Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Lady Gaga turns 31 today. You know, she goes by "Lady" but do we really know that?

Julia Stiles turns 36 today, but seems like she has been around forever. Do you realize her age has doubled since she started acting?

Vince Vaughn turns 47 today. Yeah, he's done a lot of movies, but his biggest claim to fame was dating Jennifer Aniston. I heard he was working on a movie about a guy who wears contacts, "The Wetting Solution Crashers."

Cheryl James, better known as Salt in Salt 'n Pepa, turns 51.
I stay away from here because I'm supposed to avoid sodium.
To no one's surprise, she had to cut down on her sodium.
Hey, if your doctor told you to watch the sodium, she was the one to watch.
There were rumors she was going to try to revive her career and team up with the Energizer Bunny, forming a new group, Salt 'n Battery.

Singer Oran "Juice" Jones turns the big 6-0. He still sings like he use to, just less pulp.

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