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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


The colors you wear send not-so-subtle messages to everyone around you. They can soothe, flirt, excite, even threaten. Leatrice Eiseman, a color consultant and author of the forthcoming "More Alive With Color," gives the low-down on what your favorite colors are communicating":

  • Out of the Blue -- Conveys: Faithfulness, tranquility, dependability, sensitivity. 
  • Shades of Gray -- Conveys: Seriousness, dependability and stability. 
  • Tickled Pink -- Conveys: Love, affection, gentleness, femininity. 
  • Red Alert -- Conveys: Strength, power, confidence, passion. 
  • Youthful Yellow -- Conveys: Youth, joy, imagination. 
  • Black Beauty -- Conveys: Elegance, sophistication, power. 
  • Green with Envy -- Conveys: Tranquility, good luck, health. 

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