• ESPN has let go NFL reporter Ed Werder, quarterback-turned-analyst Trent Dilfer and SportsCenter anchor Jay Crawford, reports The Wall Street Journal. 
  • A Scottish politician running for Glasgow city council says she wants to bring back the guillotine. 
  • The Trump star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was just vandalized again. 
  • Police officers in Australia pulled over a 12-year-old boy who had been driving alone for 800 miles. 
  • Some stores have had trouble selling Ivanka's line of clothing, so they've secretly relabeled it as Adrienne Vittadini. 
  • Caitlyn Jenner, out promoting her new book, said in an interview that she knows O.J. Simpson murdered his wife and her friend that night. 
  • The NFL Draft is underway through Saturday. 
  • So you know, Sunday is Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. 
  • United Airlines is now going to offer up to $10,000 to bump you from a flight. 
  • A new documentary on Whitney Houston claims the late singer was bisexual. 
  • Johnny Depp had some fun on Wednesday, dressing up like Jack Sparrow and hanging out inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride to taught passing guests in their boats. 
  • Kim Kardashian has called Caitlyn Jenner's book, "hurtful" towards her mom. 
  • Starbucks is going to open its largest location in the world on Chicago's Miracle Mile. The 43,000-square-foot store will open in 2019 at the corner of Michigan and Erie, in what's currently a Crate and Barrel. 
  • Researchers at M.I.T. have created a double-armed, laser-guided robot that can basically 3-D print a 50-foot-wide house in less than 14 hours with almost no human intervention. 
  • It's been 20 years since Ellen DeGeneres came out in her TV Show. 
  • There's a cruise ship out there that has an on-board go-cart track. 
  • A Mississippi man has filed lawsuit against R. Kelly, alleging the singer had an affair with his wife of five years. 
  • Nicholas Cage broke an ankle in Bulgaria while filming his latest movie. 
  • There's a new Avocado-Chocolate bar out there, blending avocado with white chocolate. 
  • An ice cream store in Los Angeles is selling 'Goth Ice Cream' -- it's black ice cream, served in a black cone. 


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