition, the duo attended Tommy and Gigi Hadid's Spring 2017 fashion show and a Kings Of Leon concert at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. While her new romance is sure to be keeping Gaga happy, the singer also has a major show to look forward to in the coming months. The Grammy winner will perform two nights at Coachella 2017 in Indio, Calif. "Let's party in the desert!" Gaga confirmed on Twitter earlier this month after Beyonce had to back out because of her pregnancy. (Eonline)

Emma Watson just keeps on giving us reasons to love her. In her latest appearance at the Jimmy Kimmel show, the host shared some unseen *adorable* footage of Emma mouthing her co-stars' lines in Harry Potter. And although everyone loved seeing a young Hermione on screen, Emma was actually cringing during the interview... While Jimmy joked about her helping Daniel and Rupert with their lines, she said: "You laugh, but this was quite traumatic for me because I created issues because of this! I would ruin takes!" About playing the bookworm on the saga, she continued: "I was such a loser, I really loved those books, I really wanted to do my job well, and I kind of overdid it..." (British Glamour)

Courtney Love is sad that her estranged grandmother author Paula Fox died last week at 93 without revealing who Love's grandfather was. Kurt Cobain's widow has long suspected she is the descendant of Marlon Brando, based on the fact that both Brando and Fox were living with acting guru Stella Adler in 1943 when Love's mother, Linda Carroll, was conceived. "She [Fox] went to her grave still not telling me and my brothers and sisters who is grandpa . . . I'm sticking with Brando. It's very probable," Love posted on Facebook. "I once asked Warren [Beatty] to ask Marlon to tell me. I'll save the results of that interaction for my memoir." Love's protracted investigation evidently irked Fox, who told the Observer in 2013: "She's awful, she's awful. She's terrible! I met with her for an hour, and the hour was like an hour in the devil's pocket, for both of us." Love said at the time, "Paula's absolute dislike of me is shocking and inexplicable." I asked Love, now in Vancouver starring as Kitty Menendez in Lifetime's "The Menendez Brothers," for more details. Her reply, via e-mail: "Oh lord. No comment." But Love has previously said, "If you look at me before my first nose job, I kind of look like Marlon Brando." (Page Six)

Blake Shelton's childhood home on the market for $250K. It's no wonder Blake Shelton reached musical superstar status -- he grew up on Broadway! Well, sort of. His childhood home in Ada, Okla., is located on South Broadway Boulevard, but given Shelton's stunning future success, it's the ideal street for a country superstar to get started. Now you have a chance to begin your journey to stardom, because Shelton's mom, Dorothy, has listed the three-bedroom, 2.5-bath home for a very reasonable $250,000. Listing agent Tyler Thompson notes that there's no celebrity tax on the current list price. The family isn't asking a premium for the Shelton pedigree, he says. "It's a lot of house for the money, and a fair price for the area," he says of the 3,140-square-foot, which was recently remodeled. Thompson notes some of the home's virtues include an updated kitchen, an enclosed porch, and a wraparound deck. But the home's most striking feature is the "rustic room," which has been paneled with reclaimed barn wood and made to look like an Old Western town, complete with an outhouse door and shingled roof. It's a new addition, built especially for Dorothy, according to Thompson. Shelton's mother moved to the Lake Texoma area a few years ago and had rented out the Ada house out. Even though Blake and Dorothy have Texoma Lake homes about an hour outside of Ada, they still visit Ada frequently, as they have many relatives in the town of about 18,000, according to a local. Shelton also has another home and some businesses in nearby Tishomingo. Of course Shelton spends a good portion of his time these days in Los Angeles, serving as a judge on the NBC's "The Voice," stealing talented contestants from Adam Levine, and stealthy kisses from paramour Gwen Stefani. His music career hasn't missed a beat, either. Singles from his latest album, "If I'm Honest," continue to top the charts. (PageSix)

Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett Says She's ''Moved On'' From the Playboy World: I Don't Give a F--k About Impressing People. Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett won't let her past dictate her future. The former Girls Next Door star, who famously dated Hugh Hefner and lived in the Playboy Mansion in the early 2000s, penned a lengthy message to Instagram on Tuesday about distancing herself from the racy brand. "Sometimes it's hard always being labeled a Playboy girl cuz I've never ever seen myself that way," Kendra captioned a sexy photo of herself in a pool. She added, "I left the playboy world almost 10 years ago n have moved on in my life. Comparing me now to that 18-year-old girl then is apples n oranges. I can give a f--k about meeting standards and impressing people." After marrying her now-husband Hank Baskett at the Playboy Mansion in 2009, Kendra went on to star in her own self-titled reality show and give birth to a son and daughter, ages 7 and 2-years-old. The 31-year-old went on, "Who I am is who I am n the people who follow my journey know what's up n I love you guys. Got a lot coming up n can't wait to share it with all of you." Kendra has never shied away from discussing her experience with Playboy publicly, and in an exclusive interview with E! News last October, she reminisced about the most positive aspects it afforded her. "You know what my favorite part of living there was? Hef. At first, it wasn't. I moved into the Playboy Mansion at 18 years old. I went in for the party, but I left with a best friend," Kendra told us. Aww! (Eonline)

