Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Men's Health offers these facts to help you master your current job or find a better one:
80% of entrepreneurs would prefer money over power if they made it big.
57% of desk jockeys dream of abandoning their office job.
The office setup the average guy likes the least is sharing space with 10 to 24 people.
Music is what improves the average guy's office mood.
40% of average guys are currently hunting for a new gig.
Botching an interview is his biggest fear about job hunting.
71% of workers say they're more stressed than the office drones of yore.
25% of workers say they are more angry.

Here are the top 10 jobs that men mess up: 

They do not wipe down kitchen countertops.
They do not replace decorative pillows on beds and sofas.
They do not pull the bottom sheet straight when making the bed.
They do not return things to the right drawers, let alone neatly.
They hang wet clothes too close together so they take longer to dry.
They do not vacuum all the way to the edges of the carpets then tromp over the cleaned part with dirty shoes.
They ignore dirty mugs when they wash up.
They do not separate whites from darks while doing the laundry.
The do not fold clothes before stuffing them in dressers.
They overload the dishwashers so it leaves grime on the dishes.

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