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Wednesday, March 1, 2017


If you want to hang around the world for a long, long time, think location, location, location. The place where you live affects the length of your life, says a recent Harvard study. Public health expert Dr. Christopher Murray analyzed death statistics from 1982 to 2001 and found that local lifestyles -- the foods you eat, how much alcohol you drink, and the general stress of your home and work life -- are the most important factors in determining how long you'll live.

The longest lifespan was enjoyed by Asian-American women in Bergen County, New Jersey, who regularly lived to 91 years old.

Next were working class white folks from the Northern Plains states, who averaged 79 years.

Middle Americans mostly white upper class suburbanites made it to 77.9 years. Hard working Southern whites in Appalachia and the Mississippi Valley lived to 75 years.

Blacks in Middle America lived 72.9 years on average, while Native Americans in the Western states averaged 72.7 years.

Southern, low income African-Americans typically lived to 71.2 years, while inner city African-Americans made it to 71.1 years.

The shortest average lifespan was held by the Native Americans of rural South Dakota, with most dying at age 58.

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