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Thursday, March 16, 2017


Ooh, it's St. Patrick's Day Eve! It's also the day to get out and hit those "After the Ides of March" sales.

Wow, Flavor Flav turns 58 today. Hopefully, he remembered to turn his necklace ahead an hour last Sunday. At what point does he just go back to being Bill Drayton, Jr.? All seven of his kids have the middle name, Drayton.

Victor Garber turns 68 today. If you're saying "Who?," Jennifer Garner's dad in "Alias."

Eric Estrada turns 68 today. Back in the day, he played a character named Ponch on the TV series, "Chips." These days, he has a paunch thanks to eating too many chips.

Jerry Lewis turns 91 today... and now he gets Labor Day weekends off!

No Selfies Day -- There's an epidemic in the world today, a growing plague of epic proportions that effects every piece of social media out there. New devices have been made to help accelerate its growth, and we can see its effects every time we access social media. The plague is selfies, and they are by far the worst thing to come out of the accessibility of self-photography. Thankfully, there's a day dedicated to breaking free of this terrible addiction, and it's No-Selfies Day. For one day, you can finally stop participating in this narcissistic and, as it turns out, psychologically damaging behavior.

Lips Appreciation Day -- According to psychic lip reader and author Maxine Albert, "Your personality shines through your lip print. To find out what your lips prints say, apply dark lipstick, then kiss a sheet of paper. If your mouth mark is..."
Closed -- You might be a little shy, but men read that as mysterious and sexy. You pay attention to details and have impeccable manners that his mother will love.
Open -- You're approachable and talkative, even a social butterfly who's usually the center of attention. Friends describe you as fun loving and passionate.

If your mouth contains...

Many lines -- You're always on the go and have a real rest for life. You sometimes forget to take some time out for yourself.
Few lines -- You're a well rounded person with a keen business know how that will take you far in your career and finances.

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