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In 1698 Russia's Peter the Great imposes a tax on beards.

In 1774 The first Continental Congress assembles in Philadelphia.

In 1793 The Reign of Terror begins during the French Revolution sending thousands of of people to guillotine.

In 1836 Sam Houston is elected president of the Republic of Texas.

In 1882 10,000 workers marched in the first Labor Day parade in New York.

In 1885 The first gasoline pump is delivered to a gasoline dealer.

In 1905 The Treaty of Portsmouth ending the Russo-Japanese War is signed in New Hampshire.

In 1939 President Franklin D. Roosevelt announces that America would remain neutral during World War II.

In 1945 Iva Toguri D'Aquino, a Japanese-American suspected of being radio broadcaster "Tokyo Rose," is arrested in Yokohma, Japan. She served

six years in prison for treason but was pardoned in 1977 by President Ford.

In 1950 Hurricane Easy drops 38.7 inches of rain on Yankeetown, Florida.

In 1950 "Beetle Bailey," a comic strip by Mort Walker, debuts in newspapers.

In 1953 The first privately operated atomic reactor begins operation in Raleigh, North Carolina.

In 1957 "On the Road," by leading beat author Jack Kerouac, is first published.

In 1958 The first color video recording on magnetic tape is made in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In 1966 The sitcom "Hazel" starring Shirley Booth airs on CBS-TV for the last time.

In 1969 The daytime TV variety show "Art Linkletter's House Party," which began on radio in 1944, airs for the last time on CBS.

In 1972 During the summer Olympic games in Munich, Germany, 11 Israeli athletes, five Arab guerrillas and a police officer are killed in a hostage situation that began when guerrillas attacked the Israeli delegation.

In 1975 President Ford escapes an attempt on his life by Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, a disciple of Charles Manson, in Sacramento, California.

In 1977 Voyager I is launched toward a fly-by of Jupiter and Saturn.

In 1980 The world's longest auto tunnel opens at St. Gotthard in the Swiss Alps.

In 1982 The "Texan" set the speed boat record at 229 mph.

In 1983 In a broadcast address, President Reagan denounces the Soviet Union for shooting down a Korean Air Lines Boeing 747 with 269 people aboard, and demanded the Soviets pay reparations.

In 1986 "The Love Boat" airs on ABC-TV for the last time.

In 1986 21 people are killed and dozens wounded after four hijackers who had seized a Pan Am jumbo jet in Karachi, Pakistan, opened fire when the lights inside the plane failed.

In 1989 President Bush kicks off a new phase in the "Drug War" in a speech from the White House.

In 1990 Iraqi President Saddam Hussein urges Arabs to rise up in a Holy War against the West and former allies who had turned against him.

In 1991 In Moscow, Soviet lawmakers approve the creation of an interim government to usher in a new confederation.

In 1991 Jury selection begins in Miami in the drug and racketeering trial of former Panamanian ruler Manuel Noriega.

In 1992 A strike that had idled nearly 43,000 General Motors workers ends as members of a United Auto Workers local in Lordstown, Ohio, approved a new agreement.

In 1994 The World Population Conference opens in Cairo, Egypt.

In 1995 France ends its 3-year moratorium on nuclear tests and sets off an underground nuclear blast on Mururoa Atoll in the South Pacific.

In 1995 O.J. Simpson jurors hear tapes of the star prosecution witness, Detective Mark Fuhrman, uttering a racist slur, and advocating the killing of blacks.

In 1995 France ends its 3-year moratorium on nuclear tests, setting off an underground blast on a South Pacific atoll.

In 1995 First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, addressing the UN-sponsored Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, declared it was "time to break the silence" about the abuse of women.

In 1996 Russian President Boris Yeltsin acknowledges he needed heart surgery.

In 1996 Hurricane Fran slams the Carolinas.

In 1997 11 Israeli soldiers are killed during a commando raid into Lebanon.

In 1997 Nobel Peace Prize winner Mother Teresa dies of heart attack at 87.

In 1998 Filled with rhetoric against whites and Jews, the Million Youth March in New York ends with clash between the police and the crowd.

In 1999 The Houston Comets win their third straight WNBA championship, beating the New York Liberty, 59-47.

In 1999 "Candid Camera" creator Allen Funt dies in Pebble Beach at age 84.

In 2000 While Congress was about to hold hearings on the recall of 6.5 million Firestone tires, Ford said it had no reason to doubt the safety of the tires being investigated in 88 deaths.

In 2001 Mexican President Vicente Fox arrives at the White House as the first state visitor of the Bush presidency.

In 2001 Sports commentator Heywood Hale Broun dies at age 83.

In 2003 Hurricane "Fabian" slams into Bermuda, killing four people.

In 2017 Be Late For Something Day.


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