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Friday, March 24, 2017


9 months from today is Christmas Eve. Just sayin'...

Keisha Castle-Hughes turns 27 today. She starred in that movie, "The Whale Rider" and also had the hit song, "Jesus Take the Whale." Don't know if you remember that one or not.

Pro wrestler Jack Swagger turns 35 today. If I lived near him, I'd go walking with him all the time... just so people would say about me: "You know, he walks with a Swagger."

Peyton Manning turns 41. (Sing to the tune of the Nationwide jingle) "Bet he's glad that he retired." "Wonder what he'll do from here." "Hopefully not more of these." No Seahawks or Patriots gifts, please.

Jim Parsons of "The Big Bang Theory" turns 44 today. That bang was the sound of his bank after that two-year renewal last week.

Lara Flynn Boyle turns 47.
She doesn't wear skinny jeans because they're just too baggy on her.
On her birthday, she can't stand too close to her cake or someone might accidentally light her.
Her most recent movie was about a pole dancer in which she played the pole.

Warner Brothers cartoon character, Sylvester, turns 72 today. Quick quiz: name five other cartoon cats besides Sylvester? (Garfield, Top Cat, Felix, Jinx, Tom... of Tom & Jerry)

Fashion designer Bob Mackie turns 77 today. For years, Cher only wore his clothes. He finally had to say to her, "Can you buy your own, please?"

Happy Laundry Day -- 

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