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Monday, March 13, 2017


  • Wild rice is actually a kind of grass. (Yes, it's not a rice) 
  • The 'South Beach Diet' was developed by fashion models in Miami's South Beach area. (B.S., The South Beach Diet was designed by a Miami-based cardiologist for use by cardiac patients) 
  • "Oz" from the "Wizard of Oz" was named after King Osmund of Sussex, a strong believer in magic. (B.S., According to "Wizard of Oz" creator L. Frank Baum, the name Oz was thought up when he looked at his filing cabinet and noticed one drawer marked A-G, a second tagged H-N, and a third labeled O-Z) 
  • If you were one of the passengers in the "Airplane!" Movie then picking the fish was a deadly decision. (Yes, you should have had the steak) 
  • There is no "channel one" on the American TV dial because it is reserved for emergency broadcasts. (B.S., There used to be a channel one, but that band of frequency was reassigned for radio broadcast by the US Federal Communications Commission) 
  • The Nerf division of toy company Parker Brothers stands for "non-expanding recreation foam". (Yes, It indeed is a type of "non-expanding recreation foam") 
  • China has the world's largest prison population. (B.S., it's the U.S. who has that title) 
  • Ninety percent of Jamaican citizens are descended from West African slaves. (Yes) 
  • Jessica Alba and Salma Hayek grew up in the same Mexican town. (B.S., Alba was born in California) 
  • The Simpson family in "The Simpsons" are named after obscure characters from Matt Groening's favorite 80's sitcom "Punky Brewster." (B.S., they were named after Matt's actual family) 
  • It is impossible to lick your own elbow. (B.S., many people can) 
  • Actor Tom Hanks is a descendant of former US President Abraham Lincoln. (Yes, Tom Hanks is indeed a distant relative of Nancy Hanks, Abraham Lincoln's mother) 
  • The average human ingests over 200 spiders per year. (B.S., There is absolutely no proof to this urban legend, although we do probably ingest more spiders than we think we do) 
  • Pop singer/songwriter John Mayer attended the prestigious Berklee School of Music. (Yes, John Mayer enrolled at the Berklee School of Music at the age of nineteen but left school before graduating to focus on his professional career) 
  • The 'Beyond' in the retail chain Bed Bath and Beyond refers specifically to foreign imports. (B.S., Bed Bath and Beyond sells furnishings for the bedroom, the bathroom and, as the 'beyond' denotes, most everywhere else in your home) 
  • Winston Churchill was born in a bathroom. (B.S., Although a popular urban legend, there is no proof that Winston Churchill was born in a bathroom) 
  • The material in Kotex sanitary napkins was first used for bandages in World War I. (Yes, Made from processed wood, Kotex is twice as absorbent as cotton at half the cost)

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