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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Your fate is written in your fingernails. Chinese mystics in the 16th century observed their fingernails to predict upcoming events. They discovered that the shape and texture of people's fingernails revealed the secrets of their personality and the future that lay ahead of them. Now, you too can unlock this fortune telling technique. Remove any nail polish, and scrub your nails so that you can see shapes, discolorations, freckles or textures. Look at each nail closely and choose the most prominent characteristic for insight into your personality traits. then see what the future has in store for you:

White freckles
Tiny white dots on your fingernail indicate a future blessed by financial comforts. Money will come easily, and you must not fret if you are in dire straits now. If you have this peculiarity on your nails, you are outgoing, stubborn and a born comedian.

Square nail bed
If your cuticle makes a square outline, this foretells of a future filled with happiness, even in the face of struggle. The ride may get bumpy, but your life will never be without joy. This fingernail trait reveals a person who is shy, loving and a hard worker.

Oval nail bed
A circular or gently curving outline to your fingernail suggests that future success is in your own creativity. Whether music, inventions, art or innovative ideas in the workplace, you can achieve financial security by putting your imagination to work. If you have this nail trait, you are secretive, wise and fiercely protective of friends and family.

Ridges or stripes
If your nails have raised lines or discolored columns, the key to your future rests in family. You might inherit a business or cash windfall, or find that raising a family of your own takes top priority. In any event, your life will blossom out to new branches in the family tree. This fingernail trait indicates a generous, conservative person with numerous creative talents.

Strong and clear
Fingernails that are glass like in texture foretell a life devoted to accomplishing goals. No mountain is too high and your dreams will come true by the sheer force of determination. This nail type reflects strong, inner will, intelligence, a craving for material things and the ability to get them.

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