On this date in 1609, explorer Henry Hudson sailed his ship on what is now the Hudson River. What are the odds Hudson would discover the Hudson? Yes, the river that now bears his name. Yes, the Henry River.

In 1722, the very first graduation ceremony was held at Yale University for a class of 8 students. Needless to say, this year's reunion was really small. Graduating in September? Talk about a short school year!

On this date in 1814, the Battle of North Point took place in the war of 1812. As you can tell, they were running a bit behind schedule.

Richard Gatling was born on this date in 1818. Of course, he went down in history for inventing a gun that delivered shots faster than a Miami bartender during spring break! 

On this date in 1874, the Remington typewriter went on the market for the very first time. Ironically, on the very same day a quick brown fox jumped over a lazy dog.
A time-saving device, you could type a letter and shoot dinner at the same time.
For our younger followers, that was a device that used the keyboard on your phone and with a ribbon and paper, would create "paper texts."
Wow, imagine being able to type and shave at the same time!
One guy was so impressed with the Remington, he bought the company. Oh, wait. That was the shaver.

In 1954, the TV show "Lassie" made its debut. Up until that time, Timmy had never fallen down a well. Just good timing, I guess.

On this date in 1966 "The Monkees" premiered on NBC-TV. How about some Monkees trivia? Here we go:
Which Monkee appeared in the Broadway play "Grease!" (Davy Jones)
How many seasons was "The Monkees" on the air? (2)
Which Monkee wore a wool hat in almost every single episode? (Mike)
What brand of cereal sponsored "The Monkees" on TV? (Kelloggs)
What was the name of the dummy that lived in their apartment? (Mr. Schneider)
What did Frank Zappa do in his guest appearance on the show? (played a car)
What Monkees song included the lyrics "Cheer up sleepy Gene oh what can it mean?" ("Daydream Believer")
What did Davy want to be when he was living in England? (Jockey)

In 1990, Stevie Nicks announced she would no longer tour with Fleetwood Mac and Christine McVie quit the group altogether. Otherwise, things were just fine.


Jennifer Hudson is 36 and the newest judge on "The Voice!"

Ruben Studdard, the winner of American Idol back in 2003, turns 39 today.
Winning Idol was the biggest thing that ever happened to him, besides himself.
He's still a big guy. At one time, it was rumored he was going to become our 51st state.
He costs a lot to have perform at your event, especially if you pay by the pound.
Friends and family are planning a party on his sunny side today.
They say that people are attracted to him. I believe it's because when you get close enough, you get pulled in by his gravity.

Country singer Bryan Austin turns the big 5-0. He considered going with Brian Amarillo for a while, but instead, went with Austin.

Louis CK hits the big 5-0 today. I once asked him what his last name was and he said, "CK" and so I asked "What's that stand for?" and he said, "My last name." So, I asked, "What's that?" and he replied, "CK." It went on for hours.

Rachel Ward turns the big 6-0 today. To me, she'll forever be Maggie from the TV mini-series, "The Thornbirds." Considering her acting career, I guess I'm not alone.

Nina Blackwood turns 62 today. She was one of the original MTV VJ's, the one with the gravelly voice. I mean, she sounded like she actually ate gravel...

Singer Maria Muldaur ("Midnight at the Oasis") turns 74. These days, her camel stays up later than she does.

Linda Gray, who played Sue Ellen on the old TV series, "Dallas," turns 77 today. How's she doing these days? Linda gray. She did all the things the "Housewives of Dallas" did before reality TV came along.

It's National Chocolate Milk Shake Day!


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