Now That's a Great Idea!

Forget nukes and sanctions. Former Navy SEAL and current author Jocko Willink has a different idea for bringing down North Korea's regime. He tweeted: "Drop 25 million iPhones on them and put satellites over them with free wifi." This caught the attention of Business Insider, which floated it by an expert on North Korea at the Stimson Center, a think tank in DC. The bottom line? It's not so crazy! "This approach may be the longer route, but it has the hope of succeeding," says Yun Sun. North Korea's leaders realize the peril of opening up its estimated 25 million citizens to the world, says Sun, pointing out that Pyongyang has responded militarily to much simpler balloon drops of pamphlets and DVDs from South Korea. He adds, "Kim Jong Un understands that as soon as society is open and North Korean people realize what they're missing, Kim's regime is unsustainable, and it's going to be overthrown." (Business Insider)

Guess What Pregnant Woman?

You're not supposed to drink alcohol while pregnant right? Well the problem is there's just not much evidence to support that claim according to a new study in the BMJ Open journal. Researchers say up to 80% of pregnant women in the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand have had an alcoholic beverage during their pregnancies - some due to the fact that they didn't realize they were pregnant at the time. University of Bristol scientists who conducted a meta-analysis of thousands of studies say there's a "surprisingly limited" amount of evidence that shows light drinking - two drinks per week - has any detrimental effect on infants. Researchers sifted through almost 5,000 abstracts from 1950 to 2016, finding 26 observational studies relevant to how light drinking may be tied to pregnancy complications, birth characteristics, and developmental delays. The findings: Consuming up to four alcoholic units weekly while pregnant was tied to an 8% higher risk of having a small baby compared with abstaining, though an Imperial College London obstetrics expert notes to the Guardian there may be "other possible explanations" for this elevated risk. Still - on expert says that although the findings may ease the minds of women who accidentally consumed alcohol while pregnant, "our advice as health professionals must be the safest option is to avoid alcohol" altogether. (Guardian)

Apparently You Can Swim Across the Hoover Dam - If You're Drunk

A British man has admitted that his fairly miraculous swim across the Hoover Dam reservoir happened while he was drunk! Speaking about his now infamous August 10th experience, Arron Hughes says it all happened after a 37-hour bachelor-party bender with friends in Las Vegas. He describes it as a brutally hot day and says that as they stood under the 726-foot-tall structure, he decided, "I'm going for a swim." What he didn't know then was that some 275 people have died at the dam over the last decade, and no one has successfully made it across the full width of the Colorado River there. But he apparently had luck on his side: Only one of the 10 hydroelectric turbines were powered on during his swim. He says, "I swam from Arizona to Nevada. I went across first and then swam back. It took about 30 minutes to do. Even though I was knackered half way across I knew I had to get to the other side." He did say that he was about 160 feet from the dam and felt a strong tug. "I was sucked towards the wall and had to swim hard." He says police were waiting for him and handcuffed him for what he didn't realize wasn't permitted, as he says there aren't any "no swimming" signs posted. He ended up getting fined about $330, but, as the tattoo on his body reads: "No regrets." (Daily Post)

So...Ted Cruz Likes Porn

Sen. Ted Cruz was trending on Twitter after some strange and NSFW late-night goings-on with his verified account. The senator's personal account "liked" a two-minute-long porn clip from the Twitter account for SexuallPosts. It was "unliked" around an hour later, at around 1:30am. Among the Twitter users poking fun at Cruz was the porn account, which now has the tag "Follow for the Same Porn TedCruz Watches." (Mediaite)

You're Not Plus, You're Not Medically-Obese, You're Fabulous!

Why admit you probably should change your diet when you can just be fabulous! K-Mart will no longer call larger sizes of women's clothing "plus-sized." Yep, everything over the size of 12 will now be known as "fabulously sized." In addition, they will be making sure that they carry all sizes of all of its women's apparel lines. Kmart's chief marketing officer, Kelly Cook "When we reached out to our members on social media, they told us we needed to have a better assortment and that we should we call it something different,. This decision was also heavily influenced by the fact that there's a solid trend on the market around diversity promotion and body positivity." Fabulously sized" clothing accounts for 21 percent of Kmart women's sales, which makes sense when you consider that the average American woman is between a size 16 and 18, according to a recent study in the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education. (Cosmopolitan)

Can't a Bikini Barista Get a Break?

A group of bikini baristas say they have a right to bare their midriffs, and they're fighting the city of Everett, Wash., in order to keep it that way. A pair of ordinances passed last month ban "quick-service" facility employees from wearing bikinis or showing their midriff, shoulders, or top three inches of the leg below the buttocks while working. This effectively puts an end to the concept of the bikini barista, as the women would at a minimum have to wear shorts and a tank top. And so some of them filed suit Monday in US District Court, arguing the ordinances discriminate against women, whose rights to free expression and privacy are bring violated; they argue the latter would be violated if officers inspected the women to make sure they were compliant. The suit also argues that the language used in the ordinances is head-scratchingly confusing, and cites, for instance, language banning women from displaying the "bottom one-half of the anal cleft." As the suit argues, "It is unlikely that most citizens would be able to determine the location of their anal cleft." (Seattle Times)

What the What?

A grim surprise awaited the New Mexico crooks who stole a U-Haul trailer from outside a Residence Inn in Albuquerque. The thieves made off with both an SUV and the trailer it was towing. Little did they know that inside the trailer was a dead body - the the body of a woman's father in a casket. A couple was taking the body from Oklahoma to bury it in Kirtland, NM. The SUV and trailer were found elsewhere in the city a couple of hours later. The thieves apparently fled after opening the trailer and discovering just what they had stolen. (Albuquerque Journal)


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