Monday, March 20, 2017


  • Would you rather go out on a blind date with someone who is physically gorgeous but has the IQ of a bunny, or someone who has an amazing personality but looks like the before picture of a Weight Watcher's commercial? 
  • Which 70's family would you have rather grown up a part of, "The Brady Bunch" or "The Partridge Family?" 
  • Would you rather have no short-term or no long-term memory? 
  • Would you rather be ruled exclusively by your heart or exclusively by your mind? 
  • Would you rather have sex with Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble? Wilma or Betty? 
  • Would your rather always have to wear wet underwear or wet socks? 
  • Would you rather have parents who partied to much and had no morals, or parents who were militantly strict and always went by the book? 
  • A world-renowned artist is offering his services for free, which would you rather have done, a portrait of yourself of a statue of your likeness?

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