Kristen Stewart Debuts Her Shaved Head on the Red Carpet. Kristen Stewart is showing off a brand-new look. At the Los Angeles premiere for her new movie Personal Shopper, the actress stepped out in a black crop top and matching pants. Ultimately, it wasn't the fashion fans were talking about. Instead, it was Kristen's much shorter (and blonder) hairstyle that turned heads on the red carpet. Whether posing solo or with director Olivier Assayas, Kristen certainly got fans talking while stepping out at The Carondelet House in Los Angeles. For those wondering why she changed her hair so drastically, there appears to be a big reason behind the buzzed cut. As it turns out, the style is reportedly for her upcoming movie titled Underwater. The thriller tells the story of a crew of underwater researchers who must scramble to safety after an earthquake damages their laboratory. Before filming concludes on that project, Kristen is focused on Personal Shopper. The very modern thriller has to do with our relationship with new forms of communication. While covering V Magazine's "Free Spirit" issue, the actress couldn't help but share her own experiences with technology. "When you speak to someone on the phone, that is a decipherable, understandable exchange," she explained. "But with text and social media, it's essentially a dialogue with yourself and your interpretation of a shadow. It's not invalid; it's a new language." Personal Shopper hits theaters this Friday. (Eonline)

Casper Smart says there's a reason he's putting in work on the MMA mat ... and it's not to beat up J Lo's next boyfriend ... telling TMZ Sports he wants to be an action movie star! We got Casper out in Vegas and talked to him about his MMA training, which he's taken quite seriously since he starred in the combat themed movie "Street" a couple years ago. Smart says anyone who thinks he's doing all this work for a shot at the UFC is super WRONG ... telling our guy he's getting his rounds in so he can be the next big action star. BTW -- we also ask Smart who he thinks would win in a fight between him and Drake, Lopez's last (rumored) flame. (TMZ)

NeNe says Trump was 'blunt' but never 'unethical'. This "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant doesn't recognize her former boss, Donald Trump. "When I worked for Donald, he and I got along very well ... Now, who this person is that we're seeing, I don't know who that is," NeNe Leakes said of the president, who she worked with during her stint on the show's fourth season. "I don't know him to ever speak that way," she added during an interview on "The Dr. Oz Show" airing Wednesday. However, Leakes, 49, did acknowledge that his harsh way of communicating is nothing new. "Now, he's always been very honest and very true and very blunt," the reality star said. "He's always been that way, but I did not witness him doing anything unethical." Recently, Trump has spoken out against the reality show -- specifically targeting his replacement Arnold Schwarzenegger, who on Friday announced that he's leaving the show. "Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't voluntarily leaving the Apprentice, he was fired by his bad (pathetic) ratings, not by me. Sad end to great show," the president tweeted. Leakes, who avoided being "fired" by leaving the show on her own terms, explained that the two were friendly while filming and recalled that he even made an appearance on her show, "I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding." "He was very true to who he was when I worked with him," she said. (PageSix)

Nancy Grace is angry and sad about Casey Anthony's flippant remarks about Caylee -- and can't understand how Anthony sleeps "pretty good at night." Nancy lit into Anthony when we talked to her about the AP interview where Caylee's mother --acquitted of her murder -- said her daughter would be a "badass" if she were alive today. You gotta hear how Nancy reacted to that statement. Nancy also choked up over Casey saying she has no guilt or remorse, and sleeps just fine. This makes it clear ... if Casey Anthony's gonna be talking again ... Nancy Grace is still gonna be on her ass. As it should be. (TMZ)

Linwood Michael Kaine, the youngest son of U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine, was arrested Saturday in St. Paul, Minnesota for disrupting a pro-Donald Trump rally. Kaine, 24, was arrested on suspicion of second-degree riot along with four others, but no charges were filed, reports the Pioneer Press. A sixth person was cited for disorderly conduct. According to the paper, the protestors attempted to disrupt the "March 4 Trump" rally at the Minnesota State Capitol with air horns, whistles, chants and a smoke bomb. Kaine was released from jail Tuesday morning. Sen. Kaine, who was Hillary Clinton's running mate in the 2016 presidential election, released a statement to the Pioneer Press Tuesday night, saying, "We love that our three children have their own views and concerns about current political issues. They fully understand the responsibility to express those concerns peacefully." (People)


