(Men's Health) Whatever the situation, early moves matter:

Having her over for the first time.
The obvious is crucial: Offer her a drink. Holding a glass helps ease anxiety, says relationship expert Laura Berman, Ph.D. A tour should be short no tacky pause at the bedroom. "Oh, that photo? My beloved Grandmother."

Attending an open house.
Do not let shiny counters blind you: you want a roof that is newer than 15 years and double-pane windows under 20 years old, says John Ternullo of Re/Max Leading Edge. And check the doors, if they do not shut true and square, the place could have structural flaws.

Brainstorming at work.
Announce the restrictions on a project including time, money, whatever; these can spur creativity. And surprise them by, say, passing out menus if it is close to lunch-time. That outside element can kick-start riffing, says Jonathan Groff, executive producer of the ABC comedy Blackish.

Entering a party.
As you approach someone, say "Great" three times to yourself to trigger your smile. Introduce yourself, make a comment about the occasion, and ask an open-ended question, says Nicholas Boothman, the author of How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds.

Buying a used car from the owner.
Pop the hood and check the two long pieces of steel the engine sits on. Pull out the spare tire from the trunk and examine the well. If you see dings or dents, the car has sustained front or rear end damage, says Mike Brewer, host of Wheeler Dealers. Move on.


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