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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Laura Prepon, who went from Donna on "That 70s Show" to an orange jumpsuit in "Orange is the new Black" turns 37 today.

Jenna Fisher from "The Office" turns 43 today. It already seems so long ago...

Rachel Weisz celebrates her 47th birthday today. We got to know her from "The Mummy" movies. Imagine working with a co-star that's old and dried up... although, I suppose Woody Allen's leading ladies have been doing that for years.

Wanda Sykes turns 53 today. That's all we'll say. Sure don't want to tick her off. She always shows up on a TV show somewhere. These days, she's hanging out on "Blackish."

Taylor Dane turns 55 today. Years ago, she had a #1 hit called "I'll Always Love You." Obviously, we didn't feel the same way.

Bryan Cranston celebrates number 61 today, in spite of doing all that meth. You know, some people say that "Breaking Bad" was the prequel to "Malcolm in the Middle."

Eternal weather guy Willard Scott is 83. Only 17 years to go before he can salute himself on his birthday.

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