Ed Sheeran's 'Divide' Tracks Flood U.K.'s Midweek Singles Chart. Ed Sheeran wants another chart record. And he might just get it. On the U.K. Singles Chart Update, the English singer-songwriter locks-up the top four positions with "Shape Of You," "Castle On The Hill," "Galway Girl" and "Perfect," all lifted from his new album Divide. If things stay that way at week's end, Sheeran will be the first artist to have the top four singles at once. All 16 tracks from Divide are on track for a Top 40 berth (including nine in the top 10) and his three albums are all sitting inside the Top 5 on the midweek chart, with Divide far-and-away the best seller. Divide is thundering toward 500,000 sales, according to the OCC, a figure which would rank it among the fastest-ever starts in the U.K. With a nudge, the album could bow at No. 3 on the all-time list behind Adele's 25 (800,307 sales) and Oasis' "Be Here Now" (696,000), bumping Take That's Progress into fourth place (518,601). The Official Singles and Albums Charts are published Friday. (Billboard)

Nick Carter Says Justin Bieber Doesn't ''Hold a Candle'' to What the Backstreet Boys Did in Their Heyday. Think Bieber tops the list of celebrity bad boys? Then you might have never heard about the Backstreet Boys' wild past. Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean and Kevin Richardson have returned to the pop music scene with a brand new Las Vegas residency, and in a recent interview with, the guys dished on fame before the Instagram era. "I'll tell you this," Carter shared. "There is some sh-t that AJ and I both did that I'm really glad that social media wasn't around for. Because Justin Bieber couldn't hold a candle to what we did." McLean agreed, adding, "We would have been like TMZ's saving grace, bro. Just anything from me being drunk or irate at a club. Or me walking naked down the hallway in a hotel for no apparent reason... Just random stuff that never really got out." And while BSB admits they've mostly cleaned up their act (except for cussing on stage here and there), they believe the new wave of recording artists has it much easier nowadays. McLean continued, "But, the fame now -- it's like night and day. The other side of that which was different for us: Without social media, without YouTube, without instant access, we had to do everything grassroots. We had to do every interview, every radio show, every outlet. We had to go to every country -- that was the only way to do it. There was no Instagram, or posting things on YouTube to get a record deal." Speaking about his experience at a One Direction concert, Howie also explained, "The new wave of boy band says, 'Oh, we don't do what they do.' But to be honest, to me, it's not as entertaining. What we do is we truly entertain people. Music, staging, dancing, everything." This, Carter shared, is why Backstreet Boys has maintained their success decades after other groups have fizzled out. "I think that's why we're still here in a lot of ways. Because it was always about a show. Regardless, we could always make great music and we could have hits. But whenever we hit the stage, we had to give a show that people would remember and that stood on its own," he recalled. (Eonline)

Halsey Announces New Album Title, Release Month. Halsey's highly anticipated sophomore album as a title: Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. The singer made the announcement on Tuesday (March 7) via Twitter, sharing that the new set will be out in June. Halsey's debut album, Badlands, was released on August 28, 2015, debuting and peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart. It has earned 1.14 million equivalent album units in the U.S. (through March 2) according to Nielsen Music. Of that sum, 497,000 are in traditional album sales. More recently, she has seen incredible success with her feature on The Chainsmoker's chart-topping "Closer." (Billboard)

Metallica's Lars Ulrich Blasts Trump's Border Wall on Mexican TV. Metallica's Lars Ulrich used the platform of Mexican TV to dismantle the notion of President Donald Trump's proposed border wall. The Hall of Famer insists rock beats walls. Every time. When asked his thoughts on Trump's plans for a "great wall," the veteran drummer told Las Estrellas network, "I don't think the world needs any walls. I think we need to bring people together." "Metallica travels all over the world, and through music, we try to bring people together," he explained to host Paola Rojas. "So whether we're in Mexico or whether we're in Asia or whether we're in Europe or whatever, we encourage as many different people from as many different backgrounds to come together and share music and life and culture and all these experiences." Metallica has a strong connection with Mexico. It's one of the biggest markets for Metallica, along with Germany, the U.K. and United States, according to Ulrich, whose band just wrapped up a trio of shows in the capital, Mexico City. Ulrich, who once took heat from fans when he spoke out against the peer-to-peer pioneer Napster, also explored his own origins. "Being one Danish guy, being asked an opinion, I don't think any walls are necessary, and I think that, increasingly, as far as Metallica traveling all over this beautiful planet, we break down barriers with music." (Billboard)


