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Monday, March 27, 2017


(Men's Fitness) Blow your co-workers and pals away with a ball cracking, home run whacking swing this softball season. Yeah, it's no fun being picked last for a team. And when it's softball with your buds or co-workers, it's even worse. But with these tips from pro hitting coach and flounder of the Hitting Vault, Matt Lisle, that'll never happen again. The secret to smacking dingers and running up your OPS, says Lisle who's spent years teach the ins and outs of high powered batting to MLB players, is mastering the basics. "Swing the bat athletically, in the proper sequence core firing first, and the hands and arms following," he explains, not the other way around. "Focus on turning your navel toward the pitcher, ahead of your shoulder, to unlock real power." Follow these steps and watch that clincher fly:

Step tall into the batter's box

Place feet shoulder-width apart near the back line. Your hands should be near level with your rear shoulder, with the bat's knob pointing down.

Center your weight over the space between your feet

Keep your eye on the ball and shift your weight from back foot to your front boot. Stride out deliberately as the ball comes in.

Turn your core quickly

When your front foot hit's the dirt, imagine you're stepping on the gas pedal in a drag race and let it get ahead of your shoulders.

Finish your swing by hitting through the ball

Continue a full torso rotation to increase power, showing your back to the plate.

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