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Thursday, March 2, 2017


A bowl of ice cream is more than a mouth-watering dessert - your favorite flavor reveals your personality and pinpoints your perfect romantic partner. Here's what your favorite flavor reveals about you and your most compatible mate:

Butter Pecan
At work, you're known for being detail-oriented, loyal and conscientious. You carry these same traits into your personal relationships, and you're especially compassionate towards others. Your best partner is someone who prefer chocolate or chocolate chip.

You're a saucy adventuress who relies on your gut instinct. You set high goals and do whatever it takes to meet them. People are drawn to your friendly, out-going personality, and you have particularly strong relationships with your family. Your perfect mate is another vanilla lover.

Chocolate Chip
You're a go-getter with a staggering number of accomplishments under your belt. But you never blow your own horn, preferring to count your blessings. Your captivating personality makes you a natural leader among your peers. Your best mate enjoys strawberry, butter pecan or chocolate.

You could charm the birds from the trees, and your enthusiasm and creativity add to your allure. You're usually the center of attention in social situations and you bask in the spotlight. You believe love is all about passion and excitement, and your best bet for romance is butter pecan or chocolate chip.

You're incredibly generous of heart and a great listener. That's why you are often the one others turn to for solace and advice. You also have an easygoing attitude and manage to juggle all of your duties with calm assurance. Your temperament is compatible with all flavors.

You can be quite shy at times, but you also have a steely backbone and have no problem making your opinions known. Your tendency towards perfection can be irritating, although it makes you a star with your boss. Find a sweetie who drools over chocolate chip and ] you'll be a winner at love.

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