Chris Hemsworth Gets a Major Makeover in Thor: Ragnarok. Say goodbye to Chris Hemsworth's luscious locks. The Norse god gets a makeover in his third standalone, Thor: Ragnarok and Entertainment Weekly is giving fans a first look at his new haircut in its March 17/24 issue, on sale Friday. "It was nice not to have to sit in the makeup chair for that hour each morning," says Chris, who's played the role since 2011. "It felt like a rebirth for me as the actor but also as the character." The magazine also offers Marvel fans their first look at the blockbuster's big baddie: Hela, Goddess of Death (Cate Blanchett). Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) also stands strong on the cover. Things sure are different since the crown prince of Asgard last appeared on the big screen (not counting his post-credits appearance in Doctor Strange). "I have a belief that if you're lucky enough to get to Part 3 of a franchise"," Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige says, "it is your obligation not to fall to threequel-itis." Director Taika Waititi agrees. "I think sometimes people mistake a tonal shift as 'We're just going to make some ridiculous broad comedy where no one gives a s--t what happens and everyone gets stoned and sits around talking about saving the universe,'" he tells the magazine. "We want people to care what happens and care that the hero succeeds. I think tonally it's like a slight shift. I don't feel nervous -- I feel good about it." Chris can't wait for fans to see the movie. "Taika has such a quirky, left-of-field sense of humor, which forced all the characters and the tone of the whole story to head in a new direction," he says. "Each day we [asked], 'Are we pushing it too far? Are we allowed to have this much fun?'" Entertainment Weekly also reveals the film's plot details for the first time. The action begins with Hela's accidental prison break. "She's been locked away for millennia getting more and more cross, and then, with a mistake, she gets unleashed and she ain't getting back in that box," Cate says. After she attacks Thor, Hela sends him to a desolate planet, Sakaar. Thor is forced to become a gladiator on the planet, where he reunites with his long-lost Avengers frenemy Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). "[Sakaar is] basically where every wormhole across the universe dumps out its trash, so you get people from all walks of life with all sorts of incredible abilities and powers. No one cares what prince or king Thor may have been in another world," Chris explains. "Also, his strength is pretty easily matched with those he finds himself amongst." As luck would have it, Hulk is the planet's most popular fighter. Gulp. Thor: Ragnarok, in theaters Nov. 3, also stars Idris Elba as Heimdall, Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Anthony Hopkins as Odin and Karl Urban as Skurge. (Eonline)

Scarlett Johansson Covers Up a Stripper's Murder in Rough Night Trailer. This looks like a Rough Night, indeed. Described as an "edgy R-rated comedy," the Columbia Pictures comedy reunites five best friends from college (played by Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer, Scarlett Johansson, Zoë Kravitz and Kate McKinnon) for wild bachelorette weekend in Miami. Things take a dark turn when they accidentally kill a male stripper and devise a scheme to cover it up. Ty Burrell, Colton Haynes, Hasan Minhaj, Demi Moore, Enrique Murciano and Karan Soni round out the ensemble cast. BuzzFeed debuted the trailer via Facebook Wednesday. On the eve of the trailer's release, Haynes shared his excitement -- and his anxieties -- in a Snapchat video. "I'm nervous because I may or may not have a lot of clothes on in this movie," he said. "I don't know what made the trailer or not. So, you guys might be seeing something." Director Lucia Aniello co-wrote the script with Paul W. Downs (of Broad City fame). Initially titled Rock That Body, the film was included on the 2015 Black List of unproduced screenplays. Aniello and Downs produced the comedy alongside Dave Becky and Matt Tolmach, while Matthew Hirsch served as its executive producer. Downs also has a role in the ensemble movie. Rought Night is in theaters June 16. (Eonline)

Ryan Gosling in Oscar game for role as Neil Armstrong. "La La Land" director Damien Chazelle may have just finished one Oscar season, but he appears headed for another. Universal Pictures on Tuesday dated Chazelle's "First Man," starring Ryan Gosling as astronaut Neil Armstrong, for Oct. 12, 2018. The release date will return Chazelle to the heart of awards season with the follow-up to his musical sensation. "First Man" focuses on Armstrong in the years 1961-1969 and follows NASA's race to land a man on the moon. The script, based on James R. Hansen's book, is written by "Spotlight" scribe Josh Singer. The 32-year-old Chazelle became the youngest to ever win best director at the Academy Awards. "La La Land," which has made nearly $400 million globally, took home six Oscars. (PageSix)

