On this date in 1704, the very first newspaper ever published in America hit the streets, as well as some bushes and rooftops, in the Boston area.

In 1800, Congress authorizes the creation of the Library of Congress, just so the librarian could tell a few of them, "Shhhhhhhhhhh!"

On this date in 1833, the soda fountain was patented by Jacob Ebert and George Dulty... who were the nicest jerks you'd ever meet. The trick had been making the soda wasn't too shaken up, or the foam would go all over the fountain.

In 1888, the very first Kodak camera hit the market.
  • I'm sure, at the time, they had no idea that Alexander Graham Bell's device would one day make the Kodak camera obsolete. 
  • Up until then, the phrase, "Why don't you just take a picture?" didn't make sense. 
  • Everyone was excited to see what developed. 

On this date in 1908, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Murdock become the first to travel across the U.S. by car. Back then, it took 32 days to cross the country by car, just slightly faster than walking. Jacob also set the world record for being the most stubborn man never to ask for directions.

In 1913, the Woolworth Building opened up in New York City, at the corner of 5 and 10.

On this date in 1953, British statesman Winston Churchill was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. I remember when that happened. Oh, wait. No, I was watching "The Crown." Never mind.

In 1961, President Kennedy accepted full responsibility for the Bay of Pigs fiasco. And everything was swine.


Christmas Eve is exactly 8 months away. Just sayin'...

Kelly Clarkson, the first "American Idol," turns 35 today. That was way back in the days when we thought Simon Cowell was fun and quirky. As a special treat, Cowell isn't going to do anything.

Cedric The Entertainer turns 53 today.
You've gotta admit, Cedric the Entertainer is a lot more fun sounding than Cedric Antonio Kyles (his actual name).
I wonder which side of the family his middle name, "the," came from.
You gotta wonder, when he retires, will he change his name to "Cedric the Retired"?

It's Barbra Streisand's 75th birthday. She's a funny girl... and a diva's diva. Yes, in her day, she was known as a "Funny Girl," but today, she's known as being Josh Brolin's step-mom.

Shirley MacLaine turns 83 today... at least in this life.

Pigs in a Blanket Day -- What weird thing have you seen a pig wearing. Drivers on a Pittsburgh area highway once called police because they saw a pig wearing a scarf running alongside the road.


And, in Arkansas, it appears the annual Execution Festival is underway.

Ronda Rousey is engaged to fighter Travis Browne. I wonder if they'll see a counselor if they don't fight.

It's Monday? Wow... all I remember was some guy last Thursday saying to me, "Hey, did you know it's 4-20?"

In Seattle, we've had 141 days of rain since October 1st. Even Noah didn't have it that bad!

Not surprising that Bill O'Reilly's next book will be called, "Killing Accusations."

A DUI suspect in Pennsylvania was caught with a drunk Chihuahua in his car. The dog's only words were, "Yo quiero BLAHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

Bakersfield, California has been designated the smoggiest city in the U.S.. Their official city slogan is "Come see... well, nothing."


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