Monday, March 13, 2017


Women's Health details how women around the globe look good:

  • 92% of British women rarely or never visit a dermatologist. 
  • 80% of women in South Africa wear fragrance every day. 
  • 80% of Chinese women don't wear fragrances. 
  • 73% of Australians would choose to shell out for body massages if money were no object. 
  • 52% of Koreans would choose to shell out for skin lightening treatment if money was no object. 
  • 38% of people in China say they use teethe whitening treatments. 
  • 38% of women in India say they own zero skin care products. 
  • Women in Germany and Italy say mascara is their most essential beauty product. 
  • Argentine and Canadian women are the most satisfied with their looks. 
  • Japanese and French women are the least satisfied with their looks.

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