Joe Jonas Is Open to Making Camp Rock 3 With Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato (But Only If It's Rated R). There's no more hiding what kind of movie Camp Rock 3 could be in the future. It's been nearly seven years since fans were treated to Disney Channel's popular movie franchise. And while many of those viewers have grown up into adults, there's still plenty of hope that another installment could be in the works. If and when the opportunity came about to make Camp Rock 3 a reality, would the cast be down? "If it made sense, sure," Joe Jonas shared with Marie Claire. "For all of us -- Demi, Nick, it would be funny to do a spin on it. Do the graduating days, make it kinda dark. An adult film." "Well, not an adult film," the DNCE frontman added. "An R-rated film. We've joked around about the idea a couple times." To this day, Camp Rock remains the network's third highest viewed movie program of all time. And when Joe recently Instagrammed a photo with co-star Demi Lovato featuring the caption, "CR3?" more than 675,000 people liked away. Ultimately, the main cast that included Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas has grown up and expanded their careers in more ways than they could have imagined. For Joe, the "Cake by the Ocean" signer recently starred in an underwear campaign with Guess where he went shirtless. "You're trying to flex as much as you can because you want to look your best. There was a lot of laughing going on," he told the publication. "When you're shooting, you're so exposed in your underwear -- but after a time you forget, so you're walking around catering in your underwear." As for those fans who consider Joe to be a sex symbol, the man himself doesn't really think so. "There's a little bit of an idea that you've gotta stay in the gym if you're going to be in an underwear campaign, so you have that in the back of your head," Joe explained. But it's a lifestyle now. It was life-changing, I had to focus on getting in great shape for this. But no, I don't think I'd consider myself a sex symbol." (Eonline)

If you want to experience Hollywood's biggest night like one of the stars, be prepared to spend like one. The Oscars is one of the most exclusive and star-studded parties of the year, and if you're not already a celebrity, footing the bill for all the glitz and glamor can be daunting. For starters, you'll need an invite to the show -- and this isn't the type of ticket you'll find online or from a scalper. Seats in the Dolby Theatre are bought up by studios and do not go on sale to the public. But if you're well connected, you could still pay between $150-$750 for a seat, depending on the location. Next, you'll need to sort out your look. The red carpet will be filled with impeccable, couture gowns, so if you want to stand out -- for the right reasons, at least -- then you'll need to pony up for something special. Stylists can run anywhere from $500-$3000, and that's just for an outfit. Hair will be at least $150 to get ready for the cameras and a professional makeup artist will run anywhere from $600-$700. And of course, you can't roll up to the red carpet in a taxi or ride share. A swanky limo will charge anywhere from $100-$400 -- and that's per hour. Add it all up, and you're looking at a cool $10,000 for the evening. So if you want to see the Academy Awards in action, we suggest you try being famous. Seats will be paid for by the studio, hair and makeup is often on the house and designers and jewelers will line up to dress you for free -- just make sure you remember who you're wearing when the paparazzi asks. (People)

Director Joe Carnahan Exits 'Bad Boys 3'. Whatcha gonna do when Carnahan doesn't come for you? Bad Boys 3, a.k.a. Bad Boys for Life, has lost director Joe Carnahan. An insider tells The Hollywood Reporter that the director has left due to scheduling conflicts, but other sources say it was the dreaded "creative differences." The move is a setback for the project, which has been trying, in fits and stops, to get going after years of development. The involvement of Will Smith had forever been a question mark, but the actor finally committed and the studio, after shifting several times, had recently set a Nov. 8, 2018 release date. A start date in the fall was being eyed. Carnahan wasn't just the director for Bad Boys 3, but had also written the most recent draft of the script. Sources say a director search is already underway and a new writer may be hired as well. The project is a hot ticket because it is considered a go movie. The project seeks to reteam Smith and Martin Lawrence as Miami detectives who leave a trail of mayhem in their wake as they take down bad guys. The first two installments, released in 1995 and 2003, were directed by Michael Bay. Carnahan won't be gathering moss, however. The director, whose recent fare has been on TV shows such as The Blacklist and Katherine Heigl's State of Affairs, is actively developing an English-language remake of Indonesian action movie The Raid and wrote the script for the recently wrapped remake of Death Wish, which was directed by Eli Roth and stars Bruce Willis. (Hollywood Reporter)

