Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Marriage counselor Wanda Bryna says husbands can keep the come-hither look in their wife's eyes and ratchet up their sex life by stealing a peek down her blouse or complimenting her on how good she looks from behind. Here are more the counselor's tips for putting a sparkle in a wife's eyes and keeping romance alive:

  • "Compliment her on the things she does better than you, like tidying up the house or washing the car."
  • "When she bends over to pick up your socks or perform some other chore, smack your lips and yell approvingly, 'Oh, yeah! Hold that pose, baby, while I get the camera.'"
  • "Regularly praise her cooking no matter how bad it is."
  • "Don't' just grunt, but let your wife know you really appreciate her for popping the top on another cold one when you finish off a beer while watching a game on the tube. Give her a big kiss and look at her while you're smooching not at the game."
  • "Let her handle the remote once in a while. Be a sweetheart and tell her: "There's nothing worth watching so you can turn the channel to whatever you like. Watch that ice show you've been talking about."
  • Flatter her on casual nudity with complements like: "Hey, hey, still looking good!

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