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Monday, March 6, 2017


It's a tough job market out there, and your best hedge against unemployment may be to watch your Ps and Qs so you stay employed in the job you have now. has helpfully assembled a list of the top 10 ways you can get yourself fired -- from something seemingly harmless, such as gossiping about your co-workers, to something really stupid, such as drinking on the job. The top 10 things that will get you fired, according to

1. Lying on your job application or resume
You will be held responsible for the information you provide. Rest assured, you will be caught if you lie. Employers DO check it.

2. Being indiscreet about your job hunt
Assume everything you do from your office PC is being monitored--from email to IMs to Web searches. Conduct the job search at home or on your smartphone.

3. Gossiping
You may think the juicy gossip you're passing on is just between the two of you, but others can easily overhear, especially in Cubeville. Be smart. If you hear gossip, don't spread it.

4. Taking too many personal calls
The boss will notice all those calls to your spouse, kid and best friend -- even if you think you're hiding it.

5. Drinking at work
Don't be stupid. The days of a martini lunch are long gone. It's imperative you have full focus at work.

6. Surfing the Web excessively
Just like personal calls, surfing the Web for personal reasons while you're supposed to be working is wasting the company's time. And always remember that NSFW means "Not Safe for Work." Never, ever venture onto adult-oriented sites while using your work PC.

7. Becoming romantically involved with the boss
You can't hide this. People will find out. And one of you is likely to lose your job. Guess what? It's usually not the boss.

8. Forgetting to double-check your figures
Decimal points count. If you work with numbers, pay attention and double-check your work.

9. Alienating your coworkers
Be a good team player, even you don't really like your coworkers. No one is asking you to be best friends, but you do have to work well with others.

10. Pointing the finger at everyone but yourself
Sometimes it is your fault. Admitting a mistake and then working hard to fix it is a far better plan than trying to place the blame on others or cover it up.

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