Beauty and The Beast . 3 stars (out of 4) It's a tale as old as time and song as old as rhyme. That's why the story of a beautiful girl giving her heart to a tortured beast remains a classic. And it's why this beguiling, much-anticipated live-action musical adaptation will win over fans of all ages. Wellllll ... for the most part. Let's take care of important business early: The film does not fully recapture the undeniable magic of the 1991 animated feature. Jerry Orbach's amorous maître de turned candelabra, Lumiere, can't just be replaced by some modern technological wizardry and Ewan McGregor's brogue. It's like asking Ariana Grande to cover an Oscar-winning Celine Dion ballad! (Shoot. That happens too.) As a stand-alone Disney production, though, this blooms like an enchanted rose. Surely you remember Belle. She's the loner bookworm in a French farm town who cries out in the opening number, "There must be more than this provincial life!" As played by the lovely and lithe Emma Watson, the character is, at first, more timid than her animated counterpart. (Or maybe it's a side effect of Watson's tentativeness in singing to the CGI-enhanced mountains? The scenery tends to overwhelm her.) She's still protective of her wacky single father (Kevin Kline) and rolls her eyes at the local hunk of burning love, Gaston (Luke Evans, an impressive baritone). Thanks to a series of unfortunate events, Belle ends up imprisoned inside a faraway castle belonging to a beast (Dan Stevens). The beast, a former young prince, is himself trapped -- inside his own skin, a result of a sorceress' evil spell. And his loyal staff have turned into household objects, including Mrs. Potts (Emma Thompson), Cogsworth (Ian McKellen), Lumiere (McGregor), Madame Garderobe (Audra McDonald) and Maestro Cadenza (Stanley Tucci). The only way this will end happily for all is if Belle, on her own free will, looks past the Beast's grotesque exterior and falls in love with his sweet, shy soul. (Flashback to Tucci archly telling Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada, "That's what this multi-billion-dollar industry is all about, isn't it? Inner beauty.") There's an unbridled joy at watching a cinematic cartoon come to life. If it's done right, every moment has the potential to be a visual marvel. And director Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) does a splendid job at marrying rich production designs with old-fashioned spectacle. Best example: all the dishes and flatware and napkins sashaying across the screen in the show-stopping "Be Our Guest." They move as if they're all competing in the group number of Dancing with the Stars. This would have looked hokey in 1991; in 2017, it's dazzling. Even the sight of Watson trying on gorgeous costumes in her bedroom is a wonder. When she walks down the staircase in that iconic yellow ball gown, it's as true (and goose bump-inducing) as it can be. This version also offers up a wee bit more in the line of, er, fleshed-out characters. Ultra-macho Gaston doesn't just swagger around the bar belting out his theme song, he shows his sinister side by lashing out at Belle's trusting father in a forest. And perhaps you've heard that his sidekick LeFou (Josh Gad) is the first gay character in Disney history. Translation: For a half of a second in the closing scene, he decides to dance with another guy. Baby steps? Yet a certain je ne sais quoi is missing here. Perhaps mild disappointment is inevitable when the source material is 84 minutes of charming perfection. This version hovers around the two-hour mark, which is about 20 minutes too long for parents trying to get their young daughters to sit still and pay attention. The extra time is weighed down with three listless and unmemorable new songs from original composer Alan Menken and lyricist Tim Rice. (Menken's partner, lyricist Howard Ashman, died of AIDS in 1991.) These new tunes -- as well as their contextual plot -- add little to the narrative. Dating back to the 1740 fairy tale, we've gone centuries without knowing exactly how Belle's mom died. No need to turn back the clock now. Unlikely romance aside, this film soars because of the beauty in the title. Watson, who reportedly turned down Emma Stone's role in La La Land to take a crack at the heroine, portrays the character with a quiet confidence. No shrieking princess, she bravely hatches a plan to save the beast, knowing full well that she's risking her life. In modern times, she'd be the first one to speak out for her rights -- and be the most well-versed on the subject. Beyond the yellow gown is a true warrior, inside and out. She's just too busy to realize it. (Beauty and the Beast opens in theaters Friday, March 17). (US Weekly)

Ukraine Launches Country's First-Ever National Film Awards. The first Ukrainian National Film Awards, due to run April 20 in Kiev, will celebrate the achievements of filmmakers in the style of the BAFTAS, Academy Awards and similar world-class events. Ukraine is launching the country's first-ever national film awards organized along the lines of world-class events such as the Britain's BAFTAs of Hollywood's Academy Awards. The first edition of the Ukrainian National Film Awards -- organized under the auspices of a new Ukrainian Film Academy that was announced last month -- is designed to "celebrate the achievements of Ukrainian filmmakers." Both the awards and the national academy have been founded by Ukraine's leading annual film showcase, the Odessa International Film Festival, the 8th edition of which is due to take place in Ukraine's Black Sea port city July 14-22. Nominees for the National Film Awards will compete for the top prize, a Golden Dziga -- named after Dziga Vertov, director of groundbreaking classic 1929 film Man with a Movie Camera and acknowledged as one of the world's all-time best documentary films. Organizers say the new award embodies "artistic aspiration and continuous development". Filmmakers will compete in 14 categories, including best film, director, actors, supporting roles, cinematography, production design, screenplay, composer as well as awards for documentary and animated features and shorts and honorary awards for contributions to Ukrainian cinemas in the glitzy awards to be hosted at NAME OF PLACE. Winners will be chosen by a jury from the Ukrainian Film Academy -- which is open to membership by national filmmakers including actors, writers, directors, producers, cinematographers and others as well as distributors, film critics, and directors of international film festivals. The academy will also be involved in funding educational programs and organizing film industry promotional events. In a country in which a festering civil war between government forces and Russian-backed rebels in its eastern provinces has now entered its fourth year, the new awards reflect a spirit of forward-looking national unit. In the past Ukraine has had a plethora of different awards for various categories of film and filmmakers, but nothing similar to the BAFTA or Academy Award-style awards that many countries in Europe and around the world hold every year. Viktoria Tigipko, president of the Odessa IFF and founder of the film academy and national film awards, told The Hollywood Reporter: "We believe the Ukrainian film industry has big potential and will do everything to make national cinema an important part of Ukrainian cultural life." Julia Sinkeyvich, general producer of the Odessa festival and a member of the film academy's advisory board, added: "It might come as a surprise that [currently] the only film awards are made by Ukraine's Filmmakers Union, with just several nominations." (Hollywood Reporter)


