Whether you like it or not, you will get older and look older, too. While the aging process can't be stopped, there are things we do that speed it up, such as soaking up too much sun or smoking. But did you know that your bed or headphones can also age you prematurely? U.S. News & World Report assembled a list of surprising things that make us feel and look older:

1. Allergies
Be it from allergies to pets or pollen, chronic inflammation of the delicate membranes around the eyes will make you look older. Allergy-induced swelling and itching will darken the skin around the eyes, as well as cause wrinkles and blemishes.

2. Your bed
if you spend too much or too little time sleeping, you can shorten your life. The ideal amount of nightly sleep is seven hours. But when you consistently sleep less than six hours or more than nine hours, it can cause health problems.

3. Your headphones
Hearing loss is not inevitable as we age, but if you use your headphones more than an hour a day now, you could be setting the stage for years of poor hearing later. When you do use headphones, be sure to keep the volume low enough so people around you can't hear it. Otherwise, it's loud enough to damage your hearing.

4. Processed carbs
You know that processed carbs will cause weight gain, but did you know they can also lead to high blood sugar, insulin resistance and inflammation? Avoid anything that comes in a bag or box, especially white carbs. A diet rich in whole foods helps you to age better and more slowly.


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