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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Americans enjoy their liquor. Whether it's a martini on Friday night to celebrate the start of the weekend, a chilled glass of chardonnay with a dinner of grilled salmon or a cold beer on a hot summer day, 29% of U.S. adults drink alcohol at least once a week, including 5% who drink daily and 10% who drink several times a week. That's the word from a nationwide Harris Poll of U.S. adults. In addition, 20% drink at least once a month, while 15% say they drink several times a year. But not everyone drinks! More than one in five Americans (26%) are teetotalers.

What are we drinking?
63% drink beer.
54% drink domestic wine.
41% drink vodka.
34% drink rum.
28% drink foreign wine.
28% drink tequila.
20% drink other whiskey, including Canadian or Irish whiskey.
17% drink Champagne.
17% drink cordials and liqueurs.
15% drink bourbon.
14% drink gin.
11% drink scotch.
8% drink cognac.
7% drink brandy.

Who is more likely to drink? Men are more likely than women to drink alcohol at least once a week (38% versus 21%). Men are more likely than women to drink beer (75% vs. 50%), bourbon (23% vs. 6%) and scotch (17% vs. 4%). Women are more likely than men to drink domestic wine (63% vs. 45%), Champagne (23% vs. 13%) and foreign wine (31% vs. 26%).

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