This Is Us May Have Just Told Us How Jack Dies & We're Not OK. We've gotten to the point on This Is Us where we feel like we're watching it on a bed of eggshells. After the hour long emotional gut punch that was the last episode, we spent Tuesday night just waiting for the next shoe to drop -- for someone to really break down about William's death, or for the truth about Jack's death to finally be revealed. Every step Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) took, or every time he got in the car, or every time he ate or drank, we feared that would be the step or the car ride or the drink that led to his death, and it turns out we were probably right to think that. And then there were the things we didn't know we were waiting for, like that moment when Randall (Sterling K. Brown) described a dream in which Jack and William (Ron Cephas Jones) met, and shared a stories about Randall teaching or learning to drive. We're not sure we survived that scene, and in fact we're now writing this from beyond the grave. RIP us. While, in the past, Jack grappled with Rebecca (Mandy Moore) being on tour, the present showed the entire family had a little party to honor William's death. He left a letter putting Randall's young daughters, Tess and Annie, in charge of the memorial. That meant the memorial was filled with balloons, pills that were really M&Ms, drinks with the same name as William's favorite pot strain, speeches on a kids' karaoke machine, and a walk around the neighborhood in "old man hats." As if that weren't enough, Randall and Rebecca then had their moment as Rebecca explained why she kept William a secret for all those years. She kept planning to tell him, but got so scared that she would lose her son that she never actually went through with it. Randall forgave her, and they made up. Then, Kevin's (Justin Hartley) play went well, and afterward, he and Sophie finally slept together, just before he got a call from Ron Howard, inviting him to be in a movie. Randall stopped by his office to quit his job and berate his coworkers for sending him a box of pears when his father died, and Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) found a postcard from William after lamenting how she didn't get her personal goodbye moment with him. Everything was beautiful, even if a little complicated. But at some point, we had to go back to Jack in the bar, a little drunk. He arranged to have his kids sleep over at their friends' house instead of just staying for the night, and told Kate over the phone that he was going to make up with Rebecca, in Cleveland, two hours away, just like she scolded him for not doing earlier. Cue him fumbling with his keys as he heads to his car, cue present-day Kate (Chrissy Metz) telling Toby (Chris Sullivan) that her dad's death was her fault, and then cue the promo, which shows that his car is full of beer cans, and tells us we're nearing a turning point in the story. Of course, this could be a fake out, and there could be some big twist coming that gives Jack a much more righteous, heroic end, but something tells us this is really it: the right intentions, accompanied by the wrongest of decisions. Next week's season finale is going to be brutal. This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC. (Eonline)

T.R. Knight's Return to Shondaland in a Sneak Peek of The Catch. O'Malley is back, sort of! T.R. Knight returns to Shondaland this week with his debut on this week's premiere of The Catch, and we have an exclusive first look at his first scene. Knight plays Tommy, the wayward brother of Alice (Mireille Enos) who arrives to ask for his sister's help with the three million dollars that has mysteriously appeared in a mysterious account in his name. Somehow, he manages to be both a little unexpected and exactly what you might expect from T.R. Knight playing Alice's brother, and he makes a pretty fun addition to the show. The Catch returns this week with some pretty big plans. Ben (Peter Krause) is now serving his time in prison while also trying to make things work with Alice, and Margot (Sonya Walger) is trying to run the Kensington Firm on her own. Of course, everything goes awry as it is wont to do, but that doesn't mean it's not a ton of fun. This is Knight's first role on a Shonda Rhimes show since the beloved George O'Malley was killed off of Grey's Anatomy in 2009, but he has also starred on CBS' The Good Wife, Hulu's 11.22.63, ABC's When We Rise, and he will be playing J. Edgar Hoover in National Geographic's Genius. The Catch airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC. (Eonline)

Awkward! Megan & Kyle Come Face to Face With His Ex Lisbeth on The Arrangement. Three's a crowd! Megan Morrison (Christine Evangelista) and Kyle West (Josh Henderson) receive an unexpected surprise when they come face to face with his ex-fiancee Lisbeth (Ashley Hinshaw) on this Sunday's The Arrangement. In an exclusive clip, Megan is supporting Kyle at a photo shoot at the Venice Film Festival in Italy when Kyle's ex-walks in. Kyle and Lisbeth are then asked to take a photo together while Megan has to stand there awkwardly and watch it all happen! While watching Kyle and Lisbeth together, a photographer ends up capturing Megan's stressed reaction and it ends up on E! News! Watch The Arrangement Sunday at 10 p.m., on E! (Eonline)

