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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Sorry, I Can't. I've Got an Adulting Class!
Know how to fold sheets? Change a tire? Cook dinner? Balance your budget? Apparently, a lot of millennials do not, explaining the new wave of "adulting" classes which are becoming quite popular with the demographic. While some argue that this is just yet another form of coddling, others see at as a positive, proactive approach to closing a knowledge gap. Rachel Weinstein, a psychotherapist who cofounded a group that hosts such classes in Maine said, "When you see 10 people feeling like they're the only one, and they're all struggling with the same thing, you think, let's get these people together so they can learn this stuff and not feel so isolated and ashamed." While the school is open to all, it's most popular with young women, and managing money tends to be the main stressor -- perhaps not a surprise given the school debt weighing down many millennials. A public library in North Bend, Ore., is offering "Adulting 101: Basic How-Tos for Ages 16-25," with topics ranging from personal finance and job hunting to cooking and handy work. Though most posts on Facebook on the class were positive, one suggested: Instead of taking classes, just look up the skills on YouTube "like a normal adult." (KGW)

American Claims He's the Next King of England!
An American by the name of Allan V. Evans from Colorado has let Britain know he's legally their next king - and he made the announcement in a large ad in the Times of London! Alan's claim is that he's "a direct descendant of an unbroken primogeniture line legally documented since the 3rd century in Great Britain and registered in the Royal College of Arms." He also notes that his ancient family tree includes Cunedda Wledig, founder of the Kingdom of Wales. But Queen Elizabeth need not hand over the keys to Buckingham Palace just yet. Evans says he's not making a move until 30 days after the beloved monarch passes on, at which time he will expect to claim all titles and assets to the "royal historic estate." But he warned the next generations of Windsors in waiting that he is serving them "legal notice." In a rousing finale referencing democracy and the Lord of the Rings, Evans assures Britons that "Lady Britania ... shall be renewed and made great once again." Just for the record, The Independent reports that back in 2012, a man with the same name and from the same Denver suburb tried to claim 400 acres in Twiggs County, Ga. - land that he said belonged to his ancestors. He said his proof was destroyed in a 1901 fire. Make Britain Great Again? Wonder where that came from? (Times of London)

The Few, The Proud, The Wait, What?
Facebook and cell phones have proven to be a bad combination for The Marine Corps who suddenly find themselves in the middle of a huge scandal involving photos of naked and scantily clad servicewomen - at least some of which were apparently shared without consent. The photos, along with obscene comments, were found on a private Facebook page called Marines United, which included many active-duty and retired Marines in its 30,000 members. The story broke publically in the Center for Investigative Reporting and the Marine Corps actually thanked report author Thomas Brennan, a Marine vet himself and founder of the War Horse news organization. The Corps took " immediate action to have the explicit photos taken down and to prepare to support potential victims." Some of the women in the photos are identified by their names and stations, which authorities warn could leave them open to blackmail. Many believed the photos were shared by vengeful ex-partners, while one says the photos appeared online after she was stalked at Camp LeJeune. The Marine Corps says the behavior is "deeply concerning" and it is investigating how many Marines were involved. Brennan says he is also now receiving threats and told the Marine Corps Times, "It has been suggested that my wife should be raped as a result of this, and people are openly suggesting I should be killed." (Center for Investigative Reporting)

Hope You Don't Get Lice
As if getting lice isn't bad enough, now an insecticide used to kill them -pyrethroids - might be linked to behavior issues in children as young as 6 according to a new French study. The researchers tested the urine of about 300 pregnant women and, six years later, their children, according to the study published in Occupational & Environmental Medicine. Children with the highest levels of pyrethroids in their urine were three times more likely to have behavioral problems than kids with lower levels. The problems might be external (kids being defiant or disruptive) or internal (a reluctance to ask for help) depending on the specific type of pyrethroid they were exposed to. One child psychiatrist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City who reviewed the findings said, "The pesticide class studied are considered 'safe' pesticides and this study is cause for concern as to how safe it really is." But he cautions that the study finds only a correlation, not cause and effect. Along those lines, a doctor at Johns Hopkins characterizes the study as preliminary and says it should be followed up by further research. (HealthDay News)

And We're Back...To Writing Cursive!
Cursive writing is making a comeback! Alabama and Louisiana passed laws in 2016 mandating cursive proficiency in public schools, the latest of 14 states that require cursive. And last fall, the 1.1 million-student New York City schools, the nation's largest public school system, encouraged the teaching of cursive to students, generally in the third grade. Emily Ma, a 17-year-old senior at New York City's academically rigorous Stuyvesant High School- and one who had to learn cursive writing on her own - said, "It's definitely not necessary but I think it's, like, cool to have it." Others say students should be able to read cursive, such as, say, a letter from Grandma. And still more say it's a good life skill to have, especially when signing your name. New York state Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis drew the line on the cursive generation gap when she encountered an 18-year-old at a voter registration event who printed his name in block letters. "I said to him, 'No, you have to sign here,'" Malliotakis said. "And he said, 'That is my signature. I never learned script.'" (Newser)

Guy Yells "I Am Spiderman!" Turns Out Not to Be True!
A 40-year-old guy from Jackson, Michigan, apparently had just been dumped by his girlfriend. He responded by yelling, "I am Spiderman" and then jumped from a second-story window. He is claimed to have run into the home next door, where he allegedly struck a seven-year-old girl for no reason before striking a man who tried to intervene over the head with an ashtray. After breaking free from a struggle he then jumped through the open window yelling "I'm Spiderman!" The man, who also suffered cuts to his body, was taken to hospital for treatment. The seven-year-old girl and other man were left with minor injuries. No arrests have been made. (MLive)

Woman With Down Syndrome Becomes Weatherperson in France
A young woman with Down Syndrome is finally about to achieve her dream of becoming a TV weatherperson in France. Melanie Segard is 21 and always dreamed of being a weather girl but always thought it wouldn't be possible because of her disability. But following some help from French charity Unapei, she has since been flooded with offers from national TV channels France 2 and BFMTV. The charity for people with learning disabilities in France helped Melanie set up a Facebook campaign called Melanie peut le faire (Melanie can do it). Melanie said, "I am different, but I would like to show everyone that I can do plenty of things. I want to prove it by appearing on TV." On her page, Melanie challenged French media to offer her the chance to present the weather forecast if her page reached 100,000 likes. In just days she had over 185,000 likes. She'll get to do the weather for the first time on March 27. (Metro)

Holy Cow!
A 40-year-old man who was allegedly caught having sex with a cow and then tried to escape naked told police he couldn't resist the "urge." This happened in Lampang, Thailand, where a farmer who owns the cow saw the guy then called police. The responding officers found him hiding in the bathroom of a nearby farm before he was arrested and hauled naked to a police truck where he was taken in for questioning. (Metro)

What the What?
A Spicejet Airlines plane was forced to make an emergency landing after an "extremely pungent" smell invaded the cockpit. Turns out the smell was coming from the toilet at the front of the plane. The flight from Bengaluru to Delhi had to make an unscheduled landing at Hyderbad Airport because of the smell was so foul and affecting all 188 passengers as well as the crew. The cockpit and toilet were ventilated at Hyderbad and the plane landed at Delhi an hour behind schedule. Lame joke No.1: Hey - they don't call it Spicejet for nothing! Lame joke No. 2: See what happens when the Indian airports add Cinnabon? Lame joke No. 3: I had no idea (Newsman) was just in India! (Metro)

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