Marlon Wayans seems flattered to be a front-runner for Nick Cannon's old "America's Got Talent" gig, but thinks they'd have to address one BIG, black, elephant in the room first. We broke the story ... 'AGT' producers have narrowed down their search to Marlon, Tone Bell and Brandon Mychal Smith. Marlon says he's focused on other projects like his TV show, but realizes hosting 'AGT' would be huge. As for filling Nick's shoes ... Marlon says that would be the easiest part of the job, literally. He's a little worried about exec's concerns that Nick was "too black." Remember, that's why he walked away ... and Marlon says they got the wrong brotha if they think he'll ease those concerns. (TMZ)

Kris Jenner is old school. Just 22 years old when she married the late Robert Kardashian in 1978, "I got pregnant on my honeymoon," the mom of six explains in the new issue of Us Weekly. "That was such a big dream of mine to have a big family. It's a different world these days. Believe me, my kids remind me of that every day. It's not for me to judge. I've raised them very well." But are any of them altar-bound? Well, maybe. Though the 61-year-old is mum on whether Khloe's new love Tristan Thompson has asked permission to propose, she praises their fast-paced romance. "Tristan's great and they have a really great relationship," says the reality star. "They have a lot of fun together and they have a lot of things in common. She seems happier than I've seen her in years, so that's all that matters to me. When my kids are happy, I'm happy." As for Kylie and 27-year-old love Tyga, Kris hopes the duo take their time before settling down. "Kylie is 19," explains the mogul, who has the lip kit maven and model sister Kendall with ex-husband Caitlyn Jenner. "She's got an amazing career and she's working on her makeup line 24/7. Tyga's got his music and touring. When you're talking about people so young, it's hard to predict what's going to happen in the future. ... Hopefully when the time comes, she'll make the right choice and be happy." But she is rooting for Kourtney to take back on-off ex Scott Disick. (As Us previously reported, Kourtney rejected his marriage proposal while on a family vacation in Costa Rica.) "I have always been a fan of Kourtney and Scott together, so that would be my first choice," she says about the parents of Mason, 7, Penelope, 4, and Reign, 2. "I love Scott like he's one of my kids. We've been through thick and thin, and I hang in there with him." One union not on the table right now: her own vows to boyfriend Corey Gamble. "I live my life by 'Tomorrow's not promised and today is really amazing,'" says the matriarch. "I'm happy how things are right now. I love being a mom and being a grandma. That's a new chapter for me." For more on the Kardashian-Jenner clan -- including how Kim is recovering from the Paris robbery and Rob's current relationship status with baby mama Blac Chyna -- pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now! Season 13 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians premieres March 12 on E! at 9 p.m. ET. (US Weekly)

"The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon watched his show's ratings take a hit yet again on Tuesday as competitor "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" won its fifth straight week in overall viewers -- and sources say Fallon's being forced to change his strategy to win back eyeballs. "[Fallon] is feeling the pressure. I mean, Stephen Colbert is now beating him in a big way and he has to change his format to keep up because he's losing viewers," said a source, adding that Fallon's getting more political. "They had to figure out a way to get Trump [into his routine] because he's too weak on Trump, and viewers are going elsewhere. [He's been] uncomfortable talking about politics, and that's not what the people want." Sources tell Page Six that Fallon was forced to zhoozh up his show and recently debuted a new segment, "This Week in Words," to rival politically edgy Colbert's late ratings hike. A different source added that Fallon "is being pushed to be more political. When he was on 'SNL' he could be vicious on the 'Weekend Update' desk." David Letterman dinged Fallon in New York magazine, saying, "I would have gone to work on Trump." CBS crowed Tuesday that former Comedy Central host Colbert won the ratings race for a fifth straight week in overall viewers, growing 29 percent from the same time last year. But a "Tonight Show" source said, "Fallon continues to enjoy a lead over Colbert in the 18 to 49 [demographic], which is more important in the industry than the overall viewership." They said Colbert's recent string of wins has gotten slimmer each time. The numbers still get Fallon's goat. "He freaks out over this. He has to be on top," a source told us. But another source close to the show insisted Fallon's a fan of Colbert, and, "We always strive to unveil new sketch material. We have as much fun doing political humor as we do skewering pop culture .?.?. We love Stephen's show. They're doing great stuff. There's no shortage of material every night." An NBC rep commented: "From Jimmy's first week on the air, the entire team has done a remarkable job keeping 'The Tonight Show' fresh and entertaining." (